Show Recap – Stranded on an Island – Survival Talk with Dr. Buck Parker – Star of NBC’s The Island!

#ThatBusinessShow wraps up 22 straight weeks on 1250WHNZ today heading into this 4th of July Holiday weekend.  While many people took this Friday off ahead of the Saturday Holiday, it was business as usual for myself and That Business Show.

My guest for today’s show was Dr. Buck Parker.  Dr. Buck as he is commonly referred to, is a trauma surgeon and one of the cast members of NBC’s latest reality show, The Island, which airs Mondays at 10pm / 9 central on NBC.  The show takes 14 men and maroons them on a deserted island somewhere in the Pacific to test their survival skills with only the clothes on the backs when they arrive.  The show differs from similar reality shows in that there are no winners or losers; just a test of their abilities to function and survive as a group.  The cameramen are also members of the cast and struggling to survive as well.  Dr. Buck was brought in the group for his medical expertise and functions as the Doctor of the group and he shares several of his experiences on the Island on this show, also of which air on the The Island on NBC.

On this show, Dr. Buck shares his experience with the selection process for the cast which originated via a random email from a friend that told him he should check this out.  Showing up to the casting with little idea of what he was getting involved with, Dr. Buck gets the call and then whisked away to the Island for a 28 day test of his endurance, both mentally and physically.  He talks about some of the inner workings of the show and dispels any idea the show is casted or scripted and that the producers of the show wanted a true reality show without the guidance and scripting of other similar productions.  He explained how the cast came together as a group to survive and how emergency situations were handled.  Dr. Buck also shares some personal insight into some of the other cast members and let’s us know who he thinks was the biggest pain in the ass on the show.  The show which is in its first season, will be airing the Grand Finale on Monday July 6th on NBC at 10pm / 9 Central.  Catch past shows leading up to the finale on and be sure to follow Dr. Buck Parker at and on twitter @drbuckparker!

Dr.Buck Parker

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