The Best Bet Featuring Jamall Anderson and Ernest Hooper!

Youth athletes whose skills destine them for College and Professional play are presented with a unique set of challenges unbeknownst to others. Oftentimes an athletic star from their earliest years, they are accustomed to success and the extent of their challenges disappear after they exit the playing field. Shielded by their parents, many are held on track during their youth only to digress down the road when the reigns are removed and they are faced with making decisions on their own. Our guest today, Jamall Anderson, was presented with this path in life and shared his story with our audience today on #ThatBusinessShow. He was joined alongside Ernest Hooper who co-Authored his story, The Best Bet, and is a well-known columnist for the Tampa Bay Times.

Jamall ascended to stardom in the early 90s as a football star in the Tampa Bay area and played his High School career at Hillsborough High School. As a standout running back, Jamall would take his talents to Boston College with aspirations of joining the NFL only to be de-railed by an addiction to gambling and credit card fraud that led to his release from the team in 1996. Jamall explains how a simple bet led to bigger and bigger problems and how the highs he normally got from the football field were replaced by this new high. The addiction would carry forward to the point that he began to bet against his own team and as the problem developed the issue of what it was covering came into play.

Depression masks itself in many forms and Jamall talks about how these feelings began to take over and that gambling and credit cards were an outlet for release. Misunderstood by many, friends and family oftentimes have difficulty recognizing this as a cause for abnormal behavior and thus the problem deepens. Ernest shares with us a sense of regret as he recalled covering his dominance as a High School player only to see the deterioration in College and how he neglected reaching out to him for support. Today the two are close friends and wrote The Best Bet for student athletes to know they are not alone in facing these challenges as well as for the youth to better prepare them for the road that lie ahead. It is a must read for the parents and coaches of our student athletes too and can be found here on Amazon and is also available in storefronts at Barnes and Nobles. They also have a Facebook page setup here and ask that you extend them a “like” to support their mission.

Today, Jamall is a Youth Minister, a talent that was secondary to his skills as a football star as a youth, but today is now forefront in his career. With a skill and passion for ministry, today he works with youth in finding God and their own paths in life!  Find this interview and many more at as well as at!


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