The Discussion With The Florida Bankers Association on #ThatBusinessShow – Featuring Jodi Sherman, Rachel Revill, Alex Sanchez, and Rita Lowman

The Discussion With The Florida Bankers Association on #ThatBusinessShow – Featuring Jodi Sherman, Rachel Revill, Alex Sanchez, and Rita Lowman

Happy Monday! Welcome back to another great morning discussion with Jamie Meloni of #ThatBusinessShow! Remember, the show airs at 7AM to 9AM on #1250WHNZ and, every weekday! At the show, we are proud to support the Tampa Bay Community. We are proud to invite every business owner to check out the Tampa Bay Business Owners, partners in hand of #ThatBusinessShow. Together, the show and the community provides exposure, education, and a sense of belonging that’s unmatched here in the bay area. If you’re wondering how you can be a part of this, head over to to find out more about the community and their latest upcoming events, like the Main Event and the Business Symposium. This year, The Tampa Bay Business Owners will be featuring a Shark Tank panel of experts. Hear from actual people that went in front of the Sharks and how they fared, and all they learned. This day will be jam packed with educational opportunities and will feature 4 breakout sessions. For this unbeatable experience, head over to to find out more! And if you have seen #ThatBusinessShow and want to be a part of it and get yourself in front of 5,000 listeners every day, then head over to: now!

This morning, the discussion opened up with Jodi Sherman. Well known and highly experienced in the Tampa Real Estate market, Jodi Sherman of The Griffin Group will ensure that you get the highest and best value for your home. Jodi was originally from New York when she purchased her first vacation home in Tampa Bay 14 years ago. Shortly after became a Tampa resident and has been specializing in Residential Real Estate since. As an investor she has gained an in-depth knowledge of the surrounding communities and the market. She can easily assist her clients, whether they are selling, buying, relocating or seeking an investment property. You can find out more about her and her experience in the #TampaBay Housing Market on today’s 7AM segment at:!

Rachel Revill also joined the discussion at 7AM! Rachel Revill is the CSO, or the “Chief Solutions Officer” and Owner of PerfecTiming Concierge. Since 2004, she has been freeing up time, providing peace of mind, bringing calm order to chaos, increasing productivity… and essentially enhancing her client’s lives. Rachel and her team of personal concierges meet the needs of their busy and demanding lifestyles of their clients. Rachel comments, “Every day is an adventure, I have the best job ever.” In her line of work, Rachel has seen many (many) things. If you’re curious, then you can tune in at: on the #ThatBusinessShow YouTube!

At 8AM, we were joined by Alex Sanchez and Rita Lowman! Alex Sanchez is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Florida Bankers Association. Rita Lowman is the Chief Operating Officer of Pilot Bank. This morning, Alex shared with the listeners the mission of the Florida Bankers Association. They spoke about Dodd Frank, and how in their opinions is damaging the banking industry here in Tampa Bay. Alex’s responsibilities include representing and advocating for Florida’s banking industry before all legislative and regulatory bodies in Tallahassee and in Washington, as the Florida Bankers Association is “the leading voice for Florida’s banking industry”. He was nominated by President George Bush and then President Barack Obama to continue his work for the Great State of Florida! Rita Lowman is the Chief Operating Officer for Pilot Bank.  Rita began leaving her footprint in the Banking Industry in the mid 70’s. Working tirelessly to champion her colleagues in the banking industry, she is proud that many are now leaders in several banks throughout Florida. With a philosophy to treat associates fairly, give them tools to succeed, and be a positive mentor, she empowers her team to function seamlessly and offer a superior client experience. As an effective teacher, she shares her knowledge, while encouraging input and listening to new ideas. Managing teams of 30 – 1,000 associates, she believes the success of the bank lies within the team. The secret to any good business is the collaboration of its internal teams. And that’s a great piece of #BusinessWisdom! If you wanted to tune in to the show, then head over to: now to get involved in the discussion! We had very great guests today, and a lot of fun. Be sure to check us out on the web, and you can find #ThatBusinessShow on Facebook at:! Also, if you liked today’s show, why not be part of tomorrows! Head over to: to learn how you can get involved!


Every Business Needs a Contract Lawyer – #FocusFriday on #ThatBusinessShow – Featuring Juliann Nichols, Lisa Wilcox, Madison Miller, and Dr. Ron Eccles

Every Business Needs a Contract Lawyer – #FocusFriday on #ThatBusinessShow – Featuring Juliann Nichols, Lisa Wilcox, Madison Miller, and Dr. Ron Eccles

Happy Friday and welcome to another #FocusFriday on #ThatBusinessShow where we work to help you #Focus on key areas within your business.  This week’s focus was on the importance of involving an attorney in your contracts with guest Lisa Wilcox.  She is the founder of Wilcox Law and an expert in contract law and international law too and her focus is on helping consumers for the last eight years through bad debt collections, foreclosure defense and faulty robo-dialing issues.  She also incorporates advising businesses on how to prevent them from getting into consumer debt issues.  “Every business needs a contract lawyer” states Lisa who advises that as a business you are not a consumer, you are a business and have less protection under the law.  A great tip in the #MorningDiscussion is to ensure your contracts have a provision to avoid a Telephone Consumer Protection Act Lawsuit which deals with robo-dialing issues centered on advertising or collections.  We hear about a recent lawsuit that affected Papa Johns in this area and it was the fault of their advertising agency too.  For businesses that are large, be sure you are familiar with skip tracing and are accurately dialing numbers so as to not end up on the line with a person to whom the debtors number was transferred also.  Lisa reminds us too that just because you are a new entity or a small company, that does not mean you cannot negotiate better terms in your contract and shares with us some examples of David vs Goliath in this segment.  A large portion of the discussion centered on upcoming changes to labor laws and we began with a discussion on what is a 1099 contractor’s definition and what is a w-2 employees definition.  The IRS estimates that 80% of workers classified as independent contractors are actually employees and the IRS has launched a massive new “misclassification initiative” that will target small business owners so it is imperative you have your agreements outlined in contracts and reviewed by an attorney such as Lisa to ensure compliance and avoid fines!!  As part of this crackdown, the Department of Labor has hired 100 new auditors solely to investigate misclassifications and state investigators are turning up the heat on employers too.  In closing, we touched on the question of the week which is up in the Facebook group, Focus Friday and asks – Does your business have a will?  Get involved in the discussion here and reach out to Lisa at 888-945-2695 or online at!  And a reminder Each Friday at 7am, we speak with Juliann Nichols, CEO of Focus on You Strategy and another guest about their challenges, successes and failures and how working with Juliann and utilizing her strategies helped get them over the humps in their business.  Check out and take advantage of one of her many CEO Exchanges to get a preview of how she can help Bring Out the CEO in You!  The next CEO Exchange is being held October 4th from 11am to 1pm at the C1 Bank in Hyde Park and you can register by clicking here!

Our 8am guest was Madison Miller, Cancer survivor and Founder of Spark the Way, a 501c3 that works to bring financial resources, and support to young victims battling Cancer.  Madison was diagnosed with cancer when she was 20 years old and that same month, cancer also  took  her grandfather’s life.  Not too soon after that her Grandmother was diagnosed with Cancer and still fighting to this day. In 2013, she was questioning God as to why she was afflicted so young and found solace in the Bible and his trustworthiness and her faith gave her the powerful ability not to fear cancer. She launched Spark the Way 2015 became an official 501(c)(3)!! In time, she hopes to accomplish a legacy that is about the people who Spark the Way impacts – the first generation of light-bearing, fearless fighters. Not in shining our own light, but in reflecting God’s. John 1:1-5.  She is hosting her Ignite the Light Gala on November 5th from 6pm to 9pm to raise funds and grants and awareness for young adult cancer and you can register online at Missed this inspirational story?  Find it online here and learn more about Spark the Way at!

Our next guest was Dr. Ron Eccles, Speaker, Coach and Business Trainer.  Dr. Ron is an accomplished entrepreneur having worked in many industries including Chiropractic, Real Estate Investments and Sales and was in studio today to talk about the 3 Principles in Business.  These were noted as do not limit yourself by your own personal health – meaning the stronger your personal health, the stronger your business will.  Second was a discussion on the Law of Sowing and Reaping and lastly a discussion of Spending vs. Investing.  Check out this discussion here and take advantage of Ron’s offer for serious entrepreneurs only – a free consultation by calling him at 484-515-4040 and learn more at!

Are you a business owner in the Tampa Bay area?  If you are, we invite you to apply for membership in Tampa Bay’s Premier Business Society, TBBO, the Tampa Bay Business Owners.  You can apply via this link and the investment is just $595 for the year or $59/monthly (one-time $250 startup fee) and includes many benefits outlined here .   Also as a promotion to prior radio show guests, if you join our business organization, you will be re-booked onto the program with the right to bring a guest of your choice to join alongside you.  This is a great perk for an existing client or you can use it to get your foot in the door with someone you are trying to establish business with by offering them something of value.  Many other benefits included on top of this so act today!!


Football and Family Resources on #ThatBusinessShow – Featuring Lisa Davis, Cindi Mainer, and John Gilmore Jr.

Welcome to another episode of #ThatBusinessShow, a positive show with a little something different each and every week day, as we bring in professionals and people who advocate for change in our community to come on the #MorningAir and showcase what it is they do! If that sounds interesting to you, feel free to head over to and fill out the contact form to speak to our Producers! Coming on the show today this lovely tuesday morning at 8am on #1250WHNZ was Lisa Davis, CEO of Family Resources, and accompanying her was the Director of Community Relations with Family Resources as well, Cindi Mainer! Tying everything together was John Gilmore Jr, Ex NFL Football player with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New Orleans Saints, and The Chicago Bears! Team Player, Team Leader, John is the leader of several companies under Gilmore Brands, becoming quite the Entrepreneur! If you missed today’s guests and the wonderful message that they were spreading, then head over to and go to the show info tab to see our podcasts and streamcasts! Alternatively, you can head to Jamie’s YouTube Channel at to watch any of the shows on demand!

our first two guests were Lisa Davis, CEO of Family Resources, and accompanying her was the Director of Community Relations for Family Resources as well, Cindi Mainer. Since 1970, Family Resources, Inc. has been the agency to turn to for crisis counseling, safe shelter and respite for runaway and homeless teens. Committed to strengthening families and building better communities by providing prevention, support and counseling to children, teens and families, Family Resources ‪#‎HelpsOurCity‬! Telling us the story of their origins in Clearwater as a helpline, Lisa David and Cindi Mainer had more ambition to actually physically help the young children, homeless mothers, and people in need in the community. Helping people that would otherwise be on their own, Family Resources does such good work for our community, opening shelters for LGBT youth that are abandoned by their families, to expecting young mothers who have nowhere else to turn, helping them to obtain the tools needed to continue education, build professional connections, and to have a chance at succeeding despite their disadvantages. The main mission of Family Resources with any person in need is to connect that person back to a solid tie with a permanent support system to ensure that the person will continue to grow, and we here at #ThatBusinessShow think that’s quite the noble cause. Please consider offering Family Resources your support on their upcoming Celebrity karaoke event which you can find more about at

Our next guest on the show was John Gilmore Jr, Ex NFL Football player with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New Orleans Saints, and The Chicago Bears! Team Player, Team Leader, John is the leader of several companies under Gilmore Brands. He is also a supporter of Family Resources, helping to organize more celebrity guests for their upcoming Karaoke event. Working together with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and even crossing the bridge to Baseball with the Tampa Bay Rays, John is helping to make this event something memorable which will help Family Resources immensely, as resources are always needed to help more people become a little more stable in their life, and to be safe. Coupled with his desire to always be more and do more, he found himself following in his father’s entrepreneurial footsteps. Shortly after retiring from the NFL, John became Principal Partner at Encore Select, LLC., a high quality custom framing and memorabilia wholesaler. He then opened up Encore Apparel, and followed again with Encore Promotions to wrap it all up! Learn more about John Gilmore Jr. and his success at!

As always, thank you for tuning into #ThatBusinessShow with Jamie Meloni on #1250whnz, weekdays at 8am. If you missed today’s show, you can always visit my website and see all of our shows on demand at or visit my YouTube channel at

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Freezing The Fat Off? #ThatBusinessShow – Featuring Frank Murphy and Kelly Woodruff

Happy Monday and welcome back to #ThatBusinessShow as we begin this new auspicious week! We had great interviews for the both of our guests here today, and remember – #ThatBusinessShow with your Host, Jamie Meloni is live every day on #1250whnz at 8am. You can also tune into the show at to catch the live stream! Our two excellent guests today were Frank Murphy, former NFL player and now Speaker and Author, and Kelly Woodruff, Business Development Manager with PureLife Medi-Spa. The two are quite passionate about what they do, and we had a wonderful discussion, so if you missed out, you can go check out today’s episode at Again, thanks for tuning into #ThatBusinessShow on #1250whnz every weekday at 8am as we promote our local community! If you wanted to come onto the show as a guest, head to and drop us a line!

Our first guest on today’s episode of #ThatBusinessShow was Frank Murphy, Former running back, wide receiver and return specialist for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Miami Dolphins and Houston Texans. Frank now spends his time mentoring the youth in our community on how to deal with bullying and pressure from bad influences. Mentoring athletes in football, he is creating a new culture of role models to enter the sports arena as leaders and not followers. As an Author and Producer, he wrote a play, “The Man Behind the Helmet’. The play starts a five-city tour on Oct. 3 at 6 p.m. in Tampa, at the Don Thompson Theater on North Boulevard. Other stops include Atlanta, Miami, Jacksonville and Houston. Learn more about Frank Murphy and his illustrious career and his upcoming ventures at or email him at!

Our next guest was kelly Woodruff, Business Development Manager with PureLife Medi-Spa. PureLife Medi-spa was founded by G. Joseph Fitzgerald, Jr., DO, who was actually on #ThatBusinessShow as well! They specialize in what they call “youth maintenance”, rather than “anti-aging” procedures. They offer a large range of services ranging from non-surgical cosmetic procedures to decadent facials. They also specialize in the newly popular cool sculpting procedure, which can literally freeze fat cells off and help a person lose inches on their figure! Jamie and Kelly spoke about this procedure, which you’ll certainly be hearing more about soon! They have a new MINICOOL tool which will soon allow people to reach even more sensitive areas like under the neck for that troublesome hard to lose fat! To introduce these new systems, they are offering an introductory pricing of 25%off. So make sure to check out PureLife Medi-Spa at!

As always, thank you for tuning into #ThatBusinessShow with Jamie Meloni on #1250whnz, weekdays at 8am. If you missed today’s show, you can always visit my website and see all of our shows on demand at or visit my YouTube channel.

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