Opportunity is the Dark Matter of the Professional World Featuring Leslie Gay!

Our universe has a baffling characteristic to it in the sense that only 5% of the universe is measurable by human instruments and senses. The other 95% of the universe is comprised of what physicists call dark energy and dark matter. It is not detectable or measurable by anything manmade and the only reason physicists know of its existence is because of the effect that it has on its surroundings. The accelerating rate of the expansion of the universe is only explainable with the input of dark energy and how galaxies hold themselves together without flying apart is only explainable with the input of the gravity from dark matter.

I have always been a lover of science, specifically astronomy and physics. As a youth, I would gaze out at the night sky from the roof of my house with a star finder plotting the constellations and learning the names of the different stars in the sky. I questioned everything and accepted nothing without proof, relying on logic before emotion and education before faith. As I grew into a young adult, my focus shifted from science to business but my inquisitive nature remains. I look upon aspects of professional life in many of the same ways that a physicist looks at the universe.

One of those aspects is opportunity. Opportunity exists all around us but so many are blind to its characteristics. It’s the dark matter of the professional world. It cannot be measured or detected by any known manmade device or sense and the only reason we know it exists is because we see its effects on those who succeed. Our guest on That Business Show today was Leslie Gay, Owner of Painting with a Twist in 3 locations across Pinellas County. She is one who succeeded, benefiting from an opportunity that otherwise would have been overlooked by many.

Painting with a Twist was founded in 2007 by Renee Maloney. Along with Cathy Deano, they wanted to bring about hope after the impact that Hurricane Katrina had on their community by using art. The idea was to turn people into an artist through step by step art instructions and a glass of wine at their store located in Mandeville, Louisiana. Fast forward two years and Leslie Gay discovered the store and fell in love with the idea. Leslie had a background in accounting and convinced Renee that their idea was marketable and convinced Renee to franchise the brand. In 2009, Leslie and her husband Marvin became the first franchise owners of a Painting with a Twist location in St. Petersburg in 2009. Today the brand has 320 studios across 38 states and is one of the fastest growing paint and sip franchises in the nation.

The concept is simple. Enjoy an event with friends or family whereby an instructor takes the class through a training session and you get to produce a work of art! You can bring in your own drinks and it makes an excellent choice for a corporate team building event or a first date. Some locations have onsite bars and classes are 2 hours in length and are $35.00. With many locations around the Tampa Bay area, you can find Leslie at 2527 Central Ave in St. Petersburg which was the first franchise location of the brand. You can reach them to schedule a class at 727-327-4488 or online at www.paintingwithatwist.com/stpetersburg.

In addition, the CBS show Undercover Boss is featuring the brand on their January 4th 2017 episode too so be sure to check that out. Find the complete interview with Leslie Gay here and please subscribe to That Business Show on YouTube for more entrepreneurial interviews from around Tampa Bay and become part of our EDGE Business Community by subscribing to the EDGE Business Magazine at www.thatbusinessmagazine.com!  We are also on iTunes and can be found here.


5 Steps to the Health You Want for the New Year Featuring Sarah Bingham!

Episode 500 is in the books!! There’s a few different ways you can measure the number of shows done, via by hour or guest but today marks the end of week 100 since the show’s inception on February 2nd 2015.   Here is a link to the inaugural show which featured Topher Morrison, Managing Director of Key Person of Influence and Speaker, alongside Ron Klein, our 2015 Lifetime Entrepreneur Award Winner and inventor of many products including the magnetic strip on the back of credit cards! Thank you to all our listeners and partners as well as the staff at iHeart Media Communications for supporting the show!

Our guest in this segment was Sarah Bingham. Sarah is a licensed nutrition consultant with a master’s degree and more than thirty-five years’ experience counseling and lecturing on all aspects of nutrition throughout the country. Sarah works as the Director of Nutritional Programs for Valle Counseling in Tampa, FL and is a certified GAPS (Gut and Psychology/Physiology Syndrome) practitioner. Sarah is the founder of Fast Food Healing LLC, a personalized in-home nutrition counseling business and was on the phone with us today to talk about the 5 Steps to the Health You Want for the New Year!

The first was you must be forgiving of yourself. Move forward and do not look back on past challenges and failures as impediments to your future success. Remind yourself that we all have difficulties in life, some personal, others professional, and you cannot linger on the past. This advice is true across many aspects of our life too in addition to our topic today on getting healthy in 2017!

After you have forgiven yourself, make the decision on who you are going to be and how you are going to do it. Take small steps at first if you have time restraints or commitment issues and remember that small wins turn into big gains. Jamie elaborates on how his challenge to better health has to do with accepting small wins. He is “all or nothing” as he puts it and has a hard time just devoting a small amount of time or effort to the components of his life. Citing his return to USF in which he achieved a 4.0 GPA, his entry into Real Estate with no experience and becoming a Top 10 Coldwell Banker agent in multiple years as well as on the Wall Street Journal List, and his 3+ year career on the radio growing from once a week to a five day a week show, Jamie likes to go big or go home. Stating once he gets into the “zone” of fitness, he will give it everything he has too, but until then, the alternative is to do nothing at all.

The third step is to focus on the goal. Ironically enough we highlight #Focus each Friday on the program via #FocusFriday and how the ability to eliminate distractions will lead to those big wins. Put the blinders on and move forward with your return to wellness!

The fourth step is eliminate the processed foods. Of the five steps, this was the only one given that is specific to a diet or exercise plan that you can enact now. Sarah speaks to how sugar alone is 8X as addictive as cocaine and that along with artificial sweeteners and processed foods disrupt the body’s chemistry, making it difficult to achieve results even when consistent with the gym.

Lastly, Sarah reminds us to expect detours. No path to success or stability even is without detours. Be cognizant of these impediments and work with and then around them to achieve the desired goal to achieve your body’s optimum health in 2017!

Learn more about Sarah and her services at www.fastfoodhealing.com or reach her at 813-321-5303 and you can view the complete interview here and please subscribe to us there on YouTube also. All past shows available On Demand at www.thatbusinessshow.com too and to come on the program, visit www.tbsinterview.com! Also, please keep Jamie in mind for Real Estate services in 2017. Check out www.thathomevaluation.com for a free home valuation if you are considering selling your home in 2017 or www.thathomesearch.com if you would like to buy a home in 2017.