Securing Your Server with Abacode!! Featuring Kirk Downey

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In our 8:30 segment, we spoke Cybersecurity with Kirk Downey, Managing Partner of Abacode. Kirk is a Managing Partner at Abacode where he also heads up the Real Estate and Hospitality Division at Abacode. Kirk is very involved in the Multifamily Industry and sits as an Executive on The National Suppliers Council with NAA. Kirk is also involved with NMHC and The Real Estate Roundtable and has owned and managed numerous companies in his career and brings his successful business experience, strong leadership and professionalism to the Abacode team. His teammate Jeremy Rasmussen was scheduled in studio too but was held up and unable to attend the program.

Kirk shares with the listeners tips on ransomware and how hackers are averaging a $2000 payday per attack. Kirk also shares with us the number one thing hackers want is name/emails/phone numbers, the rest is bonus if they can obtain it. They can then sale this information on the Dark Web for a considerable profit! Not only does Abacode install software that works to protect the consumers, they have a 24 hour monitoring service and cater to mid-size businesses, those with revenue in excess of $5M. Most small to mid-sized businesses are flying blind when it comes to cybersecurity.  They don’t know what they don’t know per Kirk and that’s why they launched Abacode 3 years ago. Kirk came on board in the past year and the company is expanding to meet the needs of the Cybersecurity market. They’ve never come to a system that their team could not break into (with proper authorization of course) and have a wealth of tools at their disposal to help protect your data from criminals. Learn more about them at or give them a call at 866-596-9020 and you can see this show on the 2nd half of this video and please subscribe to help grow our channel! Learn more at and to get on the program!


Better Money Habits with Bank of America Featuring Bill Goede!

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Our 8am guest was Bill Goede, Tampa Bay Market President for Bank of America. Bill brings 28 years of banking experience to the position and tells his story of starting in banking from the ground up, working as a teller shortly thereafter College. In addition to his role with Bank of America, he is the bank’s Business Banking Market Executive for the Greater Tampa Bay Market where it provides a full array of client-managed services to businesses with annual revenues in the $5M to $50M range.

Technology was the first area of discussion in banking as Jamie seeks to discover how banking has changed in his perception over 28 years. The rise in deposits being done via phones topped the list of consumer favorites and they share a discussion over this technology as well as talk about Remote Deposit Capture.

Bank of America is committed to the Tampa Bay Market and has a partnership with the Khan Academy. Created in 2006 by Salman Khan, this non-profit works to educate children in a variety of topics and Bank of America came on board with their “Better Money Habits” program to help young Americans better manage their money. Bill shares with us some stats about the youth and money management today in this segment and Jamie and Kelly along with Bill talk about the need for financial education in our public educational system. Catch this show online at and learn more at!!


What Resources do #ThatBusinessShow, TBBO & EDGE Have to Offer for Business Owners?

Register for the event here and it’s free to TBBO Members!In our 7:30 segment, Jamie and Kelly talked about some of the many resources that the show, network and magazine have to offer including some additional places that you can now find the show via podcasts online.  Below are some of our newest listings, please help us grow by sharing and subscribing!!

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TBBO events are another great resource for the Tampa Bay Business Owner.  The next event is Wednesday December 7th at the Centre Club from 5pm to 7:30pm.  This event is held each first Wednesday of the month and is the signature event that TBBO is known for.  At this event, we have selected a few members that have a proven track record for systemizing growth, planning for growth, and overcoming obstacles while building amazing business systems that grow in scale under their stewardship each and every year!

Ronica Richardson, CEO of Elegance Cleaning Service is based in St. Petersburg, and has grown to operate in 17 states. Elegance is woman owned and woman operated. It started with one account and grew quickly as customers began to refer their friends and businesses to them for their cleaning needs.

Rochelle (Shelly) Walk, President of Walk Law Firm, PA has been consistently named as one of the Top Lawyers in Tampa Bay since moving to Florida in 2007. Her firm handles Business & Commercial Law, mergers, acquisition, divestitures, transactions & transition, planning & consulting, partnerships, LLC, Trusts, contracts, employment & labor, intellectual property, real estate and much more.

Adam DiMuzio President/CFO at Red Rook provides Omnichannel retail, order & Inventory management for tracking & processing faster across all sales channels. They also provide planning and advisory services. They have 28 million customers managed, 4 million products catalogued and 141 Omnichannel Commerce5 clients.

Don’t miss learning from these amazing Business Owners and TBBO members!

We will be covering:

  • Learn how to set your WAG

(Wild Audacious Goals)

  • How to overcome what’s next in business
  • How to deal with overcoming setbacks
  • How to deal with failure
  • Productivity tips
  • How to track your productivity
  • Learn how to track sales and monthly goals

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EDGE is the community and magazine of Founder Kelly Wilson.  The Fall/Winter edition of the Magazine was just released and can be found via this link.  In this article, Terry Blachek of Orange Theory Fitness is featured and we have great articles on the Affordable Care Act and questions you need to ask yourself during this Open Enrollment period and How to Become a RockStar in Your Business by Topher Morrison!!  EDGE is just another resource offered to members, from contributing writers to being featured in the member director.  Learn more at!  Catch this episode of #ThatBusinessShow on the 2nd half of this video at


Need an Investor For Your Business? Then Take the Ark with Ark Applications!

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In this opening segment, Jamie and Kelly spoke with Justin Smith and Daniel Greco of Ark Applications. This family owned company works in the Tampa Bay community to help fund and develop small businesses. Daniel brings more than 20 years’ broad-based general management experience & prior to joining Ark Applications in 2015, Dan served as Chief Operating Officer & General Manager of Garden Light LED, an architectural and landscape lighting company based in Tampa, FL.

With over 10 years of experience in marketing, Justin has significant capabilities in promoting products and services. His entrepreneurial spirit has enabled him to manage project and bring ideas to life through careful planning and implementation. During his professional career he has spearheaded new areas of business including app development, video content generation, user interface design, and creative marketing efforts. As a creative problem solver, he strives to find simple solutions to complex problems.

Together, this private equity/consulting group is giving another resource to Tampa Bay entrepreneurs to get their businesses off of the ground. To help your business grow, they look at the 3 P’s, people, product and process. These components are essential to understanding the business and how it operates and serves as a benchmark when reviewing companies to work with. They share with the listeners tips on approaching investors and dissuade some of the recent assumptions that investors are strictly looking for tech ideas, specifically apps. The team is very committed to the Tampa Bay community and actively works with the University Of Tampa Entrepreneurship Center along with Tampa Bay Wave, an entrepreneurial startup / incubator group in the area that they discuss too on this program.

If you have an idea or business that needs help, consider them a resource. To pitch your product or service, reach out to them at and they are located at 16130 N Florida Ave in Lutz, FL. Email address is!!   Watch this video and be sure to leave a comment and subscribe!!