No Mo Nausea on #ThatBusinessShow – Featuring Brooke Palmer Kuhl and Jacqueline Darna

No Mo Nausea on #ThatBusinessShow – Featuring Brooke Palmer Kuhl and Jacqueline Darna

Welcome back to the work week! That is – until Thrusday! We here at #ThatBusinessShow hope you had a wonderful Holiday! Going back the usual grind, make sure you make your morning just a bit more enjoyable with #ThatBusinessShow! Who doesn’t love supporting their local community? Here at #ThatBusinessShow, we are proud to invite local Entrepreneurs, Specialists, Business Owners, and #WorkingWomen! We’d love to hear your story! Head to now and fill out the contact form to get booked for the show! Coming on the show this morning was Brooke Palmer Kuhl, President of RSBP Events, and Jacqueline Darna, CEO and Medical Inventor of The NoMo Nausea Band! This week on the show we have a great lineup for you all, so don’t miss out, #ThatBusinessShow is still airing every weekday at 8am on #1250WHNZ and! That said, if you missed out, now to listen to the show! And leave us a message while you’re there! Alternatively, head to Jamie’s YouTube Channel at  to catch the show (And leave a Thumbs up!). As usual, thank you for joining us every weekday at 8am for #ThatBusinessShow on #1250WHNZ and!

Coming on the #MorningAir first was Brooke Palmer Kuhl, President of RSBP Events. Brooke Palmer is the creative mastermind behind r.s.b.p. Events. As President of r.s.b.p. events, she handles high profile clients and foundation events for professional athletes and celebrities. Starting when she was only five years old with organizing Tea Parties for her friends, Brooke has a real passion and talent for organizing huge events that are sure to “WOW” everyone! She came on the #MorningAir to discuss her upcoming event, which is selling out fast! The Rooftop Eve at the 10th floor of the Ft. Brooke Garage on 107 N Franklin St. is your place to be on December 31st. An expected 1500-2000 people are going to show up! A huge open bar is also featured at the party, so this is an opportunity you won’t want to miss if you want to start your 2016 with grandeur! For more information and ticket pricing! And for more information on Brooke Palmer Kuhl and RSBP Events, head to!

Jacqueline Darna is the CEO and medical inventor of the No Mo Nausea Band. The first and only natural way to stop nausea, vomiting, and headaches instantly for adults, kids, and pets. Her stylish, waterproof, and comfortable patent pending essential oil infused acupressure wristband combines fast acting aromatherapy with long lasting relief that is fully customizable with any companies logo that helps with morning sickness, motion sickness, migraines, and much more. Within one short year Jacqueline started the company and is now distributed in 7 countries of the world. The No Mo Nausea Band was awarded Surgical Product of the Year Nomination, voted Eco-Friendly Family Product of 2015 by KIWI magazine, and is the anti-nausea product of choice by NAUI scuba divers worldwide. She has been featured on ABC, NBC, Today’s Show, Daytime, and multiple radio stations nation wide for her innovative product. She is a #Entrepreneur without a doubt! Helping to ease and even eliminate nausea, headaches, and vomiting, No Mo Nausea Bands are your solution for discomfort, and your path to a better plane ride, boat ride, or even a better medical treatment. Order one for yourself and see the results! Head over to now!

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Tampa’s Film and Pharmaceutical Business on #ThatBusinessShow – Featuring Dale Gordon and Michael LaBrecque

Welcome to the start of a brand new work week! We want to thank you for joining our Host, Jamie Meloni for #ThatBusinessShow every weekday! Start your morning right with Jamie as he brings on the people that positively impact your community on the #MorningAir! Coming on to share what they are doing for the Tampa Bay community today was Dale Gordon, Executive Director of Film Tampa Bay! We were also joined by Michael LaBrecque, Vice President of Benzer Pharmacy! Discussing the ins-and-outs of what they do, you don’t want to miss them on the #MorningAir, so head to for the #MorningDiscussion, and to listen to any show on demand! Also, check out Jamie’s YouTube Channel at to watch any of our livestream video!

First on #ThatBusinessShow with Jamie Meloni was Dale Gordon, Executive Director of Film Tampa Bay. Executive Director of the Tampa Hillsborough Film and Digital Media Commission, Dale Gordon is responsible for raising awareness of the area as a great destination for film and digital media production. In order to attract companies to use Tampa and Hillsborough locations in movies, advertisements, music videos, video games and other digital media and production opportunities, Gordon works with government entities to rebuild film and production resources. #HelpingOurCity, Dale really makes a positive impact on our creative community, and fosters economic growth through film, commercials, and education! If you missed Dale Gordon on the #MorningAir, then head to now to listen to her on #ThatBusinessShow! If you want to find out more about Film Tampa Bay, head to!

Mike LaBrecque joined Benzer’s leadership team in 2015 as Vice President of Specialty Pharmacy. Throughout his career, Mike has been respected for his extensive knowledge and expertise in many segments of the pharmaceutical industry including specialty pharmacy, mail service pharmacy, retail pharmacy, PBM, and health plan management. Coming on the #MorningAir to discuss Benzer Pharmacy, Mike told our listeners about how Benzer Pharmacy is different, providing more personalized service, with a focus on the customer rather than profit. Different than your run off the mill – large corporation pharmacy, consider Bender Pharmacy for your pharmaceutical needs! As a seasoned professional with more than fifteen years of specialty pharmaceutical knowledge, Mike has experience in providing valuable insight about business development, operations, payer contracting, supply chain management, benefits management, strategy development, and countless more. Find out more about Mike LaBrecque and Benzer Pharmacy at!

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