#TBBO Workshop This Thursday – Driving Traffic via Podcasting


Learn How Business Professionals Are Tapping Into Podcasting Helping Them Build Their Business And Their Personal Brand!  To register, click on the image above or visit http://www.tbbo.org/events.

Why Attend this Event?

Chris Krimitsos is at the forefront of the Podcasting Industry having helped over 100 different individuals start their podcasts. Many in various business niches. Some of the podcasts that have launched out of TBBO are The Private Club Network, Cashflow Guys, All Things Post, Biz Women Rock, Colon Cancer Podcast, Medicare Nation, Now Here This Entertainment, The Make it Snappy Productivity Show, Sisters of Flow and many many more. Learn how you can tap into this emerging medium with evergreen content targeted at people you want to reach with your message. You can also utilize your podcast to open doors to people you have been trying to reach for months if not years.   We have additional training for those that do not have time to start a podcast but would like to learn how to be a certified expert to get on the podcast tour for promotion of their products or services.   This will be the last workshop of the year on Podcasting make sure not to miss it!

You Will Learn:

  • Monetize: Learn ways to attract private money at steeply discounted rates via a Podcast!
  • Equipment Needed For Success: From full set-ups to your iPhone, learn all the ways you can produce a top quality show!
  • Strategic Alliance Building: Learn from other professionals that have already built their platforms out and how they are thriving in the new economy!
  • Creating Your Message With Your Show: We will show you examples of messages that work in the real estate space!
  • Audio SEO For Your Niche: We will be covering how to SEO audio for maximum coverage.
  • We will be sharing real life examples of content creators that have tapped into various podcasting platforms for the growth of their brand.

We will have technical experts on hand to help you with the ins and outs of Podcasting

Video Production Tips For Your Business Featuring Joel Freedman!

Today, video is all the rage for businesses to advertise with. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have all unveiled new video functions in the past few years and YouTube continues to develop to offer ease of creation, sharing and editing of video on their platform as well. #ThatBusinessShow also takes full advantage of video using live video stream on each episode and posted at www.youtube.com/jamiemeloni and also through a number of short video clips posted on our fan page at www.facebook.com/thatbusinessshow The live stream is designed for a live audience and we’ve always been cognizant of the fact that few will click on or watch the full live video if it shows up in your social media feed, but short clips, those less than 1 minute oftentimes, are like video gold. People love to watch those and we’ve had many go over 2,000 views with a new record recently of one of them hitting 6,000 views!

Given this trend, we wanted to educate our listeners on video production for business owners in this segment. Our guest was Joel Freedman who is the President and Executive Producer of 2 Hungry Dogs Productions. Joel has over 25 years of experience in the video industry and continues to provide broadcast quality video production for clients like CBS News, Fox News, ESPN, MSNBC and more. Joel combines the best production skills with a positive attitude to make sure you not only get a good product, but that you enjoy the production experience. Joel shares with us many good tips for business owners on how to produce video that gets attention such as the use of thumbnails, call to actions and Joel advises against the use of a pre-roll on marketing videos that are produced consistently as that will likely tire viewers of seeing the same intro and each video leading in.

Needing to feed his 2 Hungry Dogs over 15 years ago, Joel launched his own business and today can help your business too with video production. Learn more at www.2hungrydogs.com or give him a call at 727-527-2901 and find more episodes at www.thatbusinessshow.com!


Mosh Pits for Stress Relief? Featuring Jamie Meloni and Kelly Wilson

From time to time, the program has a guest cancellation or a void in the schedule which gives the audience a chance to learn more about the hosts Jamie and Kelly. The show is aired lived therefore they have to be able to fill the time when voids occur. Jamie’s favorite go to topics are professional wrestling, music, or Real Estate and Kelly really has no favorite talking point, she can go with whatever and enjoys learning.

In this segment, we talk music, inspired by the Concert Friday night Jamie and Gary saw featuring ShineDown and Five Finger Death Punch along with Sixx A.M. and As Lions. Kelly is educated on what is and how to behave inside a mosh pit as Jamie explains that moshing is heavy metal rocker’s form of dancing. While Jamie has since traded mosh pits for suites at a concert, he nonetheless reminisces on concerts of past when he would get in a pit and thinks they could be a good stress reliever for some.

Shinedown put on a tremendous show Friday night at the Amalie Arena and is one of the few rock bands to originate post 2000 that has original, good rock music behind the brand. Other worthy brands include HaleStorm and Linkin Park but the days of 80s rock style music are long gone. The bands and music are there still, it is just harder to discover them. The days of radio and MTV controlling the music scene are gone as today’s artists are either assembled by record labels or lucky enough to be found on YouTube and those who are discovered produce basic 3 minute and out songs because this is what the industry demands. Bands like Pink Floyd or Marshall Tucker Band that had depth to their music will never become mainstream again unless new outlets develop to promote them. A lot of the missing talent too in the last decades is a result of the rise in illegal downloading too. Record labels poured many dollars and resources into fighting this battle that otherwise would have went to artist discovery and development.



Space Saving Tips For Tiny Home Lovers Featuring Pat Dunham!

Welcome back to week 98 of #ThatBusinessShow where we work to bring you inspirational and informative guests each and every day that share stories and best practices that helped them build their businesses.  Jamie, who specializes in the sale of Real Estate at Coldwell Banker, alongside Kelly Wilson, Founder of the EDGE Business Community and Magazine have merged forces on the airwaves highlighting entrepreneurship each morning.  Get on the program today by visiting www.tbsinterview.com and learn more at http://www.tampabayradio.com!

Our guest this segment was Pat Dunham who advises on tiny spaces / homes and outlines ways you can live comfortably in your own small space. Her ideas work for space-challenged living environments from tiny homes to efficiency apartments to RV’s and boats. She offers tiny house advice and speaks on the many benefits of living small while offering practical advice for downsizing and useful tips for creating storage solutions for any living arrangement.  The smallest space she has worked with someone on was an 84 square foot home, but while many think of how to be efficient inside a small space, she reminds the audience that not all of her clients live in truly tiny spaces.  She has worked with people in homes in excess of 4000 square feet who feel their home is too small too and she helps them find the space they need to fit their belongings in.

She shares some of her many tips on space saving on this segment too including a great tip on stuffing pillow cases with seasonal clothing and also on the wasted space that many bookcases have built into them, meaning they often have more depth than the books are wide and advises to build or look for bookcases that are designed with efficiency in mind.  If you are looking for help and guidance from an experienced professional, ask for your free half-hour discovery and see how the Tiny House Advisor can help you.  Find her online at www.tinyhouseadvisor.com or via phone at 727-224-9771.  Find the full interview at www.youtube.com/jamiemeloni and this show and all past shows available On Demand at www.thatbusinessshow.com!