The Reach & Influence of #ThatBusinessShow! Featuring Jamie Meloni and Kelly Wilson!

Jamie Meloni and Kelly Wilson take to the radio airwaves each and every weekday morning from 7am to 9am on 1250WHNZ to bring you a show that highlights business owners, entrepreneurs, and people making a difference in the Tampa Bay Community.  That Business Show is a business variety show that aims to inspire entrepreneurship and leadership through the stories and successes of others.  Focusing on a positive message, That Business Show gives listeners an alternative to traditional terrestrial talk radio!  To get on the program, visit!
In this segment, Jamie and Kelly talk with the listeners on how and why to get involved with #ThatBusinessShow. The number one questioned that is asked by potential guests involves reach or audience size.

The show’s reach begins with our local market, Tampa Bay, Florida. The show highlights business and community leaders each morning via live interviews that focus on their successes. The show works to inspire others to step outside of the box and discover the entrepreneur inside them through hearing the trials and tribulations of others in the community. We interview entrepreneurs and leaders in all areas of development too so the show will appeal to people in all areas of entrepreneurial development from idea to tremendous success. The listenership on the live airwaves each morning is estimated to be 2,000 to 3,000. This market is the “morning drive” market in Tampa Bay and demographics for 1250WHNZ targets people 45+ and has a median listening age of 53.  Average household income of the listenership is over $75,000 annually and is 49% men and 51% women.

Our partnership with iHeart Media Communications also extends to commercials that air both on 1250WHNZ as well as 970WFLA. The show and partners are promoted via these commercials.

The reach is further enhanced through our use of live video streaming. Each show is streamed live online at TampaBayRadio.Com as well as WeBeamTv.Com where we are that channels morning show. Viewership numbers are trackable and a monthly report is received that shows us the viewership which includes total number of viewers as well as time spent viewing. The show started with a base of 7,000 viewers for the month of February 2015 and today is averaging 60,000 to 70,000 viewers per month. This adds another 2,000 to 3,000 viewers per show conservatively estimating and depending on guest.

Post show production includes placement on the following sites for the audio. As of December 5th, we began posting audio by the guest segment. Prior to that, the shows were posted by the hour and included typically 2 guests per show. We felt by making this move that we would pick up more listeners and downloads through more defined show titles as well as producing more episodes for review.

The show is then sent to:

iTunes –

TuneIn –

Stitcher –

GooglePlay –

Player.FM –

Blubrry –

SoundCloud –

ThatBusinessShow –

Post show production includes placement on the following sites for the video. The videos are uploaded by the hour still.

YouTube (in High Definition) – where we currently have 170 subscribers and nearly 30,000 views.

TampaBayRadio.Com – all shows are uploaded to our primary website in the show info section by month. Data on viewership at this location is not easily trackable because it is hosted on our local server.

Post show production continues with a blog that is written after each episode. The blog is located at Starting December 5th, a blog is written per guest / segment on the program. Prior to that, one blog entry was written per show which talked about all the guests in that one blog. Currently the blog has 26 followers and just under 10,000 views all time.   The blog is not heavily promoted at this time and is used primarily for the show descriptions on Social Media sites. This works to effectively “transcribe” the show so that search engines can better pick up the episodes via SEO.

Post show production continues with placement of our guest’s show cards with bio on our primary website at All past guests can be found here and by clicking on their showcards, you are taken to another page with an embedded copy of their interviews on YouTube along with a copy of the blog. This feature enables the hosts to easily search prior guests and make key connections for them inside the community anywhere they are!

2015 Guests –

2016 Guests –

We have an extensive social media campaign that goes along with each show. Our sites are found below:

Each show has an assistant that handles social media posting live during the show. These include short video clips that are posted on our Facebook Fan Page as well as Facebook Live. Short video clips work to increase the audience who are willing to click on a sample clip versus listening to an entire episode. These short clips easily add 500 to 1,000 views to a segment with some adding up to 10,000 depending on engagement and guest!

We also engage our guests via live tweeting, and Facebook tags which encourages our guests to share amongst their sphere of influence.

The show has a built in audience development tool which is the guest network. We consistently bring in new guests and through the use of show cards, in addition to the audio/video content, encourage the guests to share them amongst their friends and family. This helps spread the message about the show too. Guests love the show cards that we produce for them and they are high quality, professional announcements that have their photo, logo, and contact information on them for ease of use.

We have a dedicated show photographer too that provides professional in studio photography to each guest. The show photos are actively shared across social media too and again add to social media impact that the show has. Our show photographer is Rick Tauceda at

The reach of the show is also enhanced by our business network, Tampa Bay Business Owners. TBBO is an eight year old business owner network that meets regularly to focus on educational and collaborative events for business owners. Jamie is a partner inside the organization and we regularly highlight the members through free appearances on the program. Other guests are charged for appearances. TBBO has been a recognized business brand in the Tampa Bay community for nearly 9 years now. More can be learned about TBBO at

In summary, through the use of these different channels which include radio, video, social media, networking, photography and radio commercials, That Business Show reaches easily 100,000 weekly!!  Get involved today, apply at!


Where Do You Go To Finance An Airplane? Pilot Bank Can Help! Featuring Roy Hellwege and Kevin Buckland!

Happy Friday and thanks you for taking time to read our blog and / or listen to #ThatBusinessShow which airs Monday through Friday from 7am to 9am on Tampa Bay’s 1250WHNZ and live online at! All shows available on Demand now at and on our YouTube channel at

Our guests in this segment were Roy Hellwege and Kevin Buckland of Pilot Bank. Pilot Bank is a sponsor of Tampa Bay Business Owners and we thank them for the support of the community and show! Pilot Bank has four locations in Tampa and one location in Lakeland and is privately held.  They are celebrating their 30 year anniversary in 2017 and offer both concierge services as well as entrepreneurial banking.  One of their niches is aircraft financing for personally owned aircraft and the division NAFCO, of which Kevin is the President of, is dedicated to this industry and offers the service throughout the United States.

Roy, the President and CEO of Pilot Bank shares with us the vision and goal of Pilot Bank in this segment and elaborates on how they, a community bank has been able to survive the regulatory age where so many community banks are being absorbed by the larger brands. Roy also shares with us abou their Executive Forum. Its history how can our listeners can become a part of the group and about how they help support the community through investments and partnerships.

Kevin talks with us about some of the basics of aircraft lending and how it differentiates from other lending products and how his primary competitor is cash. Kevin is a pilot too and we learn that they are involved in many of the “fly ins” in the area and around the US too!

Rita Lowman was in studio with us but off camera. Rita serves as Chief Operating Officer and has an upcoming book launch and signing on December 17th at 3:30pm to 5pm and Three Birds Tavern located at 1492 4th St N in St. Petersburg. Rita has been a leader in the Tampa Bay Business and Baking communities for many years and shares with us “Leadership Lessons” inside this new book – More can be learned at her event page here and more about Pilot Bank at and if you need an aircraft, you now know who to call! Pick up the phone and call Kevin Buckland at 863-513-1275! Catch this complete interview here and learn more about this program at!


Capturing Moments in Time on #FocusFriday Featuring Rick Tauceda!

On this segment of #ThatBusinessShow, we #Focus on #FocusFriday, a weekly segment featuring Juliann Nichols, CEO of Focus on You Strategy where she brings out the CEO in you! She does this through a variety of coaching and consulting techniques, one of which is the CEO Exchange where a group of up to 10 people meet in a group setting to discuss their problems with their peers. Taking advantage of the Mastermind technique, many great a-Ha moments arise from these gatherings. To register, for one, head over to today!!

The segment opened up with a #MorningDiscussion on the upcoming Focus on Entrepreneurs Conference being held April 27th and 28th at the new Wyndham Hotel in Clearwater. Tickets are on sale now and the event features keynote speaker Michael Gerber and over 30 other speakers for this two day event. Early bird pricing is now in effect through the end of 2016 and there are still openings for sponsors and presenters. Head over to to learn more and register!!

Our guest today was show photographer, Rick Tauceda. Rick has been committed to #ThatBusinessShow since day one and has become the premier photographer for the Tampa Bay business community. Many guests have raved at the quality of the images provided each morning by Rick and oftentimes end up becoming the profile images for the guests across their social media. Through That Business Show, he has photographed close to 1,000 business entrepreneurial guests who have appeared on the show and he was recently published in the flagship 2016 Best of Tampa Bay book by Proudly Florida along with many other great people and organizations across the region.

Rick shares with the audience how he got started with photography in May of 2000. He and his wife went on a vacation trip to Cairns Australia and had a cheapo Kodak disposable camera…the images were dull and didn’t capture well what he saw. From that moment on, he was determined to photograph the color of life as best as he could and came home and bought his first digital camera and began photographing family events, kid’s sports events, and photographing or travels.

He goes on to share some of the memorable moments that photography has brought him which included photographing a 106 year old centurion woman named Florence…3 weeks later she passed away. Another time he was in Rome Italy during a papal mass when Pope Francis’s motor car stopped in front of him and a baby was hoisted up and he blessed the baby while he was a few feet in front of him. Rick photographed a Vietnamese POW that was in the Hanoi Hilton with Senator John McCain and this past year photographed for the March of Dimes children who were born with defects but have overcome their disabilities.

In the closing segment, we learn from Rick some Photography 101 Tips for people who are taking images with either their phone or a camera and are not familiar with their device and he shares with us his vision for 2017! Rick has a large collection of images at his website available for review at and please consider him for your next headshot or event. He works with all types of projects!! Find the complete interview on our YouTube channel here and please subscribe to support the show and keep amazing entrepreneurs in front of the community!! Like us on Facebook at and to come on the program, please visit!