Taking Stock of Your Home and Business Featuring Debra Palmer!

Taking stock of our personal belongings is not something on the mind of the average person and many may be surprised to know that there exists an industry of professionals backed up with certifications that specialize as home inventory specialists. Enter our guest, Debra Palmer, Certified Inventory Specialist and Owner of Palmer Home & Business Inventory Professionals. Debra has been a business services entrepreneur in the Tampa Bay Area since 1988 and in 2013, she was introduced to the concept of third party inventories and spent extensive time researching the industry. Through exhaustive research and direct communications with individuals who had experienced losses and endured the claims process of their insurance companies without up to date documentation to substantiate equitable settlements, Debra realized the need for inventory professionals in the Tampa Bay Area.

Through the use of cloud based resources, Debra takes stock of your home belongings and then inputs them into a program that stores the data offsite and to which you have ongoing access to for continual input and maintenance. This tool becomes invaluable in the event of an insurance event such as a natural disaster or theft. Keeping privacy a priority, Debra works to keep you prepared ahead of the need for disaster assistance with your belongings.

Below are some FAQs on her services too from her site www.phbinventorypros.com and keep in mind she also handles business inventories as well and can be reached at 813-308-9727. Find this interview and many more entrepreneurial discussions at www.thatyoutubechannel.com and www.thatbusinessshow.com!


Privacy and confidentiality are a concern anytime someone enters your home.  It may be housekeeping, carpet cleaning, repairs, painting or delivery personnel.  We understand this concern and are sensitive to our client’s wishes.  Before we start any inventory, we take a tour of the home with our client.  At this time we listen to any concerns or issues they may have in any of their rooms or with any of their items.  We respect that each person has a varying comfort level thus we put our clients at ease prior to beginning their inventory.  We also encourage client participation, and we are fully insured.  In addition, we sign a confidentiality agreement with you as part of our standard contract.

WHAT HAPPENS TO THE INFORMATION THAT IS RECORDED? During the inventory process we capture the details of your personal property in our secure business software.  Following the completion of a home inventory, we prepare a comprehensive reporting package which includes detailed reports including pictures.  We offer two key reports: Home Inventory by Location and Home Inventory by Category so that you can easily view your property details. Once you have verified the accuracy of our reports, we finalize your inventory and provide you with a bound copy of the reports and Protection-Plus Software for viewing home inventory results on your computer as well a CD containing data for the Protection Plus software to import and all digital images from your inventory. We suggest you either store your report in a secure off-site location such as a safe deposit box. Additional copies of the your inventory are available for purchase to provide to your attorney, financial professional or family members outside of your home.

HOW MUCH DOES A HOME OR BUSINESS INVENTORY COST? Our inventory services are very reasonably priced and an estimate can be given after speaking with you to get the details on the size and contents of your home or business.  Pricing for a typical 1,500 sq. ft. home start at $359, depending on content density, for a complete inventory package. Please call us at 813.308.9727 for more information.

WHAT IF MY HOUSE IS TOO MESSY FOR AN INVENTORY? Your house does not have to be in perfect order.  The most important thing is that you can see the items.  We’re flexible and will work with you to record the maximum amount of detail for the personal property in your home.


PHBIP takes security of your possessions very seriously.  It is our policy to only enter your premises accompanied by you or your authorized representative.  Your presence is also necessary to provide use descriptions and information about your items as we document them.


A home or business inventory is an excellent way to expedite the insurance claims process after theft, damage, or loss. This record of your insurable assets will not only help you in the settlement of a covered loss or claim, but will also help verify tax-deductible property losses and determine the right amount of insurance coverage you need.  Whether your policy pays for the replacement or just the actual cash value, insurance companies are  only obligated to pay for personal property that you can show you owned at the time of loss, especially when that information is documented by a third-party inventory professional.


Palmer Home and Business Inventory Professionals provides documentation of your possessions utilizing information and valuations provided by the Client.  We do partner with a Certified Appraisal Service, Nugent Appraisal LLC and are able to facilitate cost-saving, time-saving convenient appraisals that meet all Universal Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices (USPAP) in conjunction with our inventory documentation service.


10 Technology Trends To Watch For in 2017 on #TechThursday Featuring Nick Paras

#TechThursday is where we help you, the listener or viewer, keep up with technology for use in your personal or professional life. Guided by Nick Paras, CEO of Alpha Computing Solutions, Nick works to keep you on the forefront of where you need to be with tech. From networks and cloud services to email and infrastructure, Nick and his team bring over 25 years of experience to the table and can help you with your business too, just as they do with Jamie’s! Get in touch with him today at 813-839-7671 X 100 or online at http://www.alphacomputing.com!

Ahead of the move into 2017, this edition of #TechThursday focused on the 10 technology trends to watch in 2017 as presented by Nick. We have outlined and summarized them below:

  • AI and Advanced Machine Learning
    1. Artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced machine learning (ML) are composed of many technologies and techniques (e.g., deep learning, neural networks, natural-language processing [NLP]).
    2. The more advanced techniques move beyond traditional rule-based algorithms to create systems that understand, learn, predict, adapt and potentially operate autonomously.
    3. These will have implementations in
      1. physical devices (robots, autonomous cars, consumer electronics)
      2. apps and services (virtual personal assistants], smart advisors),
  • Intelligent Apps
    1. Intelligent apps such as VPAs perform some of the functions of a human assistant, by prioritizing emails, for example), and its users more effective (by highlighting the most important content and interactions).
    2. Other intelligent apps such as virtual customer assistants (VCAs) are more specialized for tasks in areas such as sales and customer service.
    3. Over the next 10 years, virtually every app, application and service will incorporate some level of AI
  • Intelligent Things
    1. Intelligent things refer to physical things that go beyond the execution of rigid programming models to exploit applied AI and machine learning to deliver advanced behaviors and interact more naturally with their surroundings and with people.
    2. As intelligent things, such as drones, autonomous vehicles and smart appliances, permeate the environment, there will be a shift from stand-alone intelligent things to a collaborative intelligent things model.
  • Virtual and Augmented Reality
    1. Immersive technologies, such as virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), transform the way individuals interact with one another and with software systems. “The landscape of immersive consumer and business content and applications will evolve dramatically through 2021,”.
    2. VR and AR capabilities will merge with the digital mesh to form a system of devices capable of orchestrating a flow of information that comes to the user as hyper-personalized and relevant apps and services.
    3. Integration across multiple mobile, wearable, Internet of Things (IoT) and sensor-rich environments will extend immersive applications beyond isolated and single-person experiences. Rooms and spaces will become active with things, and their connection through the mesh will appear and work in conjunction with immersive virtual worlds.
  • Digital Twin
    1. A digital twin is a dynamic software model of a physical thing or system that relies on sensor data to understand its state, respond to changes, improve operations and add value.
    2. Digital twins include a combination of metadata (e.g., classification, composition and structure), condition or state (e.g., location and temperature), event data (e.g., time series), and analytics (e.g., algorithms and rules).
    3. Within three to five years, hundreds of millions of things will be represented by digital twins. Organizations will use digital twins to proactively repair and plan for equipment service, to plan manufacturing processes, to operate factories, to predict equipment failure or increase operational efficiency, and to perform enhanced product development.
    4. As such, digital twins will eventually become proxies for the combination of skilled individuals and traditional monitoring devices and controls (e.g., pressure gauges, pressure valves).
  • Blockchain and Distributed Ledgers
    1. Blockchain is a type of distributed ledger in which value exchange transactions (in bitcoin or other tokens) are sequentially grouped into blocks. Each block is chained to the previous block and recorded across a peer-to-peer network, using cryptographic trust and assurance mechanisms.
    2. Blockchain and distributed-ledger concepts are gaining traction because they hold the promise to transform industry operating models. While the current hype is around the financial services industry, there are many possible applications including music distribution, identity verification, title registry and supply chain.
    3. Distributed ledgers are potentially transformative but most initiatives are still in the early alpha or beta testing stage.
  • Conversational System
    1. The current focus for conversational interfaces is focused on chatbots and microphone-enabled devices (e.g., speakers, smartphones, tablets, PCs, automobiles).
    2. However, the digital mesh encompasses an expanding set of endpoints people use to access applications and information, or interact with people, social communities, governments, and businesses.
    3. The device mesh moves beyond the traditional desktop computer and multiple devices to encompass the full range of endpoints with which humans might interact.
    4. As the device mesh evolves, connection models will expand and greater cooperative interaction between devices will emerge, creating the foundation for a new continuous and ambient digital experience.
  • Mesh App and Service Architecture
    1. In the mesh app and service architecture (MASA), mobile apps, web apps, desktop apps and IoT apps link to a broad mesh of backend services to create what users view as an “application.”.
    2. The architecture encapsulates services and exposes APIs at multiple levels and across organizational boundaries, balancing the demand for agility and scalability of services with composition and reuse of services.
    3. The MASA enables users to have an optimized solution for targeted endpoints in the digital mesh (e.g., desktop, smartphone, cars) as well as a continuous experience as they shift across these different channels.
  • Digital Technology Platforms
    1. Digital technology platforms provide the basic building blocks for a digital business and are a critical enabler to becoming a digital business.
    2. There are five major focal points to enable the new capabilities and business models of digital business — information systems, customer experience, analytics and intelligence, the IoT, and business ecosystems.
    3. Every organization will have some mix of these five digital technology platforms.
  • Adaptive Security Architecture
    1. The intelligent digital mesh and related digital technology platforms and application architectures create an ever-more-complex world for security.
    2. Established security technologies should be used as a baseline to secure Internet of Things platforms.
    3. Monitoring user and entity behavior is a critical addition that is particularly needed in IoT scenarios. However, the IoT edge is a new frontier for many IT security professionals creating new vulnerability areas and often requiring new remediation tools and processes that must be factored into IoT platform efforts.

The only question Jamie had at the end of the #MorningDiscussion was how much longer until Skynet takes over!  Find this show and many more at http://www.thatyoutubechannel.com and http://www.thatbusinessshow.com!


The Tampa Bay Real Estate Market is Booming Featuring Dale Nabors!

#ThatBusinessShow welcomes business and community leaders from all areas of business. Airing weekdays from 7am to 9am on Tampa Bay’s #1250WHNZ, we reach an International audience through iTunes and many other podcasting platforms too. Help the show grow and spread today by sharing and liking our content found all across social media and online at www.thatbusinessshow.com as well as www.tampabayradio.com!

Our guest today was Dale Nabors, an experienced Realtor who has a knowledge of the local Tampa Bay market and has established a positive working relationship with other professionals in the field. Dale is a veteran of 35 years in real estate, specializing in residential sales and relocation buyers at Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate. He and Jamie have worked together for many years and share a love of the community in Tampa Bay.

The talk in this show focused on inventory issues the market is facing in Tampa Bay. With inventory levels at record lows in the area, values have begun to trend upward at a much higher rate in the past 6 months. The low inventory has plagued the area for 2+ years now but the uptick in values has not been as noticeable as it has been lately in these past few months. Dale and Jamie speak of the jump in values the market saw in 2005 which led to a sharp crash in 2006 and how there are similarities but still many differences. One of which is the regulated environment lenders find themselves in which acts as a natural brake on accelerating values. Before the 2008 financial crisis, appraisers were easily influenced and had a direct connection to loan officers that today does not exist. In addition, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac guidelines have tightened making the loan process more restrictive, although it has been easing again in the past 1-2 years.

Two great areas to buy now in Tampa Bay are Seminole / Tampa Heights and the Downtown area. With much revitalization going on in each of these communities, investors are seeing some great returns on fix and flips. Tampa was recently highlighted too as one of the best markets to flip homes in too (if you can find one to buy though is the issue) Find that article here.

Dale is also the author of the book, Do What Works, available on Amazon here and is an easy to read book with 85 pages that outlines the do’s and don’ts of Real Estate for both buyers and sellers. Pick up a copy of it here and become a part of Dale’s “Naborhood” today! Give him a call at 813-679-1117 or online at www.dalenabors.com for Real Estate services in the Tampa Bay area! Find this interview and many more from our entrepreneurs and community leaders at www.thatyoutubechannel.com and www.thatbusinessshow.com!


The Best Bet Featuring Jamall Anderson and Ernest Hooper!

Youth athletes whose skills destine them for College and Professional play are presented with a unique set of challenges unbeknownst to others. Oftentimes an athletic star from their earliest years, they are accustomed to success and the extent of their challenges disappear after they exit the playing field. Shielded by their parents, many are held on track during their youth only to digress down the road when the reigns are removed and they are faced with making decisions on their own. Our guest today, Jamall Anderson, was presented with this path in life and shared his story with our audience today on #ThatBusinessShow. He was joined alongside Ernest Hooper who co-Authored his story, The Best Bet, and is a well-known columnist for the Tampa Bay Times.

Jamall ascended to stardom in the early 90s as a football star in the Tampa Bay area and played his High School career at Hillsborough High School. As a standout running back, Jamall would take his talents to Boston College with aspirations of joining the NFL only to be de-railed by an addiction to gambling and credit card fraud that led to his release from the team in 1996. Jamall explains how a simple bet led to bigger and bigger problems and how the highs he normally got from the football field were replaced by this new high. The addiction would carry forward to the point that he began to bet against his own team and as the problem developed the issue of what it was covering came into play.

Depression masks itself in many forms and Jamall talks about how these feelings began to take over and that gambling and credit cards were an outlet for release. Misunderstood by many, friends and family oftentimes have difficulty recognizing this as a cause for abnormal behavior and thus the problem deepens. Ernest shares with us a sense of regret as he recalled covering his dominance as a High School player only to see the deterioration in College and how he neglected reaching out to him for support. Today the two are close friends and wrote The Best Bet for student athletes to know they are not alone in facing these challenges as well as for the youth to better prepare them for the road that lie ahead. It is a must read for the parents and coaches of our student athletes too and can be found here on Amazon and is also available in storefronts at Barnes and Nobles. They also have a Facebook page setup here and ask that you extend them a “like” to support their mission.

Today, Jamall is a Youth Minister, a talent that was secondary to his skills as a football star as a youth, but today is now forefront in his career. With a skill and passion for ministry, today he works with youth in finding God and their own paths in life!  Find this interview and many more at http://www.thatyoutubechannel.com as well as at www.thatbusinessshow.com!