Show Recap – Tampa City Councilman Harry Cohen on Stormwater Issues and Expert Contributor Westfall Roofing

#ThatBusinessShow wraps up week 26 today and wishes all a great weekend.  Remember to find the show on weekdays at 8am on 1250WHNZ and all shows available On Demand all over the web including and on my YouTube channel at and email for sponsorship and guest opportunities!

Today I welcomed City of Tampa Councilman, Harry Cohen to the show.  Harry is Chair Pro Tem, District 4 and a member of a number of Committees including Chairing the Council’s Finance Committee and is Vice Chair of the Public Safety & City Council Transportation Committees to name a few.  Prior to his role in public service, Harry was the Chief Deputy Clerk of the Circuit Court for Hillsborough County and is now in his 2nd term as City of Tampa Councilman.

In the opening segment, Harry talks about the storm water drainage issues that plague the City, most notably in the South Tampa neighborhoods.  He explains the solution to the problem which involves the use of large culverts that will store the water under the streets and allow the water to drain off in a timely manner beneath the streets rather than on them.  The Council will be proposing a storm water assessment increase in the coming month to cover the costs of the solution and Harry also explains how the issue not only affects South Tampa, but the entire City.  City of Tampa residents currently have an assessment for this on their tax bills that equals roughly $3/month and the proposed increase is projected now to be around $15/month to cover the full costs of the solution.  The referendum is not passed yet and input from City residents is encouraged so please get involved in your community if you have concerns or other input to offer.  Look out for Harry on future shows of #ThatBusinessShow as he will be in from time to time talking about the City and all the exciting growth going on in the area!

On the 2nd half of the show, Expert Contributor and long time supporter of the show, Ryan Westfall, joined the show.  Ryan is the Owner of Westfall Roofing, a family owned business based in Tampa and they have been in business for over 20 years with Ryan taking a leadership role in 2008 after graduating from Eckerd College.  The company was a recipient of the 2014 Angie’s List Super Service Award and GAF’s Triple Excellence Award and Ryan was recently featured as an up and coming roofing contractor in the nationally publiched Roofing Contractor Magazine.

Ryan shares some of the ways he has helped grow the company through technology where other vendors have neglected technology advancements.  Through the use of cloud-based computing, Westfall Roofing is able to give their customers instant quotes/bids, photos and warranty information in a quick, easy to access location instead of the piles of papers that many vendors dump on their customers.  The company today has a full staff and many crews with 50 people on staff and is ready for your roofing job today!  Reach out to Ryan and Westfall Roofing at 813-448-3633 or email at and learn more at!

Harry CohenRyan Westfall

Show Recap – Self Driving Cars & Much More with Tim Schock and Charlie the Plumber!

#AmericanPlumber aka Charlie the Plumber joined me in studio today as co-host and part of our weekly #TheRemodelersCorner feature brought to us by Jim Yeager of Yeager and Company, a third generation flooring and remodeling company in Odessa, FL – be sure to visit for all  your flooring and remodeling needs and mention the radio show for a great deal on your next project!

The show, airing weekdays at 8am on 1250WHNZ can be found all over social media as well as my website at and be sure to like me on Facebook at for all the show updates and more!

My guest today was Tim Schock, Founder and President of Lightning Capital Consulting, a management and business strategy consulting firm providing services to private equity and investment clients. Tim joined us in studio today to discuss an area he is a frequent speaker of which was the transportation industry, specifically we covered mostly autonomous vehicle technology, aka self driving cars.  Within the transportation sector, Tim was Vice President and Southeast Regional Manager for TransCore, a transporation system company providing system development for tolling (Sunpass), traffic management, and freight and rail services.

Tim speaks of the different levels of autonomous technology on the marketplace of which Levels 1&2 are actively available and consist of basic safety features such as cruise control and automated braking in the event the driver does not react quickly enough.  At level 4 is where we find Google who is in the news from to time with their completely autonomous vehicle and we touch on that topic as well on the show.  We discussed some of the many issues surrounding autonomous vehicles beyond just the obvious safety concerns such as liability issues in the event of an accident; is the manufacturer or the owner liable,  and also the disruptiveness that this type of technology would have on jobs within the industry.

The show is highly segment and entertaining as #AmericanPlumber chimes in with much color commentary and takes us off topic a few times with some rants but that is expected when #AmericanPlumber is in studio.  Be sure follow him on Twitter @charliezplumber and use his hashtag to tag him in Social Media posts to agree or disagree with him, we love to hear it either way.

For more information on Tim and his business, visit and please tune into the show weekdays at 8am on #1250WHNZ!

Tim SchockCharlie Paleveda (1)Jim Yeager

Show Recap – Couples in Business Talk and Award Winning Toffee to Go!

Working Women Wednesdays featured today on #ThatBusinessShow.  This weekly segment is sponsored by the Working Women of Tampa Bay Networking Group and visit for all their great events.  Also check out for tickets to the upcoming State Conference and use promo code Meloni2015 for 10% off tickets.  The event being held September 10th and 11th at the Straz Center in Tampa is an amazing event with many vendors and attendees and is a must attend event for anyone in business!

Jessica Rivelli, CEO and Founder of the group, opened the show with a talk about their upcoming event on August 6th, Marriage and Business : The Ultimate Balancing Act.  This event is from 6pm to 8pm and will be held at the Hollywood Venue located at 9210 Anderson Road Tampa.  Three of the speakers at the event were highlighted on today’s show as well but be sure to visit this link to Register for the this event –

My 2nd guest was Valerie Lipstein, CEO of Inspired Living Now and a life coach specializing in couples in business.  Valerie has been working as a coach since 2007 and specializing in this area since 2010 and has a passion for assisting couples in business due to her own challenges she and her husband Michael experienced in their joint business.  Today, Michael is her “secret weapon” in business and also specializes in relationship consulting and together they have helped countless couples success in business and their relationships combined.  Her company offers an assessment to gauge the problem areas of the relationship and then works with couples through group coaching, workshops and retreats.

Valerie shares some of her viewpoints on this area in this opening segment and touches on how work / life balance is more about having flexible boundaries with regards to couples in a business.  Its important to schedule regular date nights and avoid the business talk on the dates to have separation in the relationship too.  Valerie also talks on the subject of employee disengagement and how that applies to small family businesses with employees and some of the solutions therein on this segment.  Valerie is a frequent speaker on this topic too and will be speaking at the event on August 6th noted prior and learn more about her and her services at and reach out to her at 509-869-0255 or email at for help with your business!

On the 2nd half of the show, I welcomed Lisa and Jim Schalk, Owners of Toffee to Go.  In business together for nearly 20 years, this husband and wife team has grown this business literally out of their home.  Starting out as a simple family recipe to share with friends on the holidays, people began asking how they could get more and the business grew up from there.  Today, they have a warehouse and many employees making 3 different flavors of this award winning toffee.

Lisa shares the story of how Oprah Winfrey picked their toffee as one of Oprah’s Favorite Things in 2013 and that endorsement sent their business skyrocketing.  Lisa had for years talked about getting the product into the Oprah Magazine and onto her list and that became a reality after she sent samples of the toffee to the Magazine and she ran into one of the producers of the Magazine who remembered her and her product.  She asked that he get it in front of Oprah personally and he did and that led to the endorsement.

Lisa and Jim also share some of their growing pains as a couple in business on this segment and they too will be featured as speakers at the upcoming event on August 6th, Marriage and Business : The Ultimate Balancing Act.  This is another great segment with some great stories and tips on couples working together in business and as always you can catch the show On Demand at and the video is also up on my YouTube channel located here Check out for more information on the product and its delicious, I had some in studio today with them and reach out to them at 813-831-6247 or email at for more information!

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Show Recap – Franchising Opportunities with Murphy Business & Financial and Dis-Advantaged Childhood Mentorship Program

#ThatBusinessShow welcomed Sandee Devine to the show this morning at the top of the hour.  Sandee is Vice President of Franchise Development with Murphy Business and Financial and has over 25 years of experience in the franchising business.  She assists both buyers and sellers in the franchise business and has a wide array of experience and knowledge including contract law, litigation management and trademarks.  As Vice President of Franchise Development Sandee is responsible for franchise compliance, franchise marketing and awarding new franchises and has worked for several national franchise chains.

Sandee speaks of the advantages of using a broker when searching for a franchise opportunity in this opening segment and given her experience as well as the reputation of Murphy Business and Financial, who was highlighted as one of only 6 low-cost franchises that generates over $100,000 annually in  Franchise Business Review’s Top Low-Cost Franchise Report, she is an excellent source to help you buy or sell a franchise.  With over 300 concepts in the Murphy Business portfolio across various industry, be sure to learn more at and reach out to Sandee at 727-725-7090 or for more information!

On the 2nd half of the show, Carmi Brown, Program Director for Friends of the Children with Eckerd, joined the program.  This program is working as a partnership with Eckerd to provide children affected by disadvantages in life to have the same opportunities as other children and to achieve their dreams too.  Through the use of “friends” or mentors, children are guided through childhood starting at age 5 or 6 all the way through High School.  The mentors spend 16 hours a week with the child working with them on a variety of activities designed to keep their minds enriched and steering them out of trouble.  The primary goals of the program are to see that all participants receive a High School diploma, stay out of the juvenile justice system and avoid becoming a parent too early. The program has over 22 years of experience and has seen a number of children all the way through the program.  Carmi speaks of some of the activities and programs the children experience on this segment and also encourages local business leaders to reach out to assist in the program as they always need funding and sponsors.  To learn more, visit and Carmi can be reached at 813-294-1888 or for more information!

As always, be sure to listen live at 8am on 1250WHNZ or catch the show replays On Demand at and available on my YouTube channel as well at  Email for ways to get involved in the show and we are always looking for partnership and sponsorship opportunities.

Sandee DevineCarmi Brown

Show Recap – American Idol Turned Interior Designer and Easy Video Solutions with Rapport 24/7

#ThatBusinessShow kicks off week 26 today and airs weekdays at 8am on 1250WHNZ and is available live on  All past shows available On Demand as well on the site and also videos are published to my YouTube channel located here – The show is always looking for guest and sponsors, contact Jamie at for more information!

My opening guest today was Jay Rosenberg, Owner and Founder of Designs by Jay Rosenberg.  Jay’s company specializes in interior design, staging, as well as remodeling and he found his passion for interior design at a young age through trips to homes with his mother.  His talents for design shown through at the empty and lacking homes and quickly people were asking him for assistance in design and paying for his services.  Today, he works with a number of home builders on staging homes as well as Real Estate investors looking to flip their purchases.  Jay is also very involved in the community and talks about his involvement with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Hands Across the Bay as well as Dean Headstrom’s Foundation for Melanoma Awareness on this opening segment.

Jay was also a Season 4 American Idol finalist and tells the story of his pathway to Hollywood on the show.  He was not familiar with the show prior to attending an audition and went to the audition to support a friend and had not intended on auditioning.  After hearing the people in line practicing their crafts, Jay knew he had a much better chance at advancing than what he was hearing and made it all the way to the Top 32, his friend he was supporting did not make it through the first audition ironically.  Jay is a frequent singer at sporting events, belting out the National Anthem for the Rays and other events in the area and even gives us a quick taste of his singing talent at the close of the 2nd segment.  Jay is available for singing engagements as well as Design projects via phone at 727-409-6920 or email at  Be sure to visit and like his Facebook page as well located at

On the 2nd half of the show, I welcomed to studio, Steve and Suzie Santorsola, Founders of Rapport 24/7.  This is a Tampa based tech company that specializes in business to business software development with a focus on video.  They were joined in studio by Eric Lamar Smith, a Preferred Provider of theirs and Owner of My Hangout Academy, where he uses Google Hangouts to enhance business owners through the use of Google Hangouts and video and Matt Nelson, an Advertising specialist.  Steve opens the segment with a discussion of their video application that allows for ease of use, on-location video taking through the use of a smart phone or tablet device.  Through their subscription based platform, users can then easily transfer this video to their platform where it can then be disseminated to their social media platforms, resulting in consistent, fresh video information, of which the search engines love.  Users can use the software for video testimonials in the field for instance and this also gives them the ability to capture positive video reviews by handling them on the spot, rather than asking for people to give them at their leisure.

Eric along with Steve and Suzie will be holding a training on this platform as well as much more about Google Hangouts and how they can amplify your business on August 4th from 9am to 4pm and is located at Studio4K at 12501 62nd St N in Largo, FL – learn more and reserve a seat at  Also, learn more about Rapport 24/7 at and reach out to Steve or Suzie at 813-760-2200 or 813-503-0595 for more information.  They are also available via email at or!

Jay RosenbergSteve Santorsola Suzie Santorsola

Show Recap – Get Fashionable with STYLEdge and Alternative Addiction Treatments with BoardPrepTampa

#ThatBusinessShow wraps up week 25 on 1250WHNZ – the show airs daily at 8am and can be heard On Demand all over the web including my YouTube channel where we put all the videos which are streamed live in studio and you can find audios on iTunes by searching That Business Show and on!

Today’s show got fashionable as I, along with co-Host Stella Giudicelli, welcomed Patty Soltis and Elaine Sweeney to studio.  Both are Managing Directors of STYLEdge Fashion, a consulting company they launched in January of this year that offers services including Executive Consultancy, wardrobe setup, closet transformation and many others centering around fashion.  Patty has many years of experience in fashion, bringing with her years of experience with the likes of Neiman Marcus, Lord & Taylor and Marshall Fields.  Her partner, Elaine, is a recognized fashion icon in the Tampa community and former news anchor appearing on Fox, NBC and ABC affiliates.  Their goal is to help women of all sizes and styles feel confident in their appearance which equates to success.  They also assist men in wardrobe guidance as well and speak on this during the show also.

Patty and Elaine share some tips on making first impressions and the importance of always being presentable on this segment as well as touch on some of the trends in fashion, both from a female and male perspective.  They have also started the STYLEdge Syndicate, a local fashion club that will hold eight meetings a year but they stress they will not be “meetings” but rather fun events to share ideas and get advice on clothing, alterations, styles and much more.  The cost is $200 to get involved in the group and to learn more, contact Patty and Elaine directly.  You can learn more about them at and they are available via email at / phone numbers are 813-362-9061 / 813-468-0424 as well.

My guest on the 2nd half of the show as John Harden, Principal Investor and Clinical Director of BoardPrep.   BoardPrep is a behavioral health company specializing in safe and effective alternative treatments to addiction.  John, who himself is a recovering addict, feels that addiction is the most vexing public health problem of our time and elaborates on this and the how his treatment therapies differ from traditional methods often used inside hospital and big box treatment facilities on this segment. John opens the segment with his personal story of addiction to alcohol and cocaine, becoming afflicted with the disease in his teenage years.  After going through recovery at such as young age, John dedicated his life to its treatment and today has a stellar resume which includes being the first Executive Director of the UF Health Florida Recovery Center as well as serving as the Executive Director of the Florida Society of Addiction Medicine.

One of BoardPrep’s alternative therapies include outpatient services where patients can be treated at their homes and John discusses this approach to treatment on the segment as well as delves into some of the basics of addiction disease such as why some drugs cause addiction more rapidly and why some people are affected by addiction whereas others are not.  John also touches on how the brain reacts to addictive substances and we discuss how food addiction affects the brain in the same ways as alcohol and drug addiction.  BoardPrep’s facility is located at 2522 W Kennedy Blvd Tampa and you can call them at 813-600-7929 or 1-800-520-8475 to schedule a consultation which takes about 2 hours to discuss treatment if you or a loved one has the need.  Learn more at!

STYLEdge FashionJohn Harden

Show Recap – Take the Worry and Stress Out of Traveling with Tips from Carol Margolis and Charlie the Plumber!

#ThatBusinessShow is growing at leaps and bounds.  Viewership on the live stream which is available each and everyday via the “view live stream” link on the homepage of doubled its viewership from 7500 viewers in April to over 15000 viewers and is on pace to double in July as well.  This is only numbers from, the site owned by Tampa Bay Multimedia who handles the live stream.  The show which is aired live weekdays at 8am on 1250WHNZ is available On Demand all over the web too including iTunes and my YouTube channel located here – I’m looking for new partners and sponsors, email for more information!

The show opened up today with a political discussion with myself and the always opinionated and boisterous #AmericanPlumber Charlie the Plumber.  Charlie checks in each Thursday on behalf of Jim Yeager of Yeager & Company, a third generation flooring and remodeling company based in Odessa, FL and learn more about them at  Charlie, a Marine, calls himself the Politically Incorrect Conservative, Christian, Capitalistic Plumber and chimed in today on the recent tragedy that saw the loss of 4 Marines in the shooting at Chattanooga.  Charlie and I discuss how the media spun the event as well as hear his views on gun ownership and the political environment.

The 2nd segment featured my guest for the show, Carol Margolis.  Carol is a business travel industry insider/expert and author of the best-selling book Business Travel Success . . . How to Reduce Stress, Be More Productive and Travel with Confidence.  Carol, who has extensive business travel experience and had her fair share of travel nightmares, saw a need in the marketplace for guidance on this area and delved into it as an author and consultant.  She has since left her prior position and now focuses solely on the industry as a speaker and consultant.  She shares some great tips on the segment about business travel including some basic ones such as having the hotel’s phone number on you at all times and advice on credit card usage for business travel and we also touch on the taxi business with a discussion of how Uber and Lyft are impacting the business travel business.  Carol offers a free copy of her e-book 70 Secrets to Safe Travel by visiting and inputting your name and email and you can also learn more about her and the business at!

#AmericanPlumber and I wrapped up the show together on the last half of the show as we touch briefly on a few other hot topic issues including the confederate flag issue and border security and had to cut it short as we never have enough talk time when Charlie is on the show.  Be sure to tag #AmericanPlumber in social media posts whether or not you agree or disagree with his views and be sure to follow him on Twitter @charliezplumber.  Also follow myself @Jamie_meloni and keep up to date with all show developments at!

Carol MargolisCharlie Paleveda (1)Jim Yeager

Show Recap – Working Women Wednesdays – Marketing and Branding with Lauren Davenport and Cheryl Pullins

Today on our weekly Working Women Wednesdays feature on #ThatBusinessShow, we focused on branding and marketing and also discussed a resource for Women owned businesses to get “free money” so to speak through the use of Government grants.  CEO and Founder of the Working Women of Tampa Bay Networking group, Jessica Rivelli, checked in at the top of the hour discussing a recent article in the Entrepreneur magazine of which is located here – The article is well written and talks about a number of specific programs and gives guidance on their application process inside the article.  In addition, with the increasing regulatory environment, more pressure has been put on the importance of women owned and minority owned companies, especially in the government contracting space and by obtaining one of these designations, companies can give themselves an advantage over their competition.  More to follow on obtaining these designations on a future show and be sure to check out for events and resources to help grow and support your business!

My 2nd guest on the show was Lauren Davenport, CEO and Founder of Symphoni Media.  Lauren is a young entrepreneur that overcame objections and negativity to grow her company into a leading area online marketing service assisting both local and publically traded companies stand out in the online environment as well as with social media.  Lauren shares her story of business development, and many great tips on social media use on this segment and gives out a resource of which I was not even familiar with located at which is a simple design program for online marketing, website development and social media.  Lauren frequently speaks on the topic of online marketing and social media and has a staff of professionals that can assist you with an entry level project to a large scale undertaking.  Current clients include USF, Marriott Hotels and ASI and 95% of her clients come from referrals.  Contact Lauren today to help bring out your online presence at 727-343-3970 X 101 or email at and learn more at!

On the 2nd half of the show, I welcomed Cheryl Pullins, the Queen of Branding, to the show.  Cheryl has coached hundreds of women on how to create a brand that is recognized, respected and remembered. Cheryl has leveraged more than twenty years of Corporate Human Resources experience to coach and mentor multi-passionate women by helping them blend their passions, master their brands and make more bank. Through her brand, “BRANDfluent, Cheryl takes professionals through a 90 day program that focuses on clarity of purpose in your business, how to build a profitable business model, establishing credibility and how to develop a system for consistent performance and results.  Cheryl is a frequent speaker on the topic of branding but also speaks on a number of other levels and she shares a great story of her speech in front of a women’s correctional facility through a TEDx event.  Cheryl also mentioned her upcoming event being held November 13-13, The Iconic Woman Luxe Work and Play Weekend and you can keep up to date on this event and many more at  Cheryl is also speaking at The Working Women of Tampa Bay Power Lunch on August 21st and being held at Brix 33, 8351 State Road 54, New Port Richey, more information can be found here Reach out to Cheryl for your next speaking engagement or for a personal or group coaching sessions – she can be reached at 727-373-8911 or email at!

ShowCard (Small)Lauren Davenport Cheryl Pullins