From Business Divorce Law to Versatile Salons, #ThatBusinessShow with Travis Godwin and Wendy Bernhard

Happy monday and welcome to another week of #ThatBusinessShow with Jamie Meloni on #1250whnz every weekday at 8am! You can hear our show live at #1250whnz or listen to all of the shows on demand at, or watch the live video at my YouTube channel on Today marks the nearly 2 year anniversary of #ThatBusinessShow! Discussing that with me was our lovely co-host, Stella Guidicelli. Stella insists that we have a party so we will keep you all updated on that! Opening the show, me and Stella have a bit of chit chat before the first segment with Travis Godwin with Shankman Leone Attorneys. On the second segment of the show, we had with us Wendy Bernhard, Property Manager with My Salon Suite. #ThatBusinessShow with Jamie Meloni opening up another great day! Make sure to tune into the show on #1250whnz! Remember that you can listen to all of our shows at!

With us on the first segment was Travis Godwin, an attorney with Shankman Leone Attorneys. Travis has many years of experience with county, state, and even federal courts. Discussing the legal intricacies of owning a business correctly, Travis described Shankman Leone attorneys as a firm that, “can take your business from genesis to destruction.” With a description like that, I would hate to be on the opposite side of them! Travis discussed with us the new tax regulations and adjustments that homeowners are already getting in their mailboxes and what to expect in the future. He also spoke with us about the entrepreneurial side of things, telling us how businesses often fail due to faulty paperwork made in the beginning stages of the company. He told us of an example where partners were very engaged in the business, but after time they broke up and the business went under because the proper separation arrangements weren’t in place. You can learn more about Travis and Shankman Leone Attorneys at 813-223-1099 or email him at Visit his website at! He offered us many great tips and you can catch them all on #ThatBusinessShow with Jamie Meloni. If you missed the episode, check out to listen to them all on demand!

Coming on the second segment was Wendy Bernhard, Property Manager with My Salon Suite. Wendy is a true entrepreneur, working for 15 years in the corporate scheme and deciding that she wanted to be her own boss! That’s what we love here on #ThatBusinessShow, people who strive to make their lives better through entrepreneurship! She described to us how My Salon Suite isn’t your usual salon, that individual salon professionals can have their own fully stocked spaces and essentially be their own bosses! For the salon professionals, My Salon Suite offers them a chance to have the “freedom, flexibility, and control” that many entrepreneurs seek! And for the customer, My Salon Suite offers a unique experience, being in a more private and comfortable are, and giving the customer access from everything from hair coloring all the way to Botox under one roof! At their Palm harbor location there is an open house for the public on October 19th! Check that out and Learn more about Wendy and My Salon Suite at 813-602-1677 or email her at Visit their site at!

As always, thank you for tuning into #ThatBusinessShow with Jamie Meloni on #1250whnz, weekdays at 8am. If you missed today’s show, you can always visit my website and see all of our shows on demand at or visit my YouTube channel at

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Show Recap – Tampa City Councilman Harry Cohen on Stormwater Issues and Expert Contributor Westfall Roofing

#ThatBusinessShow wraps up week 26 today and wishes all a great weekend.  Remember to find the show on weekdays at 8am on 1250WHNZ and all shows available On Demand all over the web including and on my YouTube channel at and email for sponsorship and guest opportunities!

Today I welcomed City of Tampa Councilman, Harry Cohen to the show.  Harry is Chair Pro Tem, District 4 and a member of a number of Committees including Chairing the Council’s Finance Committee and is Vice Chair of the Public Safety & City Council Transportation Committees to name a few.  Prior to his role in public service, Harry was the Chief Deputy Clerk of the Circuit Court for Hillsborough County and is now in his 2nd term as City of Tampa Councilman.

In the opening segment, Harry talks about the storm water drainage issues that plague the City, most notably in the South Tampa neighborhoods.  He explains the solution to the problem which involves the use of large culverts that will store the water under the streets and allow the water to drain off in a timely manner beneath the streets rather than on them.  The Council will be proposing a storm water assessment increase in the coming month to cover the costs of the solution and Harry also explains how the issue not only affects South Tampa, but the entire City.  City of Tampa residents currently have an assessment for this on their tax bills that equals roughly $3/month and the proposed increase is projected now to be around $15/month to cover the full costs of the solution.  The referendum is not passed yet and input from City residents is encouraged so please get involved in your community if you have concerns or other input to offer.  Look out for Harry on future shows of #ThatBusinessShow as he will be in from time to time talking about the City and all the exciting growth going on in the area!

On the 2nd half of the show, Expert Contributor and long time supporter of the show, Ryan Westfall, joined the show.  Ryan is the Owner of Westfall Roofing, a family owned business based in Tampa and they have been in business for over 20 years with Ryan taking a leadership role in 2008 after graduating from Eckerd College.  The company was a recipient of the 2014 Angie’s List Super Service Award and GAF’s Triple Excellence Award and Ryan was recently featured as an up and coming roofing contractor in the nationally publiched Roofing Contractor Magazine.

Ryan shares some of the ways he has helped grow the company through technology where other vendors have neglected technology advancements.  Through the use of cloud-based computing, Westfall Roofing is able to give their customers instant quotes/bids, photos and warranty information in a quick, easy to access location instead of the piles of papers that many vendors dump on their customers.  The company today has a full staff and many crews with 50 people on staff and is ready for your roofing job today!  Reach out to Ryan and Westfall Roofing at 813-448-3633 or email at and learn more at!

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