Show Recap – Dancing Heads – Karaoke and Video Entertainment and The Remodeler’s Corner with Yeager and Company

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Today I welcomed Jody Feinroth, CEO and President of Dance Heads Florida South, LLC.  Dance Heads is a fun interactive karaoke and video mix that takes participants heads and superimposes them onto dancer’s bodies while you sing along with a selected song.  This is a great party idea and Jody has expanded the product into Japan, Puerto Rico and California.  Jody discovered the product in 2006 when the technology was featured at Universal Orlando and he has been developing and expanding the business ever since.  His company sets up at the Playboy Mansion each Halloween party and he discusses that on the show as well as his how the product is evolving and how it works.  Jody is also a principal partner in Dance Heads Recording, LLC which is a coin operated Dance Heads Booth and are distributed worldwide.  Jody is a lifelong entrepreneur emanating from Brooklyn and talks about his entrepreneurial path through hair salons and Tex Mex Restaurants before landing into the Dance Heads business.  Dance Heads is a great idea for your next party or event and event planners can license the product for their own use too.  Learn more at and Jody can be reached at 941-544-5753 or for more information!

The 2nd half of the show featured Jim Yeager of Yeager and Company with The Remodeler’s Corner.  Charlie the Plumber took the day off for a doctor’s appointment and was not in studio and Jim was joined in studio along with his hardwood flooring refinishing expert Bob Larkin and trainee Travis Scott.  Travis is a recent hire that Jim is helping make the transition from Paris Island to Private Industry (PI to PI program) and Jim encourages other employers to get involved with him to assist our returning Military Veterans get acclimated back inside private industry.  Jim discusses the history of the company which is 70 years old and founded in Philadelphia and Jim now runs the company as the third generation of ownership.  Bob Larkin and I discuss some of the specifics of hardwood flooring on the segment and he shares some great maintenance tips and specifics of the differing products on the marketplace.  Charlie the Plumber checks in via phone line in the closing minutes of the show with a quick couple of lines and promises to be back in studio next week – be sure to visit for all your flooring and remodeling needs and be sure to mention the radio show for a great deal on your next project!  Jim can also be reached at 813-918-2737 or email at!

Jody FeinrothJim Yeager

Show Recap – Lobbyist Talk with Ron Pierce and Women Building Futures Program with Luis Rodriguez

I hope everyone had a safe and fun 4th of July weekend and #ThatBusinessShow launches week 23 this week with another all star cast of entrepreneurs and community leaders.  The show which airs weekdays at 8am on 1250WHNZ can be seen On Demand all over the web including and on SoundCloud at as well as on iTunes and via the show info tab!

Opening up the show today was Ron Pierce, President of RSA Consulting Group, LLC.  Ron has extensive experience in the Florida Legislature were he worked in 1998 as a District Legislative Assistant in the State House, and in 2000, joined Senator Tom Lee’s team including a role as Policy Advisor from 2004 to 2006.  Today, Ron has taken his skills in community service, public relations and communications and serves as a lobbyist to a number of area businesses including the Tampa Bay Lightning, Pepin Distribution Company, the Pittsburgh Pirates and Moffitt Cancer Center just to name a few.  His firm is a general lobbying firm and serves companies and organizations of all interests.

Ron shares some of what it is like to work at the State Capital in Tallahassee and also dispels some of the rhetoric that the government is highly partisan, sharing with us that the government is more in sync than what its constituents believe.  Due in large part to 24 hour media cycles, we often do not hear of the cohesiveness, just the partisan politics because that is what draws ratings.  Ron also stressed that business leaders need to get involved in their local Chambers of Commerce to ensure their interests are heard and met up in Tallahassee.  Learn more about Ron and his company at and Ron can be reached at 813-777-5578 or if your business or organization is in need of representation!

My second guest on the program was Luis Rodriguez, Program Manager for the Women Building Futures Program at the Centre For Women. Founded in 1977, the Centre For Women has assisted tens of thousand of women through many programs including programs centered around family dispute issues, employment, and business development.  Luis was on the program today to talk about their latest program which launches July 22nd designed to teach women the construction industry trade.  Through a grant from The Department of Housing and Urban Development, The Centre For Women is able to offer this new program to under-privileged women looking to gain entry into the construction trade.  Through their 10 week program, not only will the participant develop useful skills and knowledge but also a safety certificate from OSHA that is of value to Contractor employers and typically a $100 cost, of which is picked up by the Centre For Women.  The only requirements for participants is that they are under-employed and living in Hillsborough County outside of Tampa City Limits.  Interested women should reach out to Luis directly at 813-232-3200 Ext 233 or email at and you can learn more at!

Luis Rodriguez Ron Pierce