#TBBO Tuesdays Talking e-Commerce, Family Law, Audio and Video Featuring Adam Dimuzio, Gary Dolgin, Chris Krimitsos, Roy Stegman and Joel Freedman

Welcome back to the start of another productive week on #ThatBusinessShow.  We hope all had a great Memorial Day holiday and thank you for starting the week off with the program.  We’ve updated the website http://www.tampabayradio.com to include links to the events at Tampa Bay Business Owners and we are currently looking for Expert Contributors in a variety of business fields.  More information on that will follow.  Our branding package is now available only to members of Tampa Bay Business Owners and Working Women of Tampa Bay.  Join today and sign up for the branding package, only $1995, tremendous value for what you get!  Learn more about the package here – http://www.tampabayradio.com/Branding_Package.html

Leading off today was Adam DiMuzio, President and CFO of Red Rook, a tech company that focuses on increasing commerce capacity across 5 channels: web, in-store, mobile, social and marketplace.  They have hundreds of clients and a very fun workplace culture, one of the hallmarks of their company.  With themed bathrooms and a basketball court, Red Rook experiences very little employee turnover because they make it fun to work there.  They are not currently hiring though.  Adam will also be featured as one of our Experts in the TBBO Main Event being held June 1st from 5 to 7:30pm at the Centre Club.  The event focuses on leadership books and how to implement their strategies and he will be discussing “Great by Choice” by Jim Collins.  He elaborates briefly on the takeaways he got from reading, or listening, to this book and how he implemented them into Red Rook!  Tickets for the Main Event are available for non-members here – http://www.tbbo.org/event-2252255?CalendarViewType=1&SelectedDate=5/31/2016.  Reach out to Adam for all of your e-Commerce needs today by visiting http://www.theredrook.com or email at adam.dimuzio@theredrook.com!

My 2nd guest on the program was Family Law Attorney, Gary Dolgin.  Gary is also running for Hillsborough County Circuit Court Judge, Group 24 and will mark his transition from attorney to judge if elected.  He has been in private practice since 1993 and he is one of 26 attorneys in Hillsborough County that is Board Certified by the Florida Bar as a specialist in Marital and Family Law.  He has also worked as a Public Defender and Assistant State Attorney.  Gary speaks on some of his experiences in family law and how he has impacted and been impacted personally by the role.  He elaborates on custody issues and dispels some of the myths of family law and also touches on the recent veto by Governor Scott regarding alimony.  The segment is a wealth of information on family law packed into a short segment, tune in to hear the entire segment if you missed us.  It is available online at http://www.tampabayradio.com or on iTunes as a podcast.  Video up at http://www.youtube.com/jamiemeloni as well.  Get in touch with Gary today if you need assistance in family law – 813-223-3200 or online http://www.garydolgin.com!

At 8am, Chris Krimitsos, Founder of TBBO, joined the #MorningDiscussion.  Chris was on assignment so to speak this weekend traveling across Florida with his film crew as they gathered more content for the upcoming podcasting documentary, “The Messengers”.  He spent time with Glenn Hebert, Founder of the Horse Radio Network, and also checked in with the team at Buzzsprout in Jacksonville, a service that helps get podcasters onto iTunes.

We then moved to a discussion of audio and video with TBBO members Joel Freedman, President of 2 Hungry Dogs Productions, and Roy Stegman, musician and audio engineer and creator of the podcast The Complete Audio Producer.  Joel has over 25 years of experience in the video industry and specializes in designing commercials for business owners for use online and in social media.  We also share a good light hearted discussion on the source of his company’s name and Jamie’s own fear of dogs based in his roots in West Virginia.  Roy, a keyboardist and member of the band Alpha Decay shares some audio tips with us and fills us in on an recent opportunity their band had through local radio jock Bubba the Love Sponge.  Catch more on each of them at http://www.completeaudioproducer.com and http://www.2hungrydogs.com!

Adam DiMuzio (Small)Gary Dolgin (Small)Chris Krimitsos (Small)Joel Freedman (Small)Roy Stegman (Small)



#PopTheKernel On Your App Idea With PopKorn Apps – Featuring Candace Lourdes, Sharon Fekete, Matthew Cole, Brian Kornfeld and Alfred Goldberg

As we head into this Memorial Day Weekend, #ThatBusinessShow and staff would like to thank all men and women who have served in our Armed Forces and we remind all to not only enjoy the weekend but also to remember those that gave their lives for our freedom.  The show will be back on air live Tuesday morning at 7a, Monday’s show will be a replay of the show from May 3rd, 2016 featuring Alex Szinegh at 7am and then Chris Krimitsos and Rosanne Clementi in the 8am hour.

Opening up today’s show was Candace Lourdes, Owner of Revel Ink, a custom digital imagery solutions company she founded along with her husband Mick.  Starting 6 years ago in Sarasota, today they have worked for many notable clients including the Wall Street Journal, Maxim, and Pepsi just to name a few.  She shared with us their latest offering which is performance wear featuring their custom imagery in a product line known as Flat Bandits.  This wear is centered on the fishermen and has very creative designs and images of fish, boats and more!  With a UPF (like SPF in sunscreen) of 40, this comfortable and attractive product line is attracting attention across the fishing industry.  Check out the product http://flatsbandit.com/custom-designs/.  They do designs for anything and everything too, not just clothing.  Come to them with your idea and let them create an awesome image and brand for your product?  Listeners of the show can also put in an order with a reduced minimum (down from 500) – mention the show and they can product products for you with just a minimum order of 48 units.  Learn more at http://www.revel-ink.com or give them a call at 941-786-4965.

Sharon Fekete joined the program at 7:30.  aka the Doctor Whisperer, Sharon shared with us her experience as emcee of a fundraiser for Heels to Heal this past week which raised money for victims of domestic violence at CASA of St. Petersburg.  Not only a tremendous show supporter, Sharon also works tirelessly to support other organizations in and around the Tampa Bay region.  When she is not volunteering her time, she’s helping Medical providers through either coaching, public relations, marketing or sometimes even running their entire back end so they can be “The Doctor”, hence why she is known as The Doctor Whisperer.  She spoke of her upcoming online course focused on helping Medical facilities turn front office staff into front office ambassadors and that will launch in June, more information to follow!  Get in touch with Sharon today if you need help running your Medical practice, http://www.thedoctorwhisperer.com or at 727-420-2481!

At 8am, I welcomed Matthew Cole, Founder and CEO of Examen who was joined in studio by Expert Contributor Brian Kornfeld, Founder of PopKorn Apps.  Examen is an app, imagined by Matthew and in development with Brian that will serve as a social network designed around positive events and positive thinking/ideas.  Their vision is to make Examen what LinkedIn is to the job seeker/professional, as the place to be for non-profits and other organizations that want to promote their image.  Their vision also has it as a place to showcase the individual through a volunteer resume which is an outline of the volunteer efforts of the person.  Matthew explained he was inspired to launch this app because when looking for a site or app that promoted positive thinking through regular daily posts and also to learn more about non-profits and others in a centralized location without all the background noise of the other social networks.  He began talking to people about the idea and as he noted, Brian Kornfeld and PopKorn Apps kept coming up so they connected and are about to launch a Beta version of the app.  They are currently looking for users to get involved to help develop the app through the Beta version at http://www.examenlife.com!  Learn more about how to develop your own app/idea at http://www.PopKornApps.Com!

In the final segment, Alfred Goldberg joined the #MorningDiscussion.  President of Absolute Mobile Solutions, Alfred and Jamie talk digital marketing and how to implement a “strategy” and not just a spray and pray technique when it comes to establishing a presence for your business in your community.  Starting 16 years ago centering on the Palm Pilot, today Alfred and his company work with business owners on ways to use not only social media, but also on how SEO works, building responsive, functional websites and also finding out who your customer is, something he says many business owners cannot answer when he asks during a consultation.  It all comes back to strategy, a great tip by Alfred today on the program.  Alfred is a member of the Project Management Institute, the Tampa Bay Technology Forum where he sites on the steering committee for the CEO Advisory Forum, Creative Tampa Bay, and the American Production and Inventory Control Society and just announced Chair of Tampa Bay Wave, an entrepreneurial incubator for tech businesses.  We enjoy a final exchange on the quick rise and fall of QR codes in the final segment and also touch on the new algorithm put out by Google that is impacting non-mobile friendly websites, something Jamie admits his site needs help with too.  Get in touch with Alfred for all your digital marketing needs – 813-908-6862 or call at http://www.absolutemobilesolutions.com!

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Effective Email Marketing Featuring Joanie Sigal, Aaron Reed, and Hank Lobdell

Are you looking to buy or sell in the Tampa Bay region?  Remember that Jamie Meloni is not just the host of #ThatBusinessShow, but also is a Nationally ranked Real Estate Agent in Tampa Bay.  Contact him today at 813-760-8516 or take advantage of our free home valuation tool for sellers at http://www.tampabayradio.com to see what your home is worth today and begin a discussion about selling your home!  The market is under-supplied and demand from buyers is high, get max value for your home today before inventory floods the market in coming years?

At 7am, I welcomed Joanie Sigal, Director of Business Development and Co-Founder of SJS Associates.  They specialize in all things marketing from email and social media marketing to website design, logos and more!  SJS has been doing marketing for 30+ years. Since 2007, they have introduced more than 500 businesses to email and social media marketing with Constant Contact through more than 50 workshops and seminars. They have almost 200 clients currently using email marketing on a regular basis. SJS is Master Certified with Constant Contact as well as the Authorized Local Expert for Constant Contact in the Tampa Bay area. Jamie and Joanie spoke in depth on the benefits, values and ins/outs of email marketing on the first half of the show.  Many great ideas came out of the discussion and this is a must hear segment for all business owners looking for a cost effective, easy to get started marketing strategy to get started.  On the 2nd half of the 7am hour, we delve into social media marketing and Joanie elaborates on the evolution of marketing in 21st Century and what business professionals need to do today, to stay relevant.  Learn more at http://www.sjsassoc.com or give her a call at 727-446-8883 for all your marketing needs!

At 8am, I welcomed Aaron Reed, Owner of The Supernatural Lifestyle.  Aaron is a champion body-builder and former professional wrestler with WWE and one big dude!  At 6 foot 7 inches, he talks early on about how his height hurts him in body-building competitions but has in many times overcome that disadvantage to win several competitions including the Teen Colorado Bodybuilding Championship in his youth.  Battling back from leukemia that was diagnosed at age 4 and plagued him for 4 years, Aaron turned to the gym and fitness to escape.  When his Cancer went into remission for good at age 12, he began to take body-building and fitness very seriously and went on to become a star athlete in both Football and Basketball while in high school.  After a brief stint in WWE as Lift Sawyer, Aaron headed down the entrepreneurial path founding his meal delivery service and writing a book on the topic of fitness and eating well.  Check out his meal plans at http://www.eatlikeaaron.com or give him a call at 813-419-2242.

My last guest on the program was Hank Lobdell, Franchise Owner and development manager with A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections.  Following a 20 year career in property management, he started as a leasing consulted and finished his career as a Regional Vice President overseeing the operations of 25 properties in 5 states. His passion for inspecting properties started with his property management career. Hank was responsible for pre-inspecting properties for HUD REAC inspections as well as inspecting all phases of new construction multi-family properties.  Hank and Jamie share a good discussion on the path of the franchise and the benefits of using their services and inspectors for your next home inspection.  Also, it’s a great opportunity for a business and they are expanding in the area so for all you interested in owning a franchise, consider A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections!  Learn more at http://www.abuyerschoice.com or give Hank a call at 813-839-8416!

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#GivingBack To The Community Featuring Erin Cassidy, Ashley Ehrman, Dr. Chris Pittman, Jessica Rivelli, Beth Kerly and Stephanie Jo Diaz

#ThatBusinessShow is about giving back to the community.  Jamie started the show on February 2nd, 2015 with the idea to highlight entrepreneurs and leaders across the Bay Area, something nobody was doing consistently on the airwaves.  On April 25th, the program expanded to 2 hours daily from 7am to 9am to meet the growing demand from community leaders and listeners for more positive programming and to go against the grain of traditional talk radio focused on doom, gloom and negativity.  The show expanded again with the partnership with Tampa Bay Business Owners and we kicked off our ticket sales last night for the 6th Annual Christmas in July being held on July 21st at TPepin Center from 5 to 8pm.  Tickets are $19 for TBBO members and $29 for non-members and booth tables are still up for grabs to get in front of 500 to 600 people!  Register for the event here – http://www.tbbo.org/event-2252905?CalendarViewType=1&SelectedDate=7/25/2016

My opening guests for the show today were Erin Cassidy and Ashley Ehrman.  They were in studio to talk about their role on the Governance Board with the Metropolitan YMCA.  Erin is also a returning guest to the program and works in the family business, Majesty Title as a title agent and working towards her MBA at UT.  She was a nominee for Best on Air last year and a Millennial that truly loves to give back to her community.  Last year in her role as Chair of Emerge with the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce and now today with the YMCA.  Ashley, a Millennial as well as a member of #WorkingWomenofTampaBay, shares with us how they are involved with the YMCA, some of the programs and events on the horizon and how others can get involved too.  Both Erin and Ashley embody the community spirit and it will pay dividends through the years in both their personal and professional lives.  We close with a stumper question that many do not know and that is what does YMCA stand for?  Do you know?

At 7:30, we welcomed Expert Contributor Dr. Chris Pittman, Medical Director and Founder of Vein 911.  Dr. Pittman utilizes revolutionary, non-surgical techniques to rid the body of varicose and spider veins as well as other vein disorders whereas traditional M.D.’s are using uncomfortable, surgical techniques.  Dr. Pittman, a trained Interventional Radiologist, speaks of the procedures he uses on the program that makes even the most demanding patient 100% satisfied.  We also touch on the cosmetic side of the business today where he deals frequently with patients suffering from spider veins in the face and hands as well as those unsightly red spots on the skin (cherry angiomas) which are a collection of capillaries and easily removed using the Vein Gogh machine.  Dr. Pittman, triple board certified, is your resource for all things “vein”  Stay tuned for upcoming discussions as he will be filling us in on another disorder that Interventional Radiologists are working to resolve, the hemorrhoid.  1 in 3 has them he states and his techniques work on them just like other veins.  Head over to http://www.vein911.com or give them a call today at 855-Vein-911 for a consultation!

At 8am, we kicked off #WorkingWomenWednesdays with Founder, Jessica Rivelli.  She spoke of the organization’s involvement with 1 Million Cups and their upcoming 7th birthday which we will be highlighting on next week’s show with several of the long term members of her organization.

We were then joined by Beth Kerly, Professor of Entrepreneurship at Hillsborough Community College and now Chair of the Working Women Foundation.  She shares with us the new academic program at HCC that gives students an Associates Degree in Entrepreneurship and how that is an excellent entry point into traditional 4 year degrees at the State Colleges.  She explained to the audience more on what 1 Million Cups is and the involvement that the Working Women of Tampa Bay now has in it and closed the show with a reminder of tomorrow’s Uber promotion where from 11am to 2pm, members can get in a car with a mentor to pitch their ideas and get feedback while riding in the Uber car. Head over to this link to learn more on that – http://www.workingwomenoftampabay.com/blog/4024847

My final guest for the show was Stephanie Jo Diaz, Owner of Sideline Sports Cheerleading.  A lifelong cheerleader, she just opened her brick and mortar facility this past week.  She has been running an after school program in schools prior and now has the experience, knowledge and background to launch the physical location, a point that Beth Kerly highlights as textbook Entrepreneurism 101, vet the program before investing in assets.  Stephanie, a certified member of  The American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Advisors (AACCA), shares with the listeners some of their after school and summer programs and talks about the Angels on the Sidelines program, a recreational cheerleading program designed for males and females ages 3 through adults.  The program runs one hour/one day a week and allows beginner students, or families without the available time to devote to little league or all-stars, the chance to fall in love with cheerleading.  Learn more about this at http://www.sidelinesportscheerleading.com or give her a call today at 727-827-7885.

Erin Cassidy (Small)Ashley Ehrman (Small)Chris Pittman (Small)Jessica Rivelli (Small)Beth KerlyStephanie Jo Diaz (Small)




@TBBO Tuesdays – Securing CrowdFunding and Staying Together Featuring Matthew Easterly, Steve Santorsola, Chris Krimitsos, Valerie and Michael Lipstein

#TBBOTuesdays was featured today on #ThatBusinessShow.  The Tampa Bay Business Owners is an 8 year old brand that works with business owners to help them collaborate and learn from one another in fun, informative and diverse events each month.  #ThatBusinessShow, now in partnership with the organization, is a natural fit for the organization and the show and TBBO’s synergy is giving more strength and reach to the Tampa Bay business owner.  We invite all Tampa Bay area business owners to apply for membership at http://www.tbbo.org or attend our Intro to TBBO event on June 7th at the iHeart Media Building from 2:30 to 4:30 pm to learn more.  You can register free of charge for that event here – http://www.tbbo.org/event-2250555?CalendarViewType=1&SelectedDate=5/24/2016

Opening up today’s show at 7am was Matthew Easterly, President and Founder of Maximum Security Services.  An expert in home security and automation. Matt shares his story of entrepreneurism working for another professional and then being guided by them into his own business.  He and his company work hard to provide instant, top notch customer service and he elaborates how the big brands service is inferior to his personal customer service offered here in the Bay area.  From basic installations to advanced systems and security cameras, Matthew is your man to contact for security.  Check him out online at http://www.maxsecuritytampa.com or give him a call today at 813-787-8686 to get you and your home protected today!

My next guest on the program was Steve Santorsola, Founder and CEO of Rapport 24/7.  He was joined in studio by Matt Nelson who provides insight and first hand experience into working with the app that Steve and Suzie Santorsola created.  This revolutionary app is an easy to use video app that is available on iOS and Android operating systems and is designed to capture in field video testimonials.  Download the app onto your smartphone and then pay a monthly fee and all your video can be capture on your phone and then stored online via your desktop platform for easy sharing across multiple platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google.  They are working on relationships with YouTube and HootSuite as well.  I frequently use the app in studio for short video clips and the short video clips work to enhance viewership and also add SEO value to your website.  Their desktop management platform allows for easy sharing via an embed code or email link too that is automatically provided when uploading video to the site.  Learn more about this platform at http://www.rapport247.com or give Steve a call today at 813-760-2200 to learn more!

At 8am, I spoke with the Founder of TBBO, Chris Krimitsos.  He is hosting an event on June 6th from 4:30 to 7:30pm at the iHeart Media Building called “Leveraging Crowdfunding For More Than Just Money”  Tickets are $29.00 and $19.00 for TBBO members.  This event will raise awareness and funds for his upcoming documentary on podcasting called “The Messengers” but will also be a workshop to teach people the ins and outs of crowdfunding and how it can be used as a marketing and PR tool and not just a way to raise funds for an idea.  Register for the event here – http://www.tbbo.org/event-2253277?CalendarViewType=1&SelectedDate=5/24/2016

My guests for the 8am hour were then Valerie and Michael Lipstein, Owners of Couples & Business.  Founded by them because of the growth in couple in business, Valerie and Michael saw an opportunity to apply the techniques and tips they used to work together to help others do the same without harming their personal relationship.  Valerie is a certified coach/entrepreneurial specialist and published author and speaker and Michael is a relationship expert who has worked with thousands of couples and individuals since 1979 so they have a natural fit with their backgrounds to provide these services to couples in need of business/personal guidance.  We spoke of the workshops they offer to assist and some of the tools they use to help couples in business.  We also touched on the issue of what happens when an effective business is unfortunately facing a divorce of the couple and how many wish to remain in business but separate.  Get in touch with Valerie and Michael today if you are facing problems in your business / personal relationship and don’t wait until it’s too late, their guidance can save a marriage and business.  Reach out to them at 727-223-5783 or online at http://www.couplesandbusiness.com!

Matthew Easterly (Small)Steve Santorsola (Small)Chris Krimitsos (Small)Valerie and Michael Lipstein (Small)



How David Defeated Goliath – Featuring Dr. Tommy McElroy, Debbie Lane, Christina Griffin, & Carla Robinson

Welcome to the start of another #ThatBusinessShow week on Tampa Bay’s #1250WHNZ. Tune in weekdays from 7am to 9am to hear all about our local business and community leaders and ways you too can get involved in the program. Please help spread the word of the program too through social media and tell your friends about the program, we appreciate all you, the listener, does to support the program each and every morning.

My opening guest was Dr. Tommy McElroy, Owner of Echelon-Health. This is a Concierge Medical practice located in Wesley Chapel and we discuss the topic of Concierge Medicine on the opening segment of the program. Concierge allows the consumer to pay a monthly or annual fee for base medical services and relieves the Doctor’s office of the hassles of the insurance game. Dr. McElroy explains why he decided to leave the business of insurance based medicine and elaborates on the care he is able to provide through Concierge services. He launched the Concierge practice in 2012 after leaving USF and he practiced as a sports medicine physician and consultant for teams in the NFL and MLB in addition to college and high school athletics. It’s important to note that Concierge services do not take the place of the insurance requirement and the Concierge service is an additional benefit to the consumer giving them near 24 hour access to their primary care physician. Dr. McElroy is also a podcaster and poultry farmer and invites you to his website to learn more about Echelon-Health at www.echelon-health.com or give him a call today at 813-907-6300.

My 2nd guest on the program was Debbie Lane, Hypnosis Expert and Founder of Debbie Lane’s Wisdom Hypnosis. Debbie practices hypnotherapy and her primary field is in virtual lap bands. She explains that through the subconscious mind, people can be essentially re-programmed into believing things happened when they did not. In the case of virtual lap bands, the person does not actually have a lap band put in but does so virtually. She reports strong weight loss results through this technique but is quick to point out, she is not a weight loss therapist but rather someone who helps her clients discard unwanted pounds. Hypnotherapy also benefits smokers in quitting and also with sufferers of fibromyalgia or unknown pain as I put it. She is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists and certified by the Naturalife Institute in Basic Hypnosis and Integrative Hypnosis in 2002. We share a great discussion on the ins and outs of hypnosis throughout this discussion. Learn more at www.wisdomhypnosis.com or give her a call today at 727-781-8483 to try out hypnotherapy if you are having problems losing weight, or need help quitting smoking!

In the 8am spot, I welcomed back Christina Griffin, Realtor and Team Leader of the Griffin Group at Coldwell Banker. As many know, Christina has been battling Cancer and is coming off a hysterectomy just over a week and a half ago and is nearly back up to full throttle. She shares her experience with the battle and how against all odds, she and husband Sean, were able to have a child, despite her having Cancer, and how David (her son) literally defeated Goliath (Cancer). Post-delivery though the Cancer resurfaced and she had to extinguish it for good through the surgery, but fortunately for her, the pregnancy revealed the Cancer early enough so that it was manageable. Christina and I work together in the Coldwell Banker Office in South Tampa located at 2201 W Swann Ave Tampa, FL but she and I can assist your Real Estate needs anywhere across the Tampa Bay area, learn more about Christina at www.thegriffingroup.net!

In the final segment today, I was joined by Carla Robinson, Assistant Vice President with Professional Systems, a family owned business based in St. Petersburg at 12180 28th ST N. Started by her father in the late 70’s, the business moved from printing materials to include promotional products with the help and guidance from Carla. From pens to pads and more, promotional products show a great return on investment per some facts and figures that Carla shares with the audience in the segment. We learn of some of the off the wall prints the company has done for customers, including printing to toilet paper of which Josh and I have a good laugh about and also some of the non-traditional promotional items available for a business that you may have not thought of. Give them a call today at 727-572-0768 and enjoy 10% off your next printing or promotional product by mentioning you heard her on the radio show and be sure to stop by www.prosys1.com for more information!

Thanks again for supporting the show and please connect with me on Twitter at Jamie_meloni or on Facebook.com/thatbusinessshow and keep an eye on the website www.tampabayradio.com for show updates and all shows available On Demand!

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#FocusFridays – Bringing Out The CEO In You!

Welcome to #FocusFridays, brought to us by Juliann Nichols, CEO of Focus On You Strategy, Bringing Out The CEO In You!  Continue the discussion online by visiting her Facebook group Focus on You Strategy / Focus Fridays and be sure to tune in every other Friday to hear this discussion on leadership, time management, and moreIn today’s opening segment, Juliann joined me as co-host as we welcomed back Daniel Nyiri, owner and founder of 4u-Fitness. Daniel was joined by his wife Nina and is a professional fitness trainer and model focusing on helping others enjoy a more active lifestyle. His company is revolutionizing the fitness industry by utilizing a workout suit that tricks the body into thinking it has done more work than it actually has. This suit allows people to get results with workouts in as little as 20 minutes 2 times per week. Josh and I joke that the suit probably takes more time to put on then the workout takes itself. The product was launched in Europe and has 1,500 locations worldwide. Daniel is spearheading its development in the United States and you can learn more and see the product and suit at for yourself at http://www.4u-fitness.com or give them a call today 800-421-5850 and experience it for yourself.

In the second segment and remainder of the hour Juliann was joined in Studio by Angie Lusk, her Chief Strategist. Angie came to know Julieann when she needed help in her own business, a travel agency, and Juliann’s techniques and solutions and strategies helped increase Angie’s bottom line tremendously. We spoke on ways to build processes to reduce stress and increase time within the day of the CEO.  Since that time, Angie has become one of Julian’s go to people for helping other leaders develop. Juliann calls her the process queen and Angie shares with us some great tips on email management and how to develop processes to save you time in your work day.

With two locations in Tampa and St. Petersburg, Juliann also works with CEOs and leaders through CEO Exchanges. These round table discussions are ran several times each month around the Bay Area inside C1 Banks and you can register for an upcoming CEO Exchange at www.focusonyoustrategy.com. Get some great insight and feedback from Juliann and your peers and I attended one myself and can recommend. The next CEO Exchange is at C1 Bank on WestShore Blvd from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.  Give Juliann a call at 813-609-2223 today and bring out the CEO in you!

In the 8 a.m. hour I welcomed Tanya Cielo, Founder of Sky Strategic Marketing. Her company helps business owners squash their competition and get their unfair share of business in the market. She is a certified marketing facilitator with 18 years of marketing experience including many media companies such as iHeartRadio, Cox and Beasley Broadcasting. Her goal is to get clients to “bee seen” and to emphasize “bee seen” she wore a bee cap with antennas during the show. Her love of marketing came over very well in the segment and we even discussed her love for possums. Tanya is also a Tampa Bay Business Owner (TBBO) member and we encourage all listeners that are business owners to apply for membership at http://www.tbbo.org. Learn more about Tanya at http://www.skystrategicmarketing.com or give her a call today 813-337-0893

My final guest for the show was Nestor Ortiz, Chief Operations Officer for the University Area Community Development Corporation. This nonprofit works to enhance the life and community of residents around the University of South Florida area from housing to transportation to community blight. This nonprofit has been working in the area for many years now we discussed some of the ways the organization helps the area, the ways they raise money, and how residents can get involved. You can learn more about this at www.uacdc.org.

Have a great weekend everybody and be sure to tune in Weekdays 7am to 9am on Tampa Bay’s 1250WHNZ and follow us on all the social media platforms!

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Transforming Your Business in More ways Than One – #ThatBusinessShow Featuring Charlotte Fernee Kelly, Kelly Hamm, Nick Paras, and Ashby Green

Transforming Your Business in More ways Than One – #ThatBusinessShow Featuring Charlotte Fernee Kelly, Kelly Hamm, Nick Paras, and Ashby Green

Thank you to all the listeners and supporters of #ThatBusinessShow, airing weekday mornings at 7am to 9am on Tampa Bay’s #1250WHNZ.  The show has grown tremendously in popularity and the show is in partnership with The Tampa Bay Business Owners, aka TBBO, as a result of its growth, interest and demand.  We invite all business owners over to www.tbbo.org to learn more about TBBO and how to join.  This organization, founded 8 years by Chris and Katie Krimitsos, is Tampa Bay’s premier business society and is exclusive to business owners.  Focused on education and collaboration, many people in the organization consider it a family and a tremendous resource to their business.  It is also home to many of our past and future guests on the program, join today and get on the radio to promote your business!

My first guest today was Attorney Charlotte Fernee Kelly, Employment Attorney and Founder of Fernee Kelly Law located at 602 E Twiggs St Tampa, FL 33602.  She was in studio today to discuss the Fair Labor Standards Act.  This law, enacted after the Great Depression, established the minimum wage and many of the other standards we see in the workplace today for workers.  Yesterday, the Dept. of Labor announced the final rules of this new law which will have a deep impact on business owners.  Some of the key provisions are that the minimum wage for an exempt employee from $455 to $913 per week and establishes a mechanism for automatically updating the salary and compensation level every 3 years to maintain the levels at the above percentiles to ensure they continue to provide useful tests for exemption.  We discussed the impact this will have on the business owner and also touched on the differences between exempt and non-exempt employees, including the mention of interstate commerce which is a key component in determine whether someone is exempt or non-exempt.  Charlotte touches on some of the basics of unemployment and recommends that employers not fight unemployment claims as the impact is negligible in many cases and also shared paths for people affected by employment issues to explore to learn more.  Reach out to Charlotte at 813-315-3981 or visit www.tampaemploymentlawattorney.com for more information!

My 2nd guest was Expert Contributor Kelly Hamm, Founder and Principal Consultant with Billmeyer Hamm Consulting.  With over 25 years of HR experience, Kelly works to educate businesses on the importance of workplace culture.  Services range from business consulting and employee guidance to establishing effective succession plans and having written operating procedures in place for your business.  She talked today about defining your path for success and not forgetting to look in your backseat.  She shares a story about driving across Country one summer with her children and uses the analogy of being prepared while on a journey is like being a prepared leader – Do you know where you are going?  Does the team know where you are going, and why?  Do you have the right people in your car?  Contact Kelly today for a conversation on how to better the culture inside your business and improve your bottom line.  Give her a call at 941-201-4650 or visit www.billmeyerhamm.com.

At 8am, we kicked off the 4th installment of Tech Thursdays with Nick Paras, President of Alpha Computing Solutions.  Nick spoke on how to save money for us business owners in the IT area of the business.  With a focus on desktop virtualization, a business owner can access their desktop from any location and never have to buy another computer again.  These “thin clients” as he mentions, are less expensive and can run your typical software titles without the usual risks of a home/work based desktop.  He touches on server virtualization as well and stresses that you can easily move between hardware and create additional servers if necessary.  We spoke on the benefits and disadvantages of using web based apps and also touched on the browsers and their benefits.  With a move towards cloud based computing, business owners need to be aware of the trends and prepare.  Visit www.alphacomputing.com or give him a call at 813-839-7671 X 100 for all of your IT needs!

My last guest for the day was G. Ashby Green, CFO of Kobie Marketing.  This 26 year old brand focuses on loyalty cards for business and the history of this trend.  Many retailers use this marketing technique today and Kobie touches on their effectiveness in this segment.  An accomplished entrepreneur and financial expert, Kobie and I also discuss some of the trends in Tampa Bay business including the strong input of entrepreneurs but lack of startup capital in the region.  We discussed some of the recent big successes in Tampa including Priatek and SavvyCard, both of which have appeared on That Business Show and then close it out with a brief discussion on preparing a business for sale.  Learn more about Kobie Marketing at www.kobie.com!

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