The Story Behind College Hunks Hauling Junk Featuring Co-Founder Nick Friedman!

Our second segment featured a great Tampa success story as we spoke with Nick Friedman, Co-Founder of College Hunks Hauling Junk.  Started 10 years by Nick and his partner, this business grew into a franchise that now has over 100 locations!  The idea was simple, two college guys needing some extra money so they got a van and found some jobs hauling debris out of homes.  The name was catchy and a component of the growth factor that Nick explains in this segment.  Today, the brand is recognized all over Florida and they are known for their green / orange branded trucks and offices but it was not always that way.  Nick describes their path to success and how they committed to great customer service while offering a service that so many others offer too.  One of the keys was professionalism and today HUNKS is an acronym for Honest, Uniformed, Nice, Knowledgeable, Students.  They appeared on the first season of Shark Tank and Nick shares that experience with the listeners.  The College Hunks brand at that time was developed and they were pitching a new division, College Foxes Packing Boxes which would support the moving division of the brand.  Females would pack up the home and the males would haul away the boxes.  One of the Sharks gave them an offer but wanted an equity stake in College Hunks which they didn’t want to give up.  The idea never took off but College Hunks remained and remains today!  Nick also shares with the audience why they decided to expand by offering franchises versus opening other offices under their ownership which is a must hear discussion for any business owner in the growth phase of their business.  Catch this segment on the 2nd half of this video and head over to to learn more and apply for the show at!


The Basics of Fictitious Names in Business Featuring Frank Lago!!

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Our guest today at 8am was Frank Lago of the Walk Law Firm.  Frank is an attorney and their firm specializes in all areas of business law.  The #MorningDiscussion today focused on fictitious name, how to use them and some of the laws surrounding their use.  Everyone is familiar with branding and how many companies are using brand names that are not their actual company names.  These dba’s as they are referred to in business are common and are regulated in their use.  To start, check the availability of the name at – there is a search box for the company name as well as the fictitious name.  Many overlook this filing and it is important because consumers need to know who they are doing business with in the event of a legal situation.  For example, That Business Show is a fictitious name for Meloni Productions, LLC, the entity that the program does business under.  The registrations are not the same as trademarks and Frank shares with the listeners some of the basics of trademarks on this segment too.  Trademarks give Federal protection versus the state filing which is protection on a smaller scale.  Many overlook this filing so check on your filing today at and reach out to the Walk Law Firm for all your business’s legal needs at or via phone at 813-999-0199.  Catch the complete interview at and visit to get on the program for yourself!!



What’s Trending!! Using Social Media to Enhance Your Business Featuring Matt Ashwood!

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In today’s “What’s Trending” segment, Matt Ashwood discusses the new video function on Facebook and tips on how to use it effectively.  Matt handles social media for #ThatBusinessShow each morning on the program and is part of the Millennials who have embraced social media to develop their businesses.  This new video function is in addition to the “live” feature which many users have begun using more regularly too.  Matt invites you to join his Facebook Group called What’s Trending found here and reach out to him at for help with your social media too!!  Catch this segment on the last segment of this video

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What Does the New Health Care Law Mean For You in 2017? Featuring Bob McKnight!!

As we approach the end of 2016, many of us will look back and reflect on our successes and failures from the past year.  It is important to remember that success is a subjective term and only you can define success.  For some it may be a certain level of earnings and industry position, for others it may be an ideal work-life balance that allows them to earn enough to pay the bills and still have time for themselves and family.  Whatever your idea of success is, be sure it is defined and measurable.  One cannot find out where they are going if they do not have a destination in mind.  Consider #ThatBusinessShow a resource for you and your business in 2017.  Get involved today and learn more at on how to get on the program!

Opening up the program today was returning guest, Bob McKnight, Owner of McKnight & McKnight Insurance Solutions.  Bob specializes in health insurance sales and has been in business for 16 years.  Ironically, Jamie and Bob attended Florida Southern College together back in the late 90s and re-connected just last year after Bob booked an appearance on the program.  The focus of the #MorningDiscussion was Open Enrollment and some of the challenges and changes that the new Healthcare Law is having on consumers.  This year, consumers are experiencing premium increases that range anywhere from 20 to 50 percent depending on State.  Bob talks with us about why this is occurring and how many health insurers have left Florida, leaving Florida Blue as the primary insurer for the State.  Bob talks about how many brokers have had to re-invent themselves too because of the changes in how health insurers compensate brokers, forcing many out of business or into other areas of insurance.  Bob’s business is solid because of his follow up and his database that he has worked to develop over 16 years.  This dedication to excellence has allowed him to remain competitive in this market and become a specialist in health insurance whereas many brokers offer this in addition to other insurance services.  Bob explains that the primary people benefiting from the new law are single people making under $47,000 a year on average and families making under $90,000 annually.  Jamie notes that no guest has come onto the program and touted the benefits of the Affordable Care Act and how it has helped their business too.

Bob talked about the uncertainties now facing the ACA with the change in administration and touches on the subsidy and how that works too.  Bob encourages anyone in need of assistance with Healthcare options for 2017 to contact him.  He can assist you with HealthCare.Gov too and is paid by the insurer so the service is free to you the consumer!  Learn more about Bob at or give him a call at 813-792-2301 and view the video of this program here!

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