Show Recap – Reverse Mortgage Info and The Alzheimer’s Association

Malcolm Tennant, Expert Contributor to #ThatBusinessShow joined me on today’s show.  Malcolm, aka Mac, is the Co-Owner of Access Reverse Mortgage and their company specializes in and only deals in Reverse Mortgages.  For seniors aged 62 and older, Reverse Mortgages offer a financial resource to help seniors stay in their homes as well as purchase a new home via the Reverse Mortgage for purchase scenario that Malcolm discussed frequently on the show.  Oftentimes we hear of the many myths of the Reverse Mortgage in the media but Malcolm works diligently to dispel those myths through community outreach and speaking engagements on a regular basis and is a trusted resource to give you straight, factual information on the Reverse Mortgage option.

Malcolm will be having an informational session on Reverse Mortgages on July 17th at the Greater Tampa Association of Realtors Building on Kennedy Blvd in Tampa and all Realtors and members of the public are invited to attend, free of charge.  For more questions, reach out to Malcolm directly.  He can be reached at 727-347-0305 or email at and visit for more information!

My 2nd guest for the show was Craig Mayers, Development Fundraising Manager for the Gulf Coast Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association.  Their mission is to end Alzheimer’s Disease through the advancement of research, enhancing care and support to those involved and reducing the risk of dementia through the promotion of brain health.  Craig talked about some of the many events they have on the calendar to help raise both awareness and funds for the association including the Walk to End Alzheimers which is the big event on 10/31 at the Amalie Arena.  Craig also shares many sobering facts around the prevalence of this condition including that today, 5.3 million Americans are living with the disease with a forecast of over 16 million afflicted by 2050.  Malcolm also shares his family’s story of battling the disease as Malcolm’s own father was affected and passed away from the disease so Malcolm is very involved in the Alzheimer’s Association due to this and his desire to see the world rid of this terrible affliction.  There are many events and ways to get involved in the association and there are many different types of support groups they offer for both caregivers, family members and those afflicted with the disease.  Learn more at and please contact Craig directly at 727-710-4976 on how to get more involved!

Mac TennantCraig Mayers

Show Recap – Resource for Entrepreneurs Needing Capital and Empowering the Disabled

#ThatBusinessShow welcomed Erica Drake, Founder and CEO of Maverick Entrepreneurs, on the first half of today’s show.  Maverick Entrepreneurs is an entrepreneurial educational and cloud-based funding platform designed to aid entrepreneurs with raising capital properly and effectively.  Erica has over 20 years of managerial and entrepreneurial experience and is also the author of The Maverick Battle Guide to Raising Capital, a 350 textbook full of resources and instructions on how to raise capital and grow your product or service.  Erica shares with the audience a brief overview of the Maverick 3-Step / 3 Option solution to helping raise capital and assisting investors with finding the ideal investment.  Maverick also has a network of over 4000 accredited investors and Erica describes it as Match.Com for the investor and the entrepreneur.  Erica and I discussed some of the mistakes entrepreneurs make when seeking capital including not seeking enough and ending up under-funded.  She also shares with us that the more money one is seeking, the more availability and interest there is from investors but stressed that without a proper business plan and solid financials, no investor will take the entrepreneur seriously.  Interested in learn how to raise capital for your project?  Check our the Maverick Entrepreneurs Boot Camp, next one is August 1st, 2nd and 3rd in St. Petersburg and you can attend via webcam.  After that, you will be part of an extensive network of resources and will enjoy access to weekly free meetings from like-minded individuals to help your business move along.  Learn more at or contact Erica at 727-557-5779 or email at!

Stuart Pinnock, President of Life Enabling Technologies, joined the 2nd half of the show.  Stuart is a Military Veteran and Accountant turned entrepreneur and was a fitting addition to the show today as he is budding inventor looking now to raise capital for his products.  He has patented two devices for wheelchairs to aid in the users independence.  One is a retractable tray table, like the ones in airplane seats and the 2nd is a remote controlled backpack that swings a backpack from back to front at the push of a button.  I was amazed there was no tray tables on the market for wheelchairs as was Stuart when he saw the opportunity.  Stuart explains the need for more wheelchair accessories and that the market is not supplying ample and effective products designed to aid the disabled.  Stuart hopes to bring other beneficial products to market and his next idea is a rain cover to protect the electronic devices from damage when a disabled person is caught in the rain.  Erica was very excited by his drive and passion and ingenuity of the products and encouraged him to seek funding to help bring these products to the market – they are available now only by special order and will take time to build and customize.  Stuart is open to investors looking for involvement but wants investors that care and see the vision of empowering the disabled and not just the bottom line.  Learn more about Stuart and the company at and contact Stuart at 305-803-6921 or email at!

Erica Drake Stuart Pinnock

Show Recap – Music Industry Veteran Tony Michaelides Talks About Experiences and U2, Simon Cowell, David Bowie and More!

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Today I welcome Tony Michaelides, a veteran of the music industry who has worked with countless music artists including David Bowie, U2, REM, Genesis, Dave Matthews, Bob Marley, Depeche Mode, Happy Mondays, Matchbox Twenty, The Police, The Pixies, New Order, The Stone Roses, Massive Attack, Neneh Cherry, Annie Lennox, Whitney Houston, Take That, Natalie Imbruglia, Westlife, P. Diddy, Elvis Costello, and Peter Gabriel.  Tony, originally from England, shares many of his experiences with these artists with me during the show and even more so during the breaks and after the show, so much so a full day would be needed to incorporate many of the stories he has in the music business.

On the show, Tony talks about his experience working with U2 when they were playing to small half empty bars and how they exploded onto the scene after the 1985 Live Aid concert that introduced them to the World.  The story he shares is interesting in that Bono’s (lead singer) bandmates were all disappointed in his actions and performance on stage immediately after the short 3 song performance but it was those antics that drew the attention of the World.

Tony also shares his insight on the record industry today and I ask him to elaborate on my theory that music piracy has re-directed the resources of the record labels so much so that new talent development has suffered thus leading to the musical void that exists today.  Personally I have felt for the past decade and more that there have been no Rock bands that will be listened to for ages to come in the way bands such as Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Genesis.  Tony elaborates on this very well during our second segment.

Tony’s experiences in the music industry have expanded over 30 years and he talks more on the show about Simon Cowell, David Bowie and touches on many more.  He has written a book as well on his life and the music industry experiences called The Insights Collection and is available on his website at!

Tony Michaelides

Show Recap – Confederate Flag – Heritage or Hate? and Much More with Charlie the Plumber and State Rep Ed Narain!

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Today’s show was a spirited discussion as Edwin (Ed) Narain, House of Representatives 61st District, joined me in studio along with the always boisterous and entertaining Charlie the Plumber.  Ed is an accomplished business professional and a top performer with AT&T, having won their Manager of the Year Award in 3 different years.  Ed is also a graduate of USF and holds an MBA from Saint Leo University and a Law Degree from Stetson University.  Given Ed’s amazing accomplishments and passion for leadership, it was only natural for people to encourage him to run for Political office and in November 2014, Ed was elected to the House of Representatives and now as a Freshman legislator, Ed serves as the Chairman of the Florida Legislative Black Caucus.

The show opens with an introductory conversation with Ed about his background and path to leadership within the House of Representatives and quickly moves to some political issues as Charlie the Plumber loves to talk politics.  Charlie, a chronic radio caller to a number of area radio stations, and regular contributor to #ThatBusinessShow as part of our weekly The Remodeler’s Corner sponsored by Jim Yeager of Yeager and Company, a third generation flooring and remodeling company in Odessa, FL takes us off script to liven up the discussion.

Discussions around Medical Marijuana use and the hot button topic of the moment, the Confederate Flag take center stage in the discussion as Charlie defends the Heritage argument for the right to fly the flag and Ed defends the stance to remove it from political grounds.  The discussion is spirited and lively but presented professionally by both sides.  Overall it was a fun show to moderate as I was pretty much there today to try and control each sides talking times and give each a chance to respond but would love to hear from the listeners and readers – be sure to tag Charlie using the hashtag #AmericanPlumber in any social media posts and twitter @charliezplumber and Ed on twitter @ednarain and visit for more information on Ed Narain – we’ll definitely be having more discussions coming up with Ed and Charlie for sure!

Also thanks to Jim Yeager of Yeager and Company for our weekly feature The Remodeler’s Corner and learn more at for all your flooring and remodeling needs!

Edwin Narain

Charlie Paleveda Jim Yeager

Show Recap – Business Law Talk for Entrepreneurs and Event Planning / Entertainment

Working Women Wednesdays was featured today on #ThatBusinessShow – this is a weekly feature brought to us by the Working Women of Tampa Bay Networking Group and be sure to visit for information on their upcoming events and ways to get involved.

Jessica Rivelli, CEO and Founder of the group, opened the show with an update of events they have on their calendar including an event with the U.S. Indo Chamber of Commerce on July 22nd at Jackson’s Bistro which is also the same day as the iHeart Radio Networking Mixer being held at the iHeart Building at 5pm.  Also, early bird pricing for the Working Women Conference ends June 30th so be sure to pick up your tickets to that event which is being held Sept 10th and 11th at the Straz Center in Tampa. Learn more and get tickets at!

My 2nd guest on the show was The Entrepreneur’s Attorney, Sheryl Hunter.  Sheryl has been representing business owners for the past 19 years and her Law Firm, Hunter Business Law, has 5 attorneys in Tampa specializing solely in Business Law.  Services range from such topics as Corporate setup and guidance, contracts law, employment law, business succession planning, intellectual property and mergers and acquisitions.  Sheryl shares some great tips on corporate structuring on this segment and we also touch on some basics of employment law such as the differences and need to know information regarding independent contractors vs. employees and the differences in exempt vs. non-exempt employees.  Consider Sheryl a resource for your business and don’t make simple mistakes that can cost you dearly for failing to get some advice.  Reach out to Sheryl today at or phone at 813-867-2640 / email is!

On the 2nd half of the show, I spoke with Cindy Dervech, Owner of Breezin Entertainment and newly launched South Tampa Suites which for $29.99/month, she offers postal services including a drive up booth for postal pick up and office space for an office away from an office when you are in South Tampa.  South Tampa Suites is located at 3711 W Swann Ave Tampa.  Cindy and I also touched on her path to entrepreneurship which began 25 years ago with the launch of Breezin Entertainment which focused on entertainment venues.  She quickly learned the ropes and added services and today is a full service event planning and entertainment planning company.  She is available to assist you with bridal parties, corporate events and entertainment venues just to name a few and her company is licensed, bonded and insured, a State requirement of event planners that many people may not even be aware of.  Learn more about Cindy’s businesses at and and contact Cindy today for your next event – she can be reached at 813-348-4998 or email at!

Jessica RivelliCindy DervechSheryl Hunter

Show Recap – Wooden Bow Ties – The New Fashion Trend? and GPS Tracking for Business Owners!

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Brent Kraus, Co-Owner of Ella Bing, opened up today’s show.  Ella Bing is a clothing line geared towards male fashion trends and was inspired by the loss of Brent’s brother Matthew Kraus.  Their primary product, the wooden bow tie, was also inspired by Matthew because of his love for the bow tie.  While cumbersome to some, the wooden bow tie has taken off primarily due to the exposure they gave the product on InstaGram.  Coming in a variety of designs and colors, this product ranges in price from $65.00 to $110.00 at and you will be leading a new fashion trend if you pick one of these up.  Other products include bow ties for dogs, shaving products, lapel pines and pocket squares, some of which will be wooden as well, so Ella Bing is leading a new fashion trend in male clothing sporting the use of wood in some of their products, just another revolutionary entrepreneur in the Tampa Bay area.  Brent also touched on his 5 Simple Rules in Becoming a Supremely Confident Gentlemen and we share some good laughs in this segment surrounding that, which was an article written that gave him and Ella Bing some additional attention and exposure.  10% of every sale goes to the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay and learn more at!

My 2nd guest on the show was Jason Ashton, President of Call Pass Tech and M2M Solutions.  The company which launched in 2007 to provide GPS tracking devices to lenders in the sub-prime auto industry has grown to now having a subsidiary business (M2M Solutions) and has expanded their product line to include GPS tracking for fleets, assets, trailers, containers and more!  These devices come with a platform for the business owner to be able to track their asset which gives them the ability to audit employee routes and meetings but also to provide efficiencies as well such as in reducing gas costs by analyzing routes.  The company has grown to a staff of 45 people and they have relationships with manufacturers providing the equipment and with AT&T and Verizon in assisting them in implementing the technology.  Jason and I also touched on the power sources for the GPS devices and he elaborates on a new solar power technology now being used to give the devices longer field life through solar power.  This technology is a must have for any business owner with a fleet of trucks or who wants to have a better grasp on tracking their assets/inventory to minimize losses.  Reach out to Jason at 877-324-0999 X 1440 or email at for a free consultation on how they can assist you and your business and learn more at and!

Brent Kraus Jason Ashton

Show Recap – Hospitality Staffing / Diamond Discounts / and Mortgage Talk Including 1st Time Buyer Info and Doctor Loan Programs!

Brian Miller kicked off week 21 on #ThatBusinessShow this morning on #1250WHNZ.  Brian is the Chief Operating Officer of Patrice and Associates, a National recruiting firm assisting employers and employees looking for work in the hospitality and restaurant industries.  With the growing demand for managerial talent in the restaurant industry especially in the Tampa region, Patrice and Associates has a vast network of professionals in all areas of skill to help staff your company.  Learn more at and reach out to Brian Miller directly at for more information on how they can help you with your hospitality business!

On the 2nd segment, I spoke with Andrew Meyer, Owner of Continental Wholesale Diamonds.  Andrew and his company are wholesalers and can offer you a much better price on diamonds and jewelry than the textbook retail outlets that we see advertised on television everyday.  Andrew has been in the diamond industry his entire life and is well versed in the area of diamond valuation and designs and loves helping loved ones find that special diamond ring for whatever the occasion.  Continental Wholesale Diamonds is also holding an open house on Wednesday June 24th from 5:30 to 7:30 and they are located at 1715 N WestShore Blvd Suite 150 in Tampa.  Mention That Business Show and the first 5 people to the event will receive $100 off a $200 and up purchase at the store.  Visit for more information and email Andrew at for more information!

On the 2nd half of the show, I welcomed Patrick Sheridan, Senior Mortgage Loan Officer with MI Mutual Mortgage to the show.  With over 17 years of experience in the lending industry, Patrick is well versed in the field and eager to help you with your home purchase.  Patrick and MI Mutual have programs available for Doctors looking to purchase and many programs available for first time buyers.  Patrick and I discussed the current lending environment and touched on the benefits and need to know information for many loan programs including VA loans for the Veterans.  Learn more about Patrick at and he can be reached at 813-787-6345 or email at for more information!

Brian Miller Andrew Meyer Patrick Sheridan

Show Recap – The Cure For Cancer? Tampa Based MorphoGenesis Making Great Strides in This Area

#ThatBusinessShow celebrates show 100 today, ending our 20th week on air since the launch on February 2nd on 1250WHNZ.  It’s been a phenomenal show to date and has introduced me and the Tampa community to amazing professionals and what they are doing in their business and area to make a difference.  Visit for more information on the show!

Today’s show focused on Cancer research as I welcomed Dr. Patricia Lawman, Co-Founder of Morphogenesis, along with Chief Operating Officer Joseph Scanlan.  This Tampa based company has been in operations for 20 years and has produced a Cancer vaccine that has shown great results in the treatment of all cancer types in dogs, cats and horses.  Currently, the company is working through clinical trials to get the vaccine to market for use in humans and we discussed the challenges they face battling regulations as one of our many talking points on this show.

The vaccine in short works by labeling cancer cells in the body with a genetic marker that tells the immune system they are foreign objects and should be eradicated by the immune system.  The challenge with cancer now is that the cells produce so many mutations that they go undetected by our immune systems and continue to multiple leading to tumors and eventually death if unchecked.  ImmuneFx is the name of the cancer vaccine and treats all cancers and comes without side-effects which is welcome news to cancer patients as one of the biggest challenges in cancer treatment is also treating the side-effects of the drugs and radiation therapies used in the battle.

This treatment is currently available for pet owners and if you are affected by a pet with cancer, be sure to talk to your veterinarian about this option.  Also, the company is open to hearing from interested investors looking for opportunities to assist them grow and get their research and products out to a broader audience.  The hope is that one day, this will be the cure for cancer!  Learn more at and Dr. Lawman can be reached via email at for more information on the research and vaccine and interested investors should contact Joseph Scanlan via email at

Patricia Lawman Joseph Scanlan