Must Have Financial Tips With Kai Yaniz On #ThatBusinessShow With Jamie Meloni

Today on #ThatBusinessShow with Jamie Meloni, on #1250whnz every weekday at 8am, we had Kai Yaniz, Managing Member & Financial Coach on as a guest from Vault Key Financial Coaching and Education. Regrettably, we missed our favorite #AmericanPlumber due to some flooding difficulties in rainy South Tampa. So in his stead, my producer Josh stepped up! Josh and I brushed on the latest shooting tragedy. It was truly a sad event, and Josh and I were discussing a few of our personal thoughts and opinions on the matter. Josh has experience as a cameraman ranging from covering news stories to concerts, so he was personally touched by the tragedy.

Moving on to a more light topic on the second segment, we had Kai Yaniz from Vault Key Financial Coaching and Education. Kai is a Financial Coach with many years of experience in coaching people to get out of debt and develop a better relationship with their money. She discussed with us the intricacies of credit and of saving money, which can actually be fun! Together we discussed some of the few reasons why Americans get in debt so often! She gave us a few inside tips on how to avoid debt so make sure you go to to get that information! We brushed on how debt tends to effect all aspects of a person’s life, regarding personal habits with spending leading to unhappiness and more debt,and how the stress of poor financial management can harm relationships. We even brushed a little bit on the investment world, which of course she is familiar with! Kai shared with us her favorite money management app, Acorn, available on the iTunes and android app stores. We all know that finances can be a little scary sometimes, but a guiding hand like Kai can go a long way! If you want to find out more about Kai Yaniz and her expertise with Vault Key Financial Coaching and Education, you can visit their site at; or contact kai at 813-217-1072 or email her at

As always, thank you for tuning into #ThatBusinessShow with Jamie Meloni on #1250whnz, weekdays at 8am. If you missed today’s show, you can always visit my website and see all of our shows on demand at or visit my YouTube channel at

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Show Recap – Michael Murphy Art Gallery and #AmericanPlumber Gets Off The Chain with Topher Morrison!

Today on #ThatBusinessShow, things got a little off topic as #AmericanPlumber joined the conversation with co-Host Topher Morrison, Managing Director of Key Person of Influence and in studio guest Michael Murphy, Owner of the Michael Murphy Gallery located at  2701 S MacDill Ave Tampa,. FL.  The show, which airs weekdays at 8am on #1250WHNZ can be found On Demand at and also on my YouTube channel located here –  The show is always looking for material and guests too, please email for more information!

The show kicked off with Michael Murphy as guest with a focus on his Art Gallery with a lot of colorful commentary thrown in from Topher and #AmericanPlumber who was just off camera for the opening segment.  Michael Murphy and his business provide elegant, timeless artwork for their clients and Michael has been in the Art business for 25 years.  Michael is also a well known Tampa socialite and we all share some good laughs on the Tampa Bay art scene and a brief discussion of what is and what is not art.  Please vote for him to win ANOTHER Posh Pick Award Dupont Registry Luxury Living Tampa Bay here at Learn more about Michael and his gallery at and he can be reached at 813-902-1414 or email at for more information!

The second segment saw #AmericanPlumber join the conversation front and center as it never takes much to excite and rile up Charlie the Plumber.  With tonight’s first Republic Presidential Debate on the horizon, we discussed his support of current front runner Donald Trump.  The conversation goes sideways on many different levels as co-Host Topher Morrison also joins in on the discussion.  I should mention that Stella Giudicelli was also in studio today but the antics of #AmericanPlumber left her a bit scared I believe (not really, but she just sat back and listened mostly).

On a side note, Topher will be having a ribbon cutting ceremony on Thursday, August 13th from 4pm to 7pm at 412 E Madison St Suite 800 in Tampa and Mayor Bob Buckhorn will be in attendance.  This is to celebrate the opening of their new office location along with My Easy Mortgage, EDGE Business Community and YMMY Marketing and 400 people are expected in attendance.  Any interest in going, please email for more information!

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Show Recap – Tampa City Councilman Harry Cohen on Stormwater Issues and Expert Contributor Westfall Roofing

#ThatBusinessShow wraps up week 26 today and wishes all a great weekend.  Remember to find the show on weekdays at 8am on 1250WHNZ and all shows available On Demand all over the web including and on my YouTube channel at and email for sponsorship and guest opportunities!

Today I welcomed City of Tampa Councilman, Harry Cohen to the show.  Harry is Chair Pro Tem, District 4 and a member of a number of Committees including Chairing the Council’s Finance Committee and is Vice Chair of the Public Safety & City Council Transportation Committees to name a few.  Prior to his role in public service, Harry was the Chief Deputy Clerk of the Circuit Court for Hillsborough County and is now in his 2nd term as City of Tampa Councilman.

In the opening segment, Harry talks about the storm water drainage issues that plague the City, most notably in the South Tampa neighborhoods.  He explains the solution to the problem which involves the use of large culverts that will store the water under the streets and allow the water to drain off in a timely manner beneath the streets rather than on them.  The Council will be proposing a storm water assessment increase in the coming month to cover the costs of the solution and Harry also explains how the issue not only affects South Tampa, but the entire City.  City of Tampa residents currently have an assessment for this on their tax bills that equals roughly $3/month and the proposed increase is projected now to be around $15/month to cover the full costs of the solution.  The referendum is not passed yet and input from City residents is encouraged so please get involved in your community if you have concerns or other input to offer.  Look out for Harry on future shows of #ThatBusinessShow as he will be in from time to time talking about the City and all the exciting growth going on in the area!

On the 2nd half of the show, Expert Contributor and long time supporter of the show, Ryan Westfall, joined the show.  Ryan is the Owner of Westfall Roofing, a family owned business based in Tampa and they have been in business for over 20 years with Ryan taking a leadership role in 2008 after graduating from Eckerd College.  The company was a recipient of the 2014 Angie’s List Super Service Award and GAF’s Triple Excellence Award and Ryan was recently featured as an up and coming roofing contractor in the nationally publiched Roofing Contractor Magazine.

Ryan shares some of the ways he has helped grow the company through technology where other vendors have neglected technology advancements.  Through the use of cloud-based computing, Westfall Roofing is able to give their customers instant quotes/bids, photos and warranty information in a quick, easy to access location instead of the piles of papers that many vendors dump on their customers.  The company today has a full staff and many crews with 50 people on staff and is ready for your roofing job today!  Reach out to Ryan and Westfall Roofing at 813-448-3633 or email at and learn more at!

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Show Recap – Self Driving Cars & Much More with Tim Schock and Charlie the Plumber!

#AmericanPlumber aka Charlie the Plumber joined me in studio today as co-host and part of our weekly #TheRemodelersCorner feature brought to us by Jim Yeager of Yeager and Company, a third generation flooring and remodeling company in Odessa, FL – be sure to visit for all  your flooring and remodeling needs and mention the radio show for a great deal on your next project!

The show, airing weekdays at 8am on 1250WHNZ can be found all over social media as well as my website at and be sure to like me on Facebook at for all the show updates and more!

My guest today was Tim Schock, Founder and President of Lightning Capital Consulting, a management and business strategy consulting firm providing services to private equity and investment clients. Tim joined us in studio today to discuss an area he is a frequent speaker of which was the transportation industry, specifically we covered mostly autonomous vehicle technology, aka self driving cars.  Within the transportation sector, Tim was Vice President and Southeast Regional Manager for TransCore, a transporation system company providing system development for tolling (Sunpass), traffic management, and freight and rail services.

Tim speaks of the different levels of autonomous technology on the marketplace of which Levels 1&2 are actively available and consist of basic safety features such as cruise control and automated braking in the event the driver does not react quickly enough.  At level 4 is where we find Google who is in the news from to time with their completely autonomous vehicle and we touch on that topic as well on the show.  We discussed some of the many issues surrounding autonomous vehicles beyond just the obvious safety concerns such as liability issues in the event of an accident; is the manufacturer or the owner liable,  and also the disruptiveness that this type of technology would have on jobs within the industry.

The show is highly segment and entertaining as #AmericanPlumber chimes in with much color commentary and takes us off topic a few times with some rants but that is expected when #AmericanPlumber is in studio.  Be sure follow him on Twitter @charliezplumber and use his hashtag to tag him in Social Media posts to agree or disagree with him, we love to hear it either way.

For more information on Tim and his business, visit and please tune into the show weekdays at 8am on #1250WHNZ!

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