That Business Show Recap 02-27-2015 Featuring Ermanno Santilli

Today on That Business Show, I welcomed the President and CEO of MagneGas, a Tarpon Springs based company that has developed a new fuel that is a safe and effective alternative to acetylene.  Their technology turns agricultural manures into useable sterilized water, fertilizer and their natural gas and acetylene replacement (MagneGas) which is less expensive, safer and works more efficiently than these and other gases. This is also a great tool to use in areas of extreme drought such as California where farmers need water to irrigate fields and water can be diverted for human consumption.

MagneGas can also be used to re-burn cola flu smoke which will burn coal at a minimum 20% greater efficiency while at the same time reducing CO2 and greenhouse gas emission by upwards of 40% or more. With coal still producing approximately 46% of the world’s energy this is huge in terms of jobs and the environment and will have a huge impact on climate change and global warming.

Because MagneGas burns at such a high temperature, it is ideal for the safer disposal of medical waste, think Ebola. The company was asked to participate in United Nations meetings on this subject.

MagneGas is being used by the Fire Department of NY or FDNY as an extraction tool to save lives because of its improved metal cutting features, the fact that it is safer for first responders because it’s less combustible than other gases and with quicker cutting these heroes will spend less time putting themselves in danger. It’s also environmentally safer.  Learn more about this fascinating company at and contact or phone at 727-934-3448 for more information on this product!

Ermanno Santilli

That Business Show Recap 02-26-2015 Featuring Kimberly Wilson and Jim Yeager

Today on That Business Show, I had the pleasure of welcoming Kimberly Wilson, Director of Innovation at The Lutz Learning Center.  The Lutz Learning Center is a family owned private school that specializes in non-traditional educational methods for children aged 2 through 8th grade.  Kimberly is a 2nd generation family member and former student at this school which was founded by her Mother as an alternative to the public school system that they felt lacked the resources necessary to properly educate her children.  Kimberly Wilson and The Lutz Learning Center are strong educational advocates and highly involved in the educational process both publically and privately.  Learn more about this fascinating school and Kimberly Wilson at their website or contact Kimberly directly at 813-949-3484.  Email her as well at

The 2nd half of the show was highlighted by an appearance by Jim Yeager, owner of Yeager and Company and regular Expert Contributor to That Business Show.   Yeager and Company is a third generation family owned business based in Odessa, Florida and is a full service Contracting company.  Jim also offers listeners of That Business Show a special offer on flooring, just mention you heard him on the radio.  Learn more at or phone at 727-375-7813 or email at!

Jim Yeager Kimberly Wilson


That Business Show Recap 02-25-2015 Featuring Sharon Fekete and Jessica Rivelli

Today was the launch of Working Women Wednesdays!  Through a partnership with the well established networking group, Working Women of Tampa Bay.  I will be featuring two professional women each Wednesday on That Business Show.  The show kicked off with a segment from the organization’s founder and leader, Jessica Rivelli, who spoke of the importance of networking and some of the success stories from within her group.  The group is highly influential and very well connected and features over 700 members and over 25,000 followers on various social media outlets.  Learn more about Jessica Rivelli and this amazing group at her website or contact her via email at  She is available via phone at 727-424-9192.

The 2nd guest in studio today was The Doctor Whisperer, Sharon Fekete.   Sharon Fekete has over 15 years experience managing, marketing, supervising, and GROWING successful medical practices from New York to Florida. Her special style of results driven marketing and branding has her clients and staff looking at their practices in a whole new light. Sharon has a keen ability to work with people and teams, transforming under-performing offices into uber-medical centers.  Over the years Sharon has done it all. These responsibilities included but were not limited to managing practices in Florida with multiple locations, an evening division, 33+ staff members, & 4 physicians. Overseeing all operations including the front office, back office, finance and clinical staff. Responsible for opening & marketing satellite offices, in addition to HR responsibilities, team building, and executive meetings with physician partners.  Sharon invites anyone in the medical professional seeking support in running their businesses to contact her via email at or phone at 727-420-2481.  Also be sure to visit her website,

Sharon Fekete Jessica Rivelli

That Business Show Recap 02-24-2015 Featuring The Krewe of Rogues

Today the studio was invited by two pirates from The Krewe of Rogues.  Captain Dave Varrieur and the Bling Bling Pirate Jean Mark Wallace joined me in studio today in full pirate gear to discuss their Krewe as well as the history of Gasparilla.  It was a very fun show and highly entertaining.  The Krewe of Rogues is the only Krewe that offers an a-la-carte membership meaning that people that want to participate in one of the 4 annual Gasparilla season parades can pay a one time fee and attend and get to ride on the float.  In addition, the Krewe provides beads, no other Krewe’s provide that tremendous benefit.

Jean Mark Wallace also spoke of his wedding which occurred this year at Gasparilla and was the first time that was allowed.  Dave provided insight into the history of the Krewe and Gasparilla and we wrapped up by discussing what they do when they are not being Pirates.  Dave is a certified appraiser and owner of Accurate Appraisal Services and can be reached at 813-503-6970 or email at for all your appraisal needs.  Jean Mark Wallace works with Quality Roofing in sales and you can learn more about Mark and Quality Roofing by reaching out to him at or phone at 813-626-1461.  Learn more about the Krewe of Rogues at!

Krewe of Rogues

That Business Show Recap 02-23-2015 Featuring Lynn Wise and Christy Vogel

Today on That Business Show, I had the pleasure of welcoming Expert Contributor Lynn Wise to the program for her first appearance.   Lynn Wise is the Founder and CEO of Wise Business Advisors and is the author of “Build It, Grow It, Sell It!  Nine Steps to a Thriving Contracting Business.”   Over the last 35 years, Lynn has owned five successful small businesses including a plumbing and heating repair and remodeling company.   Lynn’s current project focuses on assisting contractors develop a brand and structure to their business whereas many focus strictly on the trade itself.  Lynn has extensive experience with contractors both in the field and as an advisor and is ready to help you brand and grow your contracting business today.  Learn more about your business whether you are a contractor or another business owner by taking her free Value Builder Score at her website,  This survey is a brief 15 minute assessment and will give Lynn the input needed to help you with a follow up discovery session that can help you grow your business.  Contact Lynn today on her site or email at Lynn@WiseBa.Com or phone at 772-834-8513.

On the 2nd part of the show, I spoke with the CEO/Founder of  Marketing Direction, Christy Vogel.  Marketing Direction solves the complex problem many companies face during growth of needing a VP of Marketing but do not have the funds available or quite enough work to get them busy enough to justify the cost.  Her firm offers marketing services on a contractual basis to fit your company’s need.  You can use their services as little or as much as you need and will save on overhead by not having to pay payroll taxes or other costs associated with employing a full time professional.  She spoke of the day she was fired as being the best day of her life as it launched her into this new business opportunity and over the past 5 years, she has grown it to be a successful Tampa Bay business.  Learn more about Christy at her website, or contact her via phone at 813-526-1870 or email at!

Christy Vogel Lynn Wise