Priatek – Cutting Edge Advertising Solutions for Businesses Featuring Milind Bharvirkar!

Milind Bharvirkar is a seasoned and successful entrepreneur. He was the founder and president of Global VR, a Silicon Valley-based gaming company. His products have grossed over $150 million in sales. Seven products were voted number one earning products by owner operators, and his PGA Tour product received a “best product of the year” award from the American Amusement Operator Association. He has been credited with being a pioneer in bridging the consumer video market with the worldwide coin-op industry. Milind has been featured on the cover of several industry publications such as Replay, Playmeter, and Intergame (as “The Games Master”).

Milind used his Global VR experience as a stepping stone to build a revolutionary new prize promotions company called Priatek.  The firm specializes in innovative technology that has redefined the digital signage industry.  Priatek’s flagship product – in2win – is a patented prize kiosk platform and social network that combines fun, rewards, and prizes.

Jamie: Tell me a little bit more about your background in the gaming industry. 

Milind: I’ve been in the gaming industry for over 20 years. In that time, I’ve created and sold over 25,000 kiosks and sold them worldwide in over 40 countries. The game I’m best known for is a golf kiosk based off the game license from Electronic Arts called Tiger Woods PGA Tour. We sold over 10,000 cabinets in the US. We created online tournaments with these kiosks where we gave out over $3M dollars in three years. And the kiosks earned over $100 Million dollars in that time. We registered over 500,000 people. Whenever we created a new prize tournament, those 500,000 people rushed out to sports bars and restaurants to play. It was fascinating to watch this experience. We had a social network before Facebook even launched. But a different kind of social network that actually mobilized people to retail locations.

Around that time, a new word was created…. Gamification. Which is a fancy word for prize promotions. Today it is one of the hottest marketing trends. So, I started Priatek to capitalize on the power of prizes and games to connect brands with consumers.

Jamie: Tell us more about Priatek. 

Milind: Well Priatek stands for Prize Advertising Technology and we have the first performance based digital signage. We do this through combining digital signage and Gamification. Digital signage is the indoor billboards you see in malls and airports. Those indoor signs cost anywhere between $4k to $15k a month in your average mall. If an advertiser is willing to give away a prize, we give them the display ad for free. We only charge the advertiser if someone comes up and plays to win their prize…proving that they were interested in their product. Every time a consumer plays they win the prize or a coupon or special offer off the product they chose. Since they are a qualified consumer with a discount in their hands, the chances of them redeeming that offer triples.

So as an example, I know a restaurant that spent $15,000 advertising on signage in the airport. The restaurant had no idea if that was working or not. With Priatek, that restaurant would have received 60,000 engagements from people with offers in their hands for the same investment. This would give the restaurant a way to measure results.


Problem #1

Marketing experts estimate that most Americans are exposed to 4k to 10k advertisements each day. We are overwhelmed and we do anything we can to block, ignore, or escape ads. Retailers are struggling to connect with their consumers. So at Priatek, we found a way to solve that problem by connecting retailers and brands with consumers through fun, prizes, and rewards.

Think about it this. Advertisers are spending billions of dollars in media that people are trying their hardest to avoid. Consumers are fast forwarding through commercials, paying for commercial free music, and throwing print away. What makes more sense is to engage consumers in a meaningful way and only pay for consumers who are interested in your product.

Problem #2

Advertisers are putting their money into three areas: traditional advertising, digital advertising, and social. All three have their problems.

Traditional is hard to measure.

Digital is annoying. Especially with pop up banner ads. Surveys say 66% of clicks are a mistake.

Social is tough to master. Most advertisers do not know how to make viral content that is fun to watch and share.


Solution #1

Priatek’s solution is to engage consumers on their terms. Engagement is much stronger when it’s voluntary. We capitalize on two very strong human drivers: prizes and discount off people’s favorite products. This creates voluntary engagement. It doesn’t matter how old you are, where you are from….everyone loves winning and playing for prizes. We are even enamored with watching people play for prizes.

Advertising is measured in impressions and clicks today. Yet, the latest and hottest word in marketing is engagements. Engagements are deeper and more effective with consumers than a click.

Our engagements mean someone voluntarily engaged by choosing their product from a menu of other products, registered, answered a survey question, played a game and received an offer. That’s a true engagement. And it’s far more compelling than a click.

Solution #2

Another hot topic is experiences. Advertisers, Retailers, and brands are looking to create memorable experiences with their brands. Everything from Build a Bear, to Starbucks, to Under Armor’s newest store, and the hottest new trendy restaurant in town…it’s about experiences. People remember brands much more when there is an experience tied to it.

What we have learned about our games and prize promotions is it’s not just what people win, it’s about how they win that offer. If you give an offer to someone walking on the street, they might respond…but it’s much more effective when someone plays a game and wins that offer.

That’s why our company licensed Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, Price is Right and Family Feud. These are today’s hottest television game shows. We are creating a real game show

feel and experience with real prizes. Wheel of Fortune is the hottest game show for 30 years, hottest slot machine, hottest lottery scratch ticket. It has over 30 million online fans. Everything it touches turns to gold.

The best part for the advertisers is they don’t have to go to Sony or Freemantle for the rights to use these game shows. Priatek handles the whole thing for them.

Solution #3

Priatek is performance based. We provide Priatek analytics that give advertisers what they want…results. We show advertisers how many people engaged with their product, how many offers

were given out, and how many people purchased. When they played the most, demographics, and much more.

Solution #4

Yet one of the best things we are most proud of is….. we build loyalty buckets for our advertisers. By measuring people engagements per product, purchasing history, if they shared us on social media,

how they answered their survey questions, if they watched product videos, or clicked in when they visited your location….we create badges that measures people’s brand loyalty. This is very important to brands. If you are a loyal Nike customer, and Adidas drops their price in half…will you still buy Nike? That’s the real definition of loyalty.

What we end up producing is a fan base for every brand. Our goal is to drive customers to become the highest level of brand loyalty by introducing them to new brand promotions, or introducing them to new product videos, social media sharing, etc…

The problem with brands is some of them have databases, but they don’t know how to re-engage their consumers. We build fan bases and we keep re-engaging your consumers through fun and prizes until people eventually convert to a sale.

Not everyone is ready to purchase on the first engagement. But if they keep engaged, they will eventually purchase.

Solution #5 

In the next two months, we are launching a loyalty point system that is going to be ground breaking. There has never been an experience where people play to win a product, and if they don’t win, they are given a compelling discount and then they can apply their loyalty points to get the product for free. It’s like coupon stacking but better and more fun.

Jamie: How can you earn the points?

Milind: We give loyalty points out for playing for a promotion, redeeming a coupon, watching a product video, sharing on social media, clicking in when you are in a store or restaurant, or downloading a company’s mobile app. It’s pretty amazing. It has a very addictive quality to the design. But don’t worry, it’s entirely free for consumers.

We actually believe this will be a better experience than Groupon for consumers. and it’s much cheaper for restaurants, attractions, and other advertisers to use.


We created a mobile app called in2win. So people can play on the go. It’s been incredibly popular. 1 out of 6 people at the kiosk, download the mobile app and play on average 38 times a month. That’s an amazing statistic.

Mobile is a very tough for advertisers to reach people. People are trained to ignore brands on their phone, but we have actually created meaningful and valuable engagements on mobile.

Current Prizes

You can currently win tickets for Daytona 500 from Halo Auto Sports, they also have a trip to Dallas to go to a real Nascar driving school and race around a professional track, we have vacations by Travel Katz, Diamond Rings by Continental Jewelers. Hungry Howie’s is giving out 4,000 pizzas next month, you could win an ATV, Clearwater Aquarium tickets, and tons of restaurant dinners.

You can download the app now, and start playing.  It’s called in2win.

By the way, don’t worry about your Data.

in2win is about trust, fun, and value. We don’t sell names. We are always fun to play. and you instantly know if you won when you play. No waiting months to find out if you won or not.

Jamie: What’s your results been to date?

Milind: Since we launched in September of last year, we have registered over 32,000 people and have over 200,000 engagements to date. Those are incredible stats.

Jamie: Where are you currently?

Milind: You can find our in2win prize kiosks in 7 of the 8 local malls, such as Citrus Park, Countryside, Brandon, Tyrone, Premium, University and Westshore. You can also find us on St. Pete college campuses. We are offering advertisers and businesses over 3.5 million impressions monthly for free. They only have to pay for engagements and we have programs that fit any businesses’ budget.

Jamie: What’s next for Priatek?

Milind: We are launching in Orlando in March, and a few months later we will be launching in major cities such as New York, LA, Chicago, and Philadelphia. Soon we will be announcing a partnership with a top ten media company. We are very excited about our future.

Jamie: How can people get involved?

Milind: If you are a consumer, download the app in2win and start playing today.

If you are business, feel free to call Priatek in St. Pete. or go to our website….we will help you design and launch a promotion immediately.


#FocusFriday Focusing on Avoiding Common Financial Mistakes That Entrepreneurs Make Featuring Lori Nadglowski!

Each week on That Business Show, we wrap up the week with a Focus on You! Juliann Nichols, CEO of Focus on You Strategy, specializes in bringing out the CEO in you via CEO Exchanges and strategy sessions designed to help you automate and delegate your processes. On this edition of Focus Friday, the focus was on common mistakes that entrepreneurs make that impact their finances with our guest Lori Nadglowski who is the Founder of Laurel Wealth Management. Lori was a founding partner of Wealth Advisor of Tampa Bay where she was the Chief Operating Officer and has extensive experience in the management and operations of key departments of various financial institutions. She served as Assistant Vice President of the Electronic Banking Department for the Bank of Tampa prior to her decade-long service as Chief Compliance Officer, Controller, and Principal of Florida Investment Advisors. After a career spent in Finance, she launched Laurel Wealth Management in 2016 with a focus on financial literacy not only for adults and entrepreneurs but children as well!

The discussion begins with the first mistake that plagues entrepreneurs – not seeking professional advice when determining the type of structure to use for your business. This is critical because the type of structure you choose (or don’t choose) will determine how you pay income tax, social security tax and Medicare tax. You could unknowingly be paying too much in taxes because you failed to seek out professional assistance at the inception of your operation and your personal assets could be at risk as well.

We continue the discussion with another critical mistake that derails many entrepreneurs and that is ignoring personal credit. Personal credit will be relied upon by many to establish business credit and it is imperative that you enter business with a strong credit presence. As the business develops, it will develop its own credit rating but that is years down the road. Credit is an important part of our culture and for the parents that listen, talk with your children about credit before they graduate and get them a credit card so they can begin to learn how to manage their own credit and also begin developing their credit history.

The mixing of business and personal expenses is another area that causes strife for business owners. It is highly recommended to use a personal and a business card for your expenses because you could be missing out on important tax deductions. It is allowable to use one card for all purchases but you must have a process / program to separate out the expenses and if you do not do that daily / weekly then you are likely to forget what is what. Take the time to setup separate cards for yourself and your business. Quickbooks also has an app for this.

Another area that trips up entrepreneurs is not accounting for uneven cash flow. This means you need a budget. For some entrepreneurs, the cash flow is seasonal and you need to have funds available for the off seasons to get you through the year. You need to know how much to set aside to account for your fixed expenses during your off seasons.

Lori then touches on how business owners fail to plan for their exit. With most business owners focused on just getting their business functional and profitable, a proper exit strategy is oftentimes the last thing on their minds. This is an area that Juliann and Focus on You Strategy works with you on too. When you establish a business, you must also plan for exiting the business at the same time.

Lastly, we touch on retirement planning. As w-2 employees, it is easy to setup a deduction to fund your retirement but when you own the business, you need to take the time to setup that retirement and your own deduction. It’s the same process but requires you to be diligent and setup your own retirement plan and regularly contribute to that plan. Lori specializes in wealth management and if you need help with business planning, retirement of any of these discussion points, get in touch with her today at 813-252-0799 or visit for more information. As noted earlier too, she works with children on wealth management too so ask her about how she can help your child better prepare for financial management. Find this interview and many more at and please subscribe to us on iTunes and YouTube, just search for That Business Show!


Healthy Eating Solutions Featuring Deano Kastis!

Professionals struggle with the unpredictability of their schedules and when you add stress to the mix, it creates an environment for unhealthy eating. Whether you are on the road most of the day requiring quick meals at fast food restaurants, or turn to food for relaxation from stress, healthy eating is oftentimes sacrificed. Our guest today was Deano Kastis, Founder of Naked Fit Foods where they offer four different healthy weight inspired meal plans, and are passionate about using high quality locally sourced ingredients, and outstanding customer service. He is an entrepreneur who has incorporated healthy eating as the backbone of his business model and was in studio today to offer solutions to the busy professionals who struggle with poor eating habits.

Launching the brand 4 years ago, his services provides daily delivery with freshly cooked meals in portioned sizes designed for adequate caloric intake. While meal delivery services are not a new concept, he works to differentiate his service by making daily deliveries with meals cooked that day where many in the area operate on a 1-2 day a week delivery service. His plans are outlined below:

Healthy Meal Plan – designed for individuals looking to maintain an overall healthy lifestyle with well balanced meals consisting of lean proteins, grains, complex carbohydrates, and vegetables.


Approx Calories 375-450g Protein 25-35g Carbs 20-30g Saturated Fat <5


Approx  Calories 425-500 Protein 30-40g Carbs 25-35g Saturated Fat <5g

Olympian Meal Plan – designed with an emphasis on a higher caloric intake in addition to a higher ratio of protein, carbs and fibers to promote muscle growth and recovery for individuals with extreme physical regimen. This plan is not recommended for individuals looking for weight loss.

Approx  Calories 575-650 Protein 40-55 Carbs 30-45 Saturated Fat <5g

Paleo Meal Plan – referred to as Stone Age diet, hunter-gatherer diet, primal diet or caveman diet, the meal plan consists  vegetables,  unprocessed lean meat, fruits, and nuts. The meal plan is free of any processed foods, grains, sugars, dairy or table salt

The basic principle is simple: eat items that our bodies can digest well, that nourish us and allow our systems to self-regulate appropriately. The Paleo approach is a great way to lose weight while maintaining a high protein intake.


Calories- Approx. 325-400 Protein 25-35 grams Carbs 20-30 grams Saturated Fats<5g


Calories- Approx 375-450 Protein 30-40 Carbs 25-35 Saturated Fat <5g

Vegan Meal Plan – Complete plant-based meal plan that excludes meat, eggs, dairy products and all other animal-derived ingredients. Naturally low in fat, salt and sugar the meal plan provides delicious nutrient-dense flavor from vegetables, beans, grains, herbs and spices.

Approx  Calories 350-400 Protein 15-25 Carbs 25-35 Saturated Fat <5g

Delivery is free and pricing ranges from $90/month to $185/month depending on plan and the number of meals delivered per day. Naked Fit Foods is also a subsidiary of Acropolis Restaurant Group and Deano is committed to helping guide your dietary needs. Reach out to him today for a consultation at 407-719-6500 or visit for more information. Hear this interview and more entrepreneurial discussions at or videos at and take a daily shot of apple cider vinegar for tremendous health benefits per Deano and Google!


Advancements in Alzheimer Disease Featuring Dr. Faizi Ahmed!

Alzheimer’s disease is a condition that has perplexed the medical community since its discovery. With over 50 million affected, there is still no cure for this debilitating disease. The cause is not fully understood with many Doctors tying it to a genetic condition and others to environmental influences and while today’s medicines have helped slow its advancement, Doctors and researchers still have great ground to cover to win the battle against Alzheimer disease. Our guest today was Dr. Faizi Ahmed, a Neuropsychiatrist who specializes in the treatment of Alzheimer disease and dementia and is an Affiliate Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurosciences at the University of South Florida. He runs an independent neuropsychiatry clinic in South Tampa where he treats primary patients with dementia and brain injuries.

Dr. Ahmed takes us through the basics of Alzheimers and dementia on this segment of That Business Show and we learn that Alzheimers disease is a form of dementia and that dementia is a broad category encompassing many degenerative brain disorders. AD makes up about 60 or 70 percent of the dementia cases. The early signs are short term memory loss and diagnosis is often delayed and written off as normal aging. Once diagnosed, the condition is often severe and prognosis bleak. Dr. Ahmed goes on to explain though that while the consensus of the medical community is that the condition is poorly understood, his colleague Dr. Dale Bredesen has pioneered leading research on the treatment of the condition.

Dr. Ahmed shares with us how he discovered Dr. Bredesen’s paper and it influenced him to such a degree that he decided to travel and study with Dr. Bredesen and now practices his treatment methods in the Tampa Bay community. In short, Dr. Ahmed explains that AD is not caused by one thing but a variety of imbalances in the body and brain. Proper treatment of AD requires multiple treatments of differing bodily systems to result in improvement of AD symptoms. It is a time consuming and arduous process and works best on patients in the early stages of the disease only but is showing promise to finding a solution to this devastating condition.

The daily protocol for his program is outlined below:

  • eating a Mediterranean diet high in vegetables and good fats
  • regular cardio exercise
  • fasting at least 12 hours after dinner
  • brain training exercises
  • getting at least 8 hours of sleep
  • a regimen of supplements to address each patient’s deficiencies.

His program resulted in significant improvement in 90% of patients treated and all patients treated in the program saw at least some sort of improvement in their cognitive skills. Dr. Bredesen is now working with the Cleveland Clinic to further advance the studies of the program and Dr. Ahmed is working to promote and develop his research in the Tampa Bay community. If you have or are affected by dementia and AD, it is imperative to act quickly before it advances. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Ahmed if you are in Tampa today at 813-995-1775 or visit for more information and find this entire interview at or video at


Putting Women Front and “Centre” Featuring Kathleen Pravlik!

The pathway to women’s equality has been riddled with obstacles. From voting rights to equal pay, many have been made to feel second rate to a society dominated by masculinity. Fortunately there have been women along the path that have stood steadfast in opposition to this discrimination and now many women have benefited from their resolve. Our guest today on That Business Show was Kathleen Pravlik, Director of Advancement with the Women’s Centre where they strive to empower women personally and professionally. The Women’s Centre was founded in 1977 by Helen Gordon Davis who was a leading voice for the rights of women throughout her life and we learn a lot about her and the history of the Centre from Kathleen in this segment of That Business Show.


During the 1970s and the era of the Equal Rights Amendment, several fledgling organizations serving women developed in the area.  There was discussion among the Boards about combining all their grassroots efforts and ultimately, two organizations prevailed, The Spring and the Women’s Survival Center, later known as The Centre for Women. Led by then State Representative Helen Gordon Davis, a staunch proponent of women and minority rights, the founding group of volunteers wanted a place that could help women deal with the emotional and financial traumas that occurred as a result of divorce, widowhood, or separation.  The typical consumer was a woman in her forties, who had not been employed in many years, if ever.  She had two children and her income had dropped over 70% as a result of the change in her marital status.  Both counseling and education programs were needed to help the women work through their feelings, face the economic realities and move ahead to become self-sufficient. With small federal grants and contributions, services started in July of 1978, and the passage of state Displaced Homemaker legislation several months later (which Representative Davis co-sponsored) provided more stable, on-going support for these services.

The Centre has evolved through the years but its mission to stand up for women’s rights has never wavered. Today, the Centre’s focus is on employment programs for women, a business center for women to learn about starting their own business and counseling services. They also have construction services such as the Seniors Home Improvement Program (SHIP), Women’s Building Futures and Pay it Forward Repairs which also work to benefit the community as a whole. Below are links for more information on these programs:

Employment Services –

Women’s Business Centre –

Counseling and Wellness –


Women Building Futures –

Pay it Forward Repairs –

Located at 305 Hyde Park Ave in Tampa, FL, the Centre is a non-profit organization and helped over 3,000 women, girls and families last year and 60,000 since its inception. They are also the only SBA women’s designated business center on the West Coast of Florida. They have a sister organization, The Centre for Girls too which works with younger women on challenges such as financial literacy and leadership. Learn more about it at and more about the Women’s Centre at and catch this entire interview and many more entrepreneurial and business discussions at and videos at!


Get Inspired and Network Fashionably on #WorkingWomenWednesday Featuring Michelle Bremer, Devony Scott and Dede Floyd!

Networks form a foundation of opportunity that business owners can use to build upon. Ranging in variety from leads groups and educational groups to like-minded and support groups, the power of networks stems from the synergy that is created from the creation of group master minds. These master minds work to catapult any one individual’s participation in the group to higher levels and thus results in increased efficiency in their life and / or business. Tampa is home to many impactful and dynamic networking groups and our community benefits because of the synergies that exist not only within the groups themselves, but also the synergies that exist between the networks. This synergy is on display each and every Wednesday for example on That Business Show where we host and work with the Working Women of Tampa Bay. This group of professional women is composed of over 800 members and hosts many events across the Tampa Bay region and works in conjunction with the Radio Show, Tampa Bay Business Owners and many other organizations and networking groups across Tampa Bay. Get involved with them today at!

After an introduction from the Founder, Jessica Rivelli, we spoke with Michelle Bremer on the opening segment. With over twenty years of experience in the fashion industry Fashion Expert Michelle Bremer of Runway Translator provides trusted expertise as a wardrobe consultant, retail advisor, and group speaker to personal and commercial clients alike. Michelle believes that fashion is both an art and a science, and she knows the formula to create eye-pleasing ensembles… “It’s all about the details”. Whether she is working one-on-one in the closet of a personal client, or acting as Creative Director for a retail partner’s e-commerce launch, or speaking to an audience about the trends and what’s appropriate to wear to work, Michelle delivers meticulous, results-driven service and award-winning leadership to ensure success for her clients. With degrees in fashion design, merchandising and business, Michelle’s combination of industry knowledge and passion for helping her clients succeed has made her a highly reputable resource in the Tampa Bay area and beyond.

Michelle shares with us current trends and predictions for the spring trends as well as what drives trends. Michelle also talks about her path through the fashion industry and how it began with her first big break as a buyer for Harley Davidson which today has led to her own business in Tampa. An active member with Working Women of Tampa Bay, Michelle believes strongly in community and also gives back through Dress for Success of which we touch on in the closing minutes of the segment. Whether you are a man or a woman, Michelle can help guide your look. Learn more about her at or phone at 813-758-9587.

In the closing segment, we changed topic to Magazines and spoke with Devony Scott (Creator) and Dede Floyd (Publisher) of the Inspired Women’s Magazine. As best friends for the past 15 years, the duo shared many of life’s impactful events together and decided to collaborate on a magazine to inspire women in both life and business. Devony came out of the retail industry of 20 years and Dede out of business ownership and together they formed this brand launching in October 2016. This monthly publication is available online at and is free, just put in an email and receive it electronically. Working to develop the brand and synergies, they are hosting an event on February 23rd at the Keel and Curley Winery in conjunction with Working Women of Tampa Bay. It is called Sip and Social Networking and look at for it on the events calendar at www.workingwomenoftampabay as well as!

Learn more about our show at and also find the podcast at iTunes located here and live video replays at To come on the program, please visit!


Treating Ankle Swelling Featuring Dr. Chris Pittman!

In this segment of That Business Show, our guest was Dr. Chris Pittman, Medical Director and CEO of Vein911. Dr. Pittman is triple board certified and one of only a few hundred physicians Board-Certified in Venous and Lymphatic Medicine.  Known for their minimally invasive non-surgical technique for the treatment of varicose veins, Dr. Pittman and Vein 911 is revolutionizing vein care.  Their mission is to help you look and feel your best and they have offices in Tampa and St. Petersburg and can easily be reached by calling 855-VEIN-911. Dr. Pittman is a trained radiologist and spoke in the opening segment about lymphedema.

Dr. Pittman explains how the lymphatic system is our third circulatory system with the veins and arteries acting as the primary other two. Due primarily to genetics, some people develop ankle swelling as they age and this swelling is an accumulation of lymphatic fluid in their ankles. This is not a condition to ignore and Dr. Pittman advises seeking out a doctor such as himself that will actively treat the condition; stating that many doctors are less inclined to take the condition seriously.

Varicose veins are another avenue that Dr. Pittman and his staff treat daily at Vein911 where they perform pain free outpatient procedures without the use of invasive surgical techniques.  Many doctors practicing vein treatment still utilize a surgical procedure for this treatment and Dr. Pittman is adamant that is no longer necessary.  His techniques using Ultrasound-Guided Sclerotherapy can have your legs looking as good as new in just a few procedures and without the pain of other procedures.  He routinely sees patients treated by other procedures and has near 100% patient satisfaction in this group.  Dr. Pittman also elaborates on some of the other conditions of the legs that may be related to undiagnosed vein disorders such as restless leg syndrome and night cramps and we also touch on treatment of hand veins too.  Using the same technique to treat varicose veins, many patients report significant improvement in these conditions when treated by Dr. Pittman.  If you are experiencing these issues and have not had success with traditional techniques, get in touch with Vein911 today by calling 855-VEIN-911 (855-834-6911).  Catch this discussion and many more at and find us on iTunes here.


Salary Requirement Changes for Exempt Employees – Need to Know Information Featuring Bill Smoak!

Small business owners face a variety of challenges in their business. The task of creating a successful sales funnel to effectively market and sale the product or service is challenging enough. The typical business owner goes into business to help others with their product or service only to be met with a variety of obstacles designed to hinder this simple mission. Our guest today was William (Bill) Smoak who is an Attorney with the law firm of Smoak, Chistolini, and Barnett where they specialize in assisting business owners with regulatory and legal challenges that arise in the daily course of their business.

The entrepreneurial spirit of the American culture coupled with the lack of business training in our public educational system has created a Catch 22 in our economy. America has been built on the backs of small business owners and many strive to run their own business, but our culture has provided a playing field devoid of basic training at the youth level and those who invest in training are oftentimes left riddled with debt that encumbers their ability to launch a business. Add to this mix regulatory issues that are constantly being added, changed and evolved and you have a culture of determined entrepreneurs set up to fail.

On this segment of That Business Show, Bill shared with our audience information on one of the regulatory issues that is working against the small business owner’s ability to succeed. The Fair Labor Standards Act works to protect the rights of the employee but leaves open opportunity for abuse of the system. Lawyers are able to file suits without an administrative filter such as the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

From the Department of Labor’s Website:

The Overtime Rule

In 2014, President Obama directed the Secretary of Labor to update the overtime regulations to reflect the original intent of the Fair Labor Standards Act, and to simplify and modernize the rules so they’re easier for workers and businesses to understand and apply. The department has issued a final rule that will put more money in the pockets of middle class workers – or give them more free time.

The final rule will:

  • Raise the salary threshold indicating eligibility from $455/week to $913 ($47,476 per year), ensuring protections to 4.2 million workers.
  • Automatically update the salary threshold every three years, based on wage growth over time, increasing predictability.
  • Strengthen overtime protections for salaried workers already entitled to overtime.
  • Provide greater clarity for workers and employers.Fortunately for business owners at this time, the law is on hold due to a successful lawsuit that has provided a preliminary injunction enjoining the Department of Labor from implementing and enforcing the Final Rule which was set to go into effect December 1st 2016.

While this ruling works to raise the salaries of the white collar administrative worker, it creates a tremendous burden on the small business owner who now is having an expense doubled! That is per employee too so the impact is magnified by the number of exempt workers a business has. In short, exempt workers are not entitled to overtime and non-exempt employees are entitled to overtime pay. There are strict tests to apply to accurately determine the proper category of a worker too and this gray area creates opportunity for litigation in business employment matters.

Fortunately for business owners at this time, the law is on hold due to a successful lawsuit that has provided a preliminary injunction enjoining the Department of Labor from implementing and enforcing the Final Rule which was set to go into effect December 1st 2016. As Bill explains in this segment though, the issue remains unresolved and could end up at the Supreme Court Level. In the meantime, small business owners are left with uncertainty and will be slower to hire new staff until this law is ironed out.

Bill and his firm work to protect business owners from issues that arise in this area and other areas involving the Fair Labor Standards Act and also touches on issues relating to Title VII which deals with discrimination in the workplace. They also work on issues relating to abuse of the regulation of the Americans with Disabilities Act. This is another law that was issued with good intentions but is easily abused by attorneys who shake down business owners on every minute detail and by using disabled individuals they hire to bring these lawsuits out.


To counteract these challenges that business owners face, Bill and their firm offers to business owners an HR wellness checkup. It is a questionnaire found at that will gauge your exposure to issues surrounding the FLSA, Title VII, the ADA and other issues and is used as a tool to help protect you and your business by their firm should you choose to engage their services. With Florida being ground zero for business litigation, it is imperative that you educate and protect yourself as a business owner. You are in business for much more than just producing a product or service and today must have knowledge in regulatory issues to stay afloat. Find this complete interview at or and please subscribe to us on YouTube to help grow the channel and show!


6 STEPPS to Gaining Word Of Mouth Influence Over Your Competition Featuring Jonah Berger!

All entrepreneurs are in the business of influencing people. They work hard day in and day out to get you, the consumer, to be influenced enough by their product or service to use it over other similar products. How do you as an entrepreneur gain an advantage over your competition and how do you get to the point of being a true influencer in your industry? “It all comes down to word of mouth” states our guest Jonah Berger. Jonah is a Marketing Professor at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and a world-renowned expert on word of mouth, social influence, consumer behavior, and how products, ideas, and behaviors catch on. He has published dozens of articles in top‐tier academic journals, teaches Wharton’s highest rated online course, and popular accounts of his work often appear in places like The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Harvard Business Review.

In this discussion, Jonah shares with us the 6 points you as an entrepreneur need to focus on to be an effective influencer of others – that is to get word of mouth to carry about your product. These include social currency, triggers, emotion, public, practical values and stories. He outlines these in great detail in his book Contagious which can be found here and they can easily be remembered by the acronym STEPPS. Jonah shares with us an example of social currency in which he explains that the better something looks, the more likely they are to share it. Citing an example of a bar that does no advertising in New York City but receives tremendous business, we learn that they are even hidden inside a Hot Dog restaurant and is named Please Don’t Tell. This “secret” aspect of the bar gives it an appeal that others do not have and results in more business to the establishment. Jonah shares with us another example of a blender that destroys / blends a cell phone in it to demonstrate the power of the blender but to which leaves us with the question, can other blenders do that too? It’s irrelevant because no other company showed us their power so we assume it is the best.

Social influence is all around us and impacts us whether we are leaders or followers. Jonah talks about how lawyers climb the ranks of law and then all buy BMWs, sub-consciously being affected by the influence of their peers that all drive BMWs. We are impacted by social influence but are mostly unaware of it on us directly because it is all acting on us sub-consciously. Jonah states that the only place we do not see social influence is in ourselves.

In the closing segment, Jonah talks about an interesting experiment that showed how cockroaches are influenced by social factors. A scientist devised a cockroach stadium and tasked the roaches with running different routes, some straight and others curved. The scientist also had others watching and not watching the roach at times and that factor was also key in the outcome of how well the roach performed on the task. What it showed was that the roach performs well on tasks that are easy and normal when being watched by others but if you add something unexpected or harder to the equation, the impact of others watching greatly impacted the roach’s ability to perform the task well. It all boils down to we are influenced by others if we know are being watched. Jonah then relates this to how a workplace functions and how we as entrepreneurs can use this lesson to heighten the impact of our staff.

This is a great discussion of entrepreneurism from an academic standpoint by a leader in this field. In addition to his best-selling book, Contagious: Why Things Catch On (hundreds of thousands of copies are in print in over 30 languages), he also recently wrote, Invisible Influence: The Hidden Forces that Shape Behavior. Berger is a popular speaker at major conferences and events and often consults for companies like Apple, Google, GE, Coca‐Cola, Vanguard, 3M, Kaiser Permanente, Unilever, and The Gates Foundation. You can catch this full interview at and on iTunes found here and please subscribe to That Business Show to hear many more great entrepreneurial discussions daily from Tampa Bay and across the Nation!


Unique Developments in Tampa Featuring Cory Ellison!

Tampa Bay is a true gem amongst many city environments. It has a small town feel to it but is large, spacious and today BOOMING! Developments are popping up all over, the College Football National Championship was held here this year and home prices are 5% higher on average than other cities and leaped 10% year over year. Add in the excitement around the Channelside re-development and you know why so many so #TampaHasSwagger! Our guest today is helping to add that swagger to Tampa Bay too, he is Cory Ellison. Cory is the Director of Operations with EWI Construction, who along with his brother Casey, are working on some notable developments in the Tampa Bay area. A graduate of Florida State University’s Real Estate program, Ellison has more than 15 years in the construction and development industry. Prior to EWI Construction, Ellison worked as a field & project engineer for the Beck Group. Here, he was first introduced to construction at age 15, working under his father, Sam Ellison.

Known for their involvement in building the Oxford Exchange and the unique product they produced, their brand is now sought after by many clients across Tampa Bay. Starting in 2007 with a custom home job, they have grown into one of the premier developers in Tampa Bay and are today involved with the Tampa Armature Works building which will open in this spring and the Pearl Housing Development. The Tampa Armature Works building will be home to 16 different shops and restaurants and will feature a roof top bar, market hall and shared workspace too. Situated on 43 acres along the River, this is a historic Tampa gem whose revitalization will greatly add value to the Tampa Heights area. Find out more about this development at!

For people not familiar with their work at the Oxford Exchange, you are missing out on one of Tampa’s finest restaurants and storefronts. This development has one of the best breakfast offerings in the downtown Tampa area and is frequented by many University of Tampa students as a place to meet and study. The floors and many of the decorations are imported and they spared no attention to detail at the Oxford Exchange. Located at 420 W Kennedy Blvd, check out more about this development at!

EWI Construction is a master of creativity in both their developments and their website. Check out their website for more about their company, developments and direction at and see why they say that creativity can defy gravity! Catch this show and many more entrepreneurial discussions on iTunes here or on YouTube at and all shows available On Demand too at!