#FocusFriday – Why Every Business Owner Needs a Lawyer – #ThatBusinessShow Featuring Juliann Nichols, Jamie Marcario, Lisa Wilcox, Andreas Dettlaff, David Joseph, and Susan Elbare

This morning on #FocusFriday on #ThatBusinessShow with Jamie Meloni, Juliann Nichols joined the show to Co Host, giving the greatest tips on how you can unleash the CEO within you. If you missed out, you can #TuneIn to the morning discussion at http://www.tampabayradio.com. And remember, #ThatBusinessShow airs every weekday at 7AM through 9AM on #1250WHNZ! At the 7AM Hour, Juliann Nichols of Focus On You Strategy brought Lisa Wilcox and Jamie Marcario onto the show. Lisa Wilcox is an International Law and Business Attorney with Wilcox Law. Jamie Marcario is an Attorney at Uncommon Legal! They discussed the wisdom behind every business owner needing a lawyer, not only to protect themselves. On the 8AM Hour, Jamie Meloni welcomed Andreas Dettlaff and David Joseph onto the first half of the hour. Andreas Dettlaff is the CEO of Absolute Pharmacy, and David Joseph is the Director of the Pharmacy as well. On the last segment, the discussion was with Susan Elbare, a Social Worker Liaison with OASIS here in Hillsborough County. If you missed out, you can always watch the YouTube live streams at www.youtube.com/jamiemeloni!

On the 7AM Hour, it was Focus Friday with  Juliann Nichols, the CEO of Focus On You Strategy. Juliann brought Lisa Wilcox and Jamie Marcario onto the show, discussing why every business should have a lawyer. Lisa Wilcox, Attorney and Founder of Wilcox Law, is committed to stopping bullies. She knows how to protect the community of business owners in Tampa Bay from the big companies that harass smaller entities like no tomorrow. She’s a proven fighter. Many business owners think they only need a lawyer when they’re been sued or a suit is threatened. She came on to assert that this should not be the case. “A skilled lawyer will also assist you in achieving business success as you define it.” And to quote her, “Remember that you are not a consumer, you are now a business and have less protection under the law. When negotiating contracts and lease agreements the devil is in the details.” On the Administrative side, Jamie Marcario of Uncommon Legal says, “You don’t want to violate laws, especially tax laws. Every action your business takes must be recorded in your corporate records.” And she is “uncommonly” gifted at providing your business the skills it needs to protect and conserve your success. She suggests to protect your intellectual property, and she is a proven expert at fighting through that entire process. Interested? Find out more on this morning’s #FocusFriday with Juliann Nichols, and continue the discussion on the Focus Friday’s Facebook Group at: http://www.Facebook.com/groups/FocusFridays!

At the 8AM Hour, Jamie Meloni welcomed Andreas Dettlaff and David Joseph onto the show. Andreas Dettlaff is the CEO of Absolute Pharmacy, and David Joseph is the Director of the Pharmacy as well. Absolute Pharmacy provides specialized compound medications to the medical industry here in Tampa Bay. They have what’s called an “ISO Class-5 Clean Room”, which gives the security of safe medicine, which is way ahead technologically above the rest. They also carry maintain a stockpile of the highest quality FDA-Approved Chemicals which gives them the ability to provide everything from dermatological creams to one-off injections, of which they pride themselves. On a little bit about David Joseph, he is highly experienced in the practice of sterile compounding pharmacy. He has been licensed as a pharmacist for 43 years.  He’s seen the pharma world grow and change with the wind, and that experience is vital of which he provides to the team at Absolute Pharmacy! Learn more at: http://www.absoluterx.com

Susan Elbare is a Social Worker Liaison with OASIS here in Hillsborough County. For decades, Susan has worked in three different elementary schools assisting students and caregivers with various issues including attendance, behavior and academic problems. And now she works to help this community in its times of crisis, when one of the nation’s largest counties has a qualifying poverty rate of 60%, gathered by having 60% of all of its students on reduced or free lunch. The OASIS Mission is to provide basic necessities to students in need in Hillsborough County public schools to help them succeed in school. There are more than 3000 homeless students attending Hillsborough schools, which is truly a tragedy. OASIS receives no public funding, they are supported by the #Community alone. You can find out how you can help at http://www.oasis-network.org!

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Discussing Net Neutrality and World Changing Inventions on #ThatBusinessShow – Featuring Cammie Griffin, Kelly Hamm, Nicholas Paras, Ron Klein, and David Kauffman

#ThatBusinessShow represents the #TampaBay business community daily on 1250WHNZ and video stream live online at www.tampabayradio.com.  Members of TBBO (Tampa Bay Business Owners) are reminded to take advantage of the branding package which includes 6 on air appearances, commercials, social media management and more over a 3 month period.  This is only open to TBBO or Working Women members and is a steal at only $1995 for 3 months.  Learn more about the benefits here – http://www.tampabayradio.com/Branding_Package.html and if you are interested and not a member of TBBO, request a meeting to learn more at info@tbbo.org!

Today we welcomed Cammie Griffin to the program first.  She is the co-Founder of Belleair Coffee Company in Belleair Bluffs, FL and is an active Real Estate agent too.  Located at 100 N Indian Rocks Rd, Cammie and her fiancé opened the business just over a month ago.  Citing her fiancé’s love of coffee and the lack of nearby coffee shops, she and her fiancé took the entrepreneurial journey and opened a coffee shop.  They offer pastries along with coffee and her vision is to establish a health food business along with the coffee.  They are open Monday through Friday from 7am to 4pm and weekends from 8am to 4pm.  You can find them online at www.belleaircoffeecompany.com!

At 7:30, Regular Contributor Kelly Hamm joined the #MorningDiscussion.  She is founder and Managing Principal Consultant at Billmeyer Hamm Consulting and brings over 25 years’ expertise as an HR Strategic Business Partner, HR Director, Executive Leadership Coach, Organizational Design Consultant, and Innovative Thought Leader focused on implementing Workforce Strategies, Culture & Change Management, Business Communications, and Talent Optimization solutions for her clients all across the country. Prior to forming her own consulting company, Kelly held a number of leadership positions at a highly recognized and respected Healthcare company. As a trusted leader, Kelly has successfully led numerous human capital initiatives that resulted in implementing robust, agile, engaged, and financially strong workforce organizations.  She shares with us an inspiring story today on the value of familial relationship discussing the “Billy Award” She was one of 7 brothers and sisters and their father gave out an award called the Billy Award (derived from her maiden name Billmeyer) which was given to the child that showed the best love, care and support for others in life and in business.  She relays those same family value principles to the corporate world where she works with managers to engage and interact with their staff and to improve their workforce culture.  She also discusses her proprietary “Hamm Method” that she applies to all businesses which guides leaders into focusing on 4 critical areas of their business for success.  They are 1) business goals, 2) financial responsibility, 3) transparent culture, 4) performance excellence.  The area where most leaders are consistently weak too is business goals per Kelly.  We ended the discussion with a focus on clarity and the importance thereof in business and she invites anyone who needs help improving their workforce culture to reach out to her for a free consultation at 941-201-4650.  She is also having an event on August 10th from 8:30 am to 10 am at the Manatee Community Foundation located at 2820 Manatee Ave W in Bradenton on the “5 Steps to Ignite Your Workforce Culture Proven to Increase Your Bottom Line” Register online at www.billmeyerhamm.com!

At 8AM, Jamie Meloni welcomed in Nicholas Paras of Alpha Computing Solutions, of which you can learn more at: http://www.alphacomputing.com/. Today is Thursday which means it was #TechThursday here on #ThatBusinessShow! On the more serious note, Nick brought up the troubles of the country when it comes to real tech solutions. The sad reality is that internet speeds and even connection can vary by zip code. Some Americans don’t even have internet service to begin with. He touched on the battle for net neutrality, and to prevent companies to create fast lanes only for paying customers, and many more monopolizing actions. ” On the grand scheme of things, you really don’t want that you really want kind of this open Internet where you can freely go where you wish.” Nicholas Paras on #ThatBusinessShow. Maybe you’re concerned with the current rising costs of your IT services, or maybe you are just running short on time because of your expanding business and need to hand over the reins of some services to someone else. Whatever your reason, Alpha Computing Solutions can help you with quality IT services today.Head over to their site to learn more. Also, you can find the rest of #TechThursday with Nicholas Paras at our YouTube Channel at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gMJak6KvngY

Our last guests on #ThatBusinessShow were Ron Klein and David Kauffman. It’s an understatement to say that Ron is just an Inventor. Ron Klein is an ordinary man who accomplishes extraordinary things. Every solution has resulted in monumental change, either in a new invention or a simple solution. His innovative ideas have changed the world. He is the inventor of the Magnetic Strip on the Credit Card, Credit Card Validity Checking System and the developer of computerized systems for Real Estate (MLS) Multiple Listing Services, Voice Response for the Banking Industry and BOND Quotation and Trade Information for the New York Stock Exchange. Ron’s creations have changed the world, literally. David Kauffman is the Founder and Creator of EDGE Peer Advisory groups, where business owners around the Country can have their own Board of Directors that help them Set Goals, Provide Accountability towards their goals and Problem Solve in their business. You can catch their discussion on #ThatBusinessShow at http://www.tampabayradio.com!

Don’t miss out on the #TampaBay #MorningDiscussion on That Business Show with Jamie Meloni, catch the Entrepreneurial Spirit on #1250WHNZ and http://www.tampabayradio.com every workday at 7AM to 9AM.

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Unsightly Veins? VeinGo and Vein911 Can Help Featuring Dr. Chris Pittman, Jessica Rivelli, Valerie Ellis, Colleen Kochannek!!

#ThatBusinessShow and the Tampa Bay Business Owners are working together to bring a stronger voice to the Tampa business community. We’ve just released a partnership video that is up on www.tampabayradio.com and soon to be up on www.tbbo.org outlining our mission and vision for the partnership. We ask for your support and want to help you find new business opportunities through the radio show and business network. We would like to sit down one on one with you and discuss your business needs, email info@tbbo.org to request a meeting today!

Today, we welcomed Expert Contributor Dr. Chris Pittman, Medical Director and CEO of Vein 911, back in studio after an overseas trip to Italy.  Dr. Pittman is triple board certified and one of only a few hundred physicians Board-Certified in Venous and Lymphatic Medicine.  Known for their minimally invasive non-surgical technique for the treatment of varicose veins, Dr. Pittman and Vein 911 is revolutionizing vein care.  Their mission is to help you look and feel your best and they have offices in Tampa and St. Petersburg and can easily be reached by calling 855-VEIN-911. Dr. Pittman talked today about vein disorders related to cosmetic issues. Stressing the importance of first eliminating any medical issues first, he works with many men and women on reducing the unsightly appearance of some very common problems such as cherry angiomas, hand/leg/facial veins that are showing and rosacea. We spoke first about angiomas which are tiny little red dots that many of us have. Typically appearing after age 30, through the use of their “VeinGo” Machine, they can easily eliminate these with a quick, painless outpatient procedure. Dr. Pittman went on to discuss how visible and bulging hand veins develop over time due to the reduction of collagen in our skin and his non-invasive unique solutions offer patients a satisfying experience. Dr. Pittman also has a 100% patient satisfaction guarantee, the only one he knows of in his business. If you are suffering from varicose or spider veins or other vein disorders, Dr. Pittman and his staff are well trained to help relieve your problems. You could also have a problem that is related to vein disorders that you are not even aware of such as ankle swelling or night leg cramps, a topic we touch on briefly and go into more depth in other shows with Dr. Pittman but keep that in mind for yourself or others in need. Find them online at www.vein911.com or give them a call today at 855-Vein911 to schedule a consultation!

At 8am, it was time for #WorkingWomenWednesday. Jessica Rivelli spoke of the upcoming Working Women State Conference being held September 8th and 9th at the Straz Center and be sure to pick up tickets at www.workingwomenconference.com – use promo code Meloni for 10% too!

My next guest on the program was Valerie Ellis, CEO of Veterans2Corporate. Valerie Ellis is a retired Army First Sergeant who continues to serve by advocating for Veteran employment and entrepreneurship by promoting and placing Veterans to small and medium size companies to increase their bottom line by helping them hire qualified Veterans who are leaders, loyal, disciplined, and dependable. Valerie sought to find a way to help Veterans with the challenges of transition from military service to civilian careers and while enrolled in the HCC Entrepreneurship Certification program, conducting market research and customer discovery she determined employers struggled understanding military skillsets as much as service members struggled finding employment hence the birth of Veterans2Corporate. Valerie is currently serving as the Program Manager for the Florida Veterans Entrepreneurship Program for Hillsborough Community College where The Florida Grant was awarded to train Veterans on entrepreneurship. Hillsborough Community College was selected to partner with five institutions of higher education to offer Veterans a three phase program designed to accelerate the entrepreneurial success of aspiring “Vetrepreneurs”. Valerie’s efforts have been recognized by Tampa Bay Business Journal as a Hero in the Workplace, as well as 1 Million Cups – Tampa as a nomination in the Veteran’s Start Up category. She advises the best way to contact her is through LinkedIN messaging and her services to Veterans are free! Find them online too at www.veterans2corporate.com!

Rounding out the hour was Colleen Kochannek, the creator and publisher of www.TownieLifeMagazine.com . After transitioning out of a corporate job that had her traveling the world, sometimes for two and three weeks at a time, Colleen made two startling discoveries 1.) She did not know her own home town at all; and, 2.) When she started exploring it she realized it had incredible things to offer. Colleen created www.TownieLifeMagazine.com in May 2016 to shine a spotlight on the South Shore area of Tampa: Apollo Beach, Gibsonton, Riverview, Ruskin, Sun City Center and Wimauma. Townie Life Magazine’s entire focus is featuring all of the amazing people, places, events, and businesses in South Shore. She and Jamie spoke of many of the hidden gems inside this region including the Carnival Museum in Gibsonton which touches off a brief discussion on the history of Gibsonton which was centered around the carnival industry. Jamie learns as probably many of the readers and listeners of the show learned today that Apollo Beach is finally getting a beach too, slated for completion by the end of this year and will be a 5 acre region on the shore. We touched on some areas inside Wimauma, a town some people may not even know exists in Hillsborough County and we closed up with a discussion of the challenges she faced as a white collar employee who transitioned to the world of entrepreneurship. She cited Working Women of Tampa Bay as a key component of her success. She is always looking for content for the publication and you can email her stories and ideas at colleen@townielifemagazine.com and she asks that you like their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/TownieLifeMagazine/ and keep up with them at www.townielifemagazine.com!

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#TBBOTuesdays Featuring Adriana Montes, Kristi Campbell, Casey Ellison, Rachid Zahidi, and Dawson Hicks!

Attention business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs!! Please take a few minutes to hear the vision that That Business Show with Jamie Meloni and Tampa Bay Business Owners has for the #TampaBay community. We invite all business owners to join the entrepreneurial movement in Tampa Bay and join The Tampa Bay Business Owners today! Check out our partnership video found here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5sGJKHdhcfA and please share amongst your friends in the business community. To join TBBO, head over to www.tbbo.org/join-us or request a personal one on one meeting directly by emailing info@tbbo.org!

Jamie was joined in studio by special Guest Host Adriana Montes, Owner of Florida Dreams Realty in Orlando, Florida and long-time friend and Real Estate associate. Adriana was a guest last week where she shares her amazing story of entrepreneurism having originated from Columbia at age 18 speaking no English and establishing a successful Real Estate business as well as attending Law School which she is wrapping up year 3 of now.

Today’s program opened up with Regular Contributor Kristi Campbell, Owner of Home Instead Senior Care where she and her staff of over 100 caregivers works with seniors through in home care services. This is phase one of assisted living and her staff also works inside assisted living facilities too as needed or requested. Kristi is a sought after resource for senior care and past talking points have included how to handle seniors with Alzheimer’s Disease as well as when to have the talk about taking away or restricting a parent’s driving privileges. Today we discussed senior meal and nutritional needs and how to deal with some of the unexpected eating habit changes that occur with aging. As seniors age, their appetite can diminish and she and her staff has to at times utilize tricks to get the seniors to eat. Other issues such as Alzheimer’s disease can complicate matters further as the senior may not remember eating or not eating. She shares with us some of her tricks to get seniors to respond when they are less than receptive and we enjoy a lively, light-hearted discussion on our own diets and challenges that we face as middle aged adults. If you have a loved one in need of in home care services, Kristi and her staff are your go to resource. Check them out online at www.homeinstead.com/482 or give her a call today at 813-684-1972!

At 7:30, Casey Ellison joined the program. Casey helped create EWI Construction in 2007 to bring high quality construction services to his customers. Casey’s responsibilities include cash flow management, contract execution, and day-to-day management of all business operations of EWI. He has a strong construction and development background combined with knowledge of the design processes. Casey shares with us the story of coming from a ditch digger to Owner and how his father inspired him. Today, he and EWI Construction have been involved with many South Tampa developments including the Oxford Exchange, Ava, and Baycare just to name a few. They are currently working as the builder on the Armitage Building in Tampa Heights which will be a great revitalization project for the area with living, working and commercial space. Learn more about them at http://www.ewiconstruction.com!

At 8am, it was #TBBOTuesday.  Jamie invites you to our next Main Event if you are not a TBBO member to check out the value in the membership, guests are invited one time without obligation but you need to mention the radio show to request a ticket.  The next event is August 3rd at the Centre Club from 5pm to 8pm and will be an Interview with Leslie and Marvin Gay, the Founders of Painting with a Twist.  Email jamie@tampabayradio.com for admittance unless you are already a TBBO member.  If you are not a TBBO member, this organization is for just business owners in Tampa Bay and is over 300 members and going strong.  It’s a non-solicitation business society where we hold many events to help one another in their business and you can learn more at www.tbbo.org!

Chris Krimitsos checked in with us at 8am with an update on his podcasting documentary “The Messengers” and also to recap the recent video release of the partnership established by #ThatBusinessShow and #TBBO. Please help support the film by donating here https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-messengers-a-podcast-documentary#/ and you can view the trailer at www.themessengersdoc.com!

Rounding out the 8am hour was Rachid Zahidi, CEO of Sentinel Background Checks alongside Dawson Hicks, his Vice President of Client Services. Rachid brings a wealth of expert experience spanning across multiple industries including risk management, background checks, International Business and Anti-Money laundering investigations. He is also the Author of the ground breaking book “The Business Immunity System: The Pitfalls & Side Effects of Data Handling, Privacy Issues, & Background Checks. Rachid and Jamie discuss the background check process for business owners and touch on the vast network of different sources and databases that house all of this critical information. Rachid touches on the importance of conducting proper background checks as well as how a proper check is done. We also learn about the various types of background checks and the advantages and weaknesses of them. Obviously privacy is a key area of concern in this business and we touch on that too and Rachid shares with the audience some general tips on how to hire the right people to fit your organization. Rachid and Sentinel Background Checks works with companies on tenant screening and consulting for HR in addition to general background checks and more can be learned about them at www.sbchecks.com!

Learn more about our program and find all shows available On Demand at www.TampaBayRadio.Com and please subscribe to us on YouTube at www.youtube.com/jamiemeloni

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Transform Your Life and Our Environment Featuring Amanda Marit, Kent Bailey, Matt Rutkovitz, and Kristen Chittenden!!

#ThatBusinessShow welcomes everyone back to the start of another productive work week in #TampaBay!! Jamie, coming off a 3 day break to attend his 20 year high school reunion, re-joined the #MorningDiscussion and opened up with a discussion on a new product that he found while on the trip. The DJ could not make the event so the group had to improvise to have some music and his good friend Jake Gooden was there with an Igloo beer cooler turned speaker box. Plug in your phone and you have a portable speaker box with amp/battery/fuse and a place for your beer. Check out the photos on the live stream as Jamie discusses it at 7am and 8am. This is true West Virginia ingenuity and could be a profit center for the right investors.

Opening up the program was Amanda Marit, a Spiritual and Transformational Life Coach where she is dedicated to empowering people to shift their thoughts and let go of fears in order to live a limitless life and create their own realities. She began working in Corporate America 6 years ago, climbed the ladder, and realized there was something much more she was meant to do. After taking time to look inward and move past her own fears, she began a self-development blog which quickly lead her to becoming a coach and working 1:1 with clients all over the country. She is also currently co-creating an online digital course called The Energy Cleanse, a complete mind/body/soul detox which launches mid-August. Her mission is to help others wake up to their full potential and live a life that feels inspired and fulfilling. She explains to Jamie how she came from a place of personal emptiness and loneliness and turned that in a positive direction becoming a life coach. She grew her personal blog and Instagram to over 9000 followers and cites Instagram as a key source of business. As she posted her blog, people began to ask her to assist them with their lives and her career as a coach was born. Focusing on personal life coaching, Amanda is about to move out of her day job into full time entrepreneur by the end of the year and is another inspiring entrepreneurial story from #TampaBay! Check her out online at www.amandamarit.com!

Stopping by for our 7:30 segment was Kent Bailey with the Sierra Club, the oldest environmental organization in the Country going back to 1892. Has been an active volunteer for the Sierra Club member for 15 years and was recognized by the Tampa Bay Sierra Club for his efforts to place the 12,800 acre Cone Ranch into Hillsborough County’s Environmental Lands Acquisition and Protection Program in 2009. He joined the Sierra Tampa Bay Group Executive Committee 2012 and in 2013 was elected to the Florida Chapter Executive Committee. Bailey traveled to Washington DC in 2013 for the XL Pipeline protest and to New York City in 2014 for the People’s Climate March and is currently serving as Chair of the Tampa Bay Sierra Group and as member of the Sierra Club Florida Chapter Executive Committee. Kent shares with us the story of the founding of the Sierra Club and some of the projects that sustained and grew them as an organization through the early 20th century. Today, they have chapters all over the Country and membership in excess of 2 million supporters! The Sierra Club works diligently to raise awareness for expanding our renewable energy sources and we discussed that on the program today and he elaborates on how Florida is just one of four States that does not allow for the investment of private capital into our power grid. Kent mentions a couple of amendments that are on the ballot this August and November that supporters of our environment need to move on and support and he and the Sierra Club have several meetings each month where you can get involved. Find out more online at www.sierraclub.org/florida/tampa-bay

Our 8am guest was Matt Rutkovitz, Founder of SurgeCurve. After graduating from college in 2013, Matt went to work in the Logistics and Material Handling industry. After a few short months, He knew he wanted to start his own business, so he got into the events business for millennials. As the events business started to grow, the short videos he was producing for his video marketing campaign were getting thousands of views and taking off much faster. As he was producing the videos, people started to ask for more services such as social advertising and sales automation. This is where he and one of my mentors started to collaborate and identify that there’s a large market for people looking to explode their sales through video, but didn’t know where to start. Enter SurgeCurve. A platform that where you can create a video and put it on a landing page in the click of a button to increase website conversions, hire the right people, communicate with your team, manage projects and so much more.  Today the app is available on the iOS platform and soon to be released on the Android system.  The tool is primarily marketed to business owners for use as a video branding tool whereby management can put videos up of their team to introduce them to their consumers in a consistent easy to update manner. The videos go directly from the smartphone to a landing page online and you can use the videos to share directly to social media as well. Check it out in the app store and learn more at www.surgecurve.com!

At 8:30 we welcomed Kristen Chittenden and President of the Young Men’s Service League South Tampa Chapter. The mission of the YMSL is to assist, serve and support those that are in need in the community and develop leadership skills amongst their members through mother-son relationships. Meaning that events are attended by sons and their mothers on a volunteer basis so that the familial relationship is strengthened and the youth gains valuable skills. Open to youths aged 9th through 12th grade, the organization works today with 27 different philanthropies. Philanthropies are encouraged and welcomed to contact the YMSL as well to request assistance given that they are not animal or related to a race (running event) and Kristen explains that inside the segment. They are always looking for speakers for their young men meeting and their moms’ meetings, so if you are interested please contact their Vice President, Loretta O’Keeffe, who coordinates the moms’ meetings at lokeefe@gibblaw.com, or VP Boys’ Coordinator, Tina Nunn at tinaalex1999@verizon.net. Learn more about them at http://ymslsotampa.chapterweb.net/

Thanks again to our listeners and show sponsors and be sure to visit and support all involved and let them know the show connected you with them. Learn more at http://www.tampabayradio.com!

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Focusing on You This Friday – #ThatBusinessShow – Guest Hosted by Juliann Nichols, Featuring Sharon Fekete, Dawn Dill, Jan J Henderson, Jodi Sherman, and Christina Griffin

Focusing on You This Friday – #ThatBusinessShow – Guest Hosted by Juliann Nichols, Featuring Sharon Fekete, Dawn Dill, Jan J Henderson, Jodi Sherman, and Christina Griffin

Good afternoon to the #ThatBusinessShow Audience! We thank you for tuning in every day here on #1250WHNZ at 7AM through 9AM to the show. This show depends on viewers like you giving the spotlight to the community here in Tampa Bay, as #ThatBusinessShow is for the #Entrepreneurial Community in this city, and we pride ourselves on promoting the entrepreneurial spirit. As always, you can catch the day’s show at http://www.tampabayradio.com if you missed it. Joining us today at the 7AM hour was Sharon Fekete, The Doctor Whisperer, and Dawn Dill along with Jan J Henderson, Co Founders of in2itive Training Solutions! At the 8AM Hour, our Guest Host; Juliann Nichols of Focus on You Strategy welcomed Jodi Sherman, Realtor with Coldwell Banker and The Griffin Group, and Christina Griffin, Realtor and Leader of The Griffin Group. If you missed out on the #MorningDiscussion, you can always check out our YouTube Channel as well at: http://ow.ly/6JLA302w6ZQ!

At the 7AM Hour, Juliann welcomed back to the show The Doctor Whisperer herself, Sharon Fekete! Sharon Fekete is a Doctor’s best friend.  Her knowledge and expertise of running a business enables her Doctor clients to be Doctors.  With services ranging from public relations and marketing to employee recruiting and business development, Sharon takes care of the business, while the Doctor takes care of the patient.  Community, collaboration, and developing a practice culture are her focal points within the business of medicine. You can find out more about Sharon and ignite your medical practice at: http://thedoctorwhisperer.com/!

It is understood by most leaders that talent is one of the most impactful assets to the success of your organization but hiring can be a challenge.  In fact, The Economist states that “the single biggest problem in business today” is unsuccessful hiring. The average hiring mistake costs a company $1.5 million or more a year and countless wasted hours. Dawn Dill and  Jan J Henderson, Co Founders of in2itive Training Solutions understand this. In2itive Training Solutions, Inc. engages with you to design custom services to: Hire Top Talent; Bring Down Your Hiring Costs; Reduce the Time to Hire; Fill Your Vacancies More Quickly; Avoid Mis-Hires; Reduce Turnover and Build Effective Talent Acquisition Teams. Learn more about them at: http://www.in2itivetrainingsolutions.com/!

At the 8AM Hour, Juliann Nichols welcomed Jodi Sherman and Christina Griffin to the show. Both of them are Tampa Bay Realtors of Colwell Banker, and are part of the Griffin Group, of which Christina Heads. To be part of the Griffin Group team requires excellent customer service skills, an understanding of the Tampa Bay real estate market, and a desire to make a difference in the lives of their clients. Christina Griffin is an experienced real estate professional with Coldwell Banker in Tampa Bay, Florida. Christina handles an enormous volume, selling 385 units last year. Her dedication has placed her in the top 1% of agents with Coldwell Banker, top 100 for the state of Florida and #28 with The Wall Street Journal for volume. Jodi was originally from New York when she purchased her first vacation home in South Tampa 14 years ago. Shortly after became a Tampa resident and has been specializing in Residential Real Estate since. As an investor she has gained an in-depth knowledge of the surrounding communities and the market. She can easily assist her clients, whether they are selling, buying, relocating or seeking an investment properties. To find out more about the Griffin Group and how they can help you buy your next home here in #TampaBay, head over to: http://www.thegriffingroup.net/!


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What’s “Appening” In Your Area Featuring Brian Kornfeld, Andreas and Thomas Neuert, Aimee and Shelton Radebaugh, Mike Ertel and Len Russek!

Christmas in July is tonight!!! Get your tickets and enjoy some Margarita drinks from Mr. Margarita and network with many area professionals. 5pm to 8:30pm at TPepin Center, tickets are found here www.tbbo.org/cij!

Opening up the program today was Brian Kornfeld, Founder of PopKorn Apps. Brian is a Regular Contributor to #ThatBusinessShow and is well known in the area for app design and development but elaborates on the opening segment that his company is more than just app design. Brian has assisted with many businesses in development and can help companies with the early stages and growth stages from a COO type of standpoint as he describes it. The CEO is in charge but he can provide his expertise and support functions to ensure the business grows steadily while the CEO steers the ship. Brian has produced many apps and can get that idea to the marketplace for you and knows the ins and outs of the rules of each platform as well as how to get the app on the market quickly and reduce rejections which are bound to occur up front he notes. We also touch on iOS vs Android operating systems for apps and we learn some of the nuances of each of the operating systems in this segment, and again we manage to work in #PokemonGo to the discussion. The field is wide open for app development ideas – from entertainment to business, apps are a great way to drive new business to yourself so reach out to Brian Kornfeld today at 727-415-6705 or visit them online at www.popkornapps.com!

At 7:30, we continued the app discussion as we welcomed the brothers Andreas and Thomas Neuert to the program. They have developed the Kyngo app and just launched the 2nd stage of the app last week in Tampa. The app, which has received investment from Silicon Valley, is an app that is geared to getting the word out about what is happening in an area in real time. The idea was born out of their experience at the World Cup in Brazil in 2014. Lost by what to do in the city that was fun and happening, they had the idea for the app which they immediately put into production. They spent time out in Silicon Valley studying the investors and the marketplace and received funding for the app in July 2015. From there they returned to Tampa because of their love for the area as which Thomas talks about in the last segment. The app highlights local business owners, entrepreneurs, events, bars and anything and everything that is worth exploring in a City and knowing about. Users of the app can download the app for free now on the iOS operating system and on October first, it will be available for Android use too. When asked about how the app differs from general social media outlets they elaborate on how with the current mix of social apps, there are no adequate tools to find and connect with locals at events and social gatherings happening right now. Current solutions are ineffective and do not deliver a satisfying user experience. Event Apps only deliver on content, yet fail on user experience and connectivity. Messaging Apps deliver on communication, but fail on content discovery. Social Media Apps offer some of these solutions, but the execution is clumsy, disjointed and noisy. Kyngo wants to uncover the true heartbeat of any city by building a fun and easy. Check them out on the iOS system and you can learn more at www.getkyngo.com!

At 8am, I welcomed the team of Aimee and Shelton Radebaugh and Renan Debarros. Aimee and Shelton own Lloyd’s of Shelton Auto Glass and Renan is the Vice President of Marketing. Renan shares with us the story of how he sold his auto glass company to Shelton and Aimee and was impressed with their business and stayed on as Vice President in charge of Marketing. Their business provides mobile auto glass service at your home or office and their certified technicians regularly perform services on all types of cars including domestic and foreign models as well as luxury vehicles.  Lloyd’s of Shelton Auto Glass is a reliable vendor for commercial fleet vehicles, too. For companies that use heavy equipment, such as front end loaders and excavators, they can handle your glass needs as well. For people that have been around Tampa Bay for awhile, you will recall an old auto glass company that gave out free steaks when you used their service, that was Shelton’s fathers company and he explains on this segment that they had to discontinue that ad because of FDA regulations they were not expecting. As a Florida car owner with comprehensive insurance, windshield replacement is covered 100% by the insurer so if you have a knick, crack or other damage to a windshield, there is no reason not to replace it. Learn more at www.lloydsofshelton.com or give them a call today at 855-458-8490 and they come to you too for replacement!

Closing out the show today was Len Russek and Mike Ertel, business brokers now working with the Mergers and Acquisitions division here in Tampa Bay with Transworld M&A Advisors. Transworld Business Advisors LLC specializes in the sale of businesses and helps thousands of clients in buying and selling their companies with an award-winning sales force of more than 80 professionals in Florida including Broward, Duval, Hillsborough, Lee, Miami-Dade, Orange, and St. Lucie counties. The company has 110 offices worldwide with international headquarters in South Florida. According to Mike Ertel, it is estimated that the average business owner has 70 percent to 90 percent of their personal net worth tied up in or pledged to personal guarantees that support the business. Often, the quality of the business owner’s lifestyle in retirement, their capacity for charitable giving, and the size of the legacy to ultimately pass onto heirs, will be impacted for better or worse by their success in selling and transitioning the business. While most successful business owners are experts at running their own businesses, they are relative novices when it comes to selling their business, and recognize that they will likely realize a much better result if they engage a professional mergers and acquisitions advisor to assist them in this process. That’s where Mike and Len come in! They provide sellers and buyers of mid-sized, privately held businesses with the high-quality resources and sophisticated services traditionally reserved for firms valued over $100 million and will specialize in transactions among companies and business organizations or their operating units that are transferred or combined. Find them online at http://www.transworldma.com!

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