International and Cooperative Real Estate in Tampa Bay – #ThatBusinessShow – Featuring Alexander Szinegh, Brian Chapman, and Maura Sweeney

Good Morning! Thank you for tuning in to another great episode of That Business Show with Jamie and Kelly! This morning first thing on the show, we encouraged our #Entrepreneurial Listeners to go ahead and check out the Tampa Bay Business Owners, one of the best (if not THE) networking groups in Tampa Bay, with a focus on education and collaboration, with many events based on engaging our members to collaborate with each other and to stimulate and exchange business in-between them. You can check out The Tampa Bay Business Owners at:! We also have an upcoming Business Symposium, which is a full day of education and networking! Make sure to take advantage of our strategic alliance to meet new business professionals. Also check out our business marketplaces, ranging from our special Shark Tank Panelists to new and Local Innovative Companies. We also are featuring four breakout educational sessions, focusing on business exit strategies, podcasting, LinkedIn ads, Sales Strategies, and Growing your Business from scratch! This is an all-day event with 400 plus members and the public planned to attend. You won’t want to miss this one! The Business symposium is happening this Friday, October 28th, at 9AM to 3PM! You can learn more and get your ticket at: now! On the show at 7AM, Jamie Meloni and Kelly Wilson invited Alexander Szinegh, the Florida Regional Owner of Cooperative Real Estate – Tampa Bay! At 8AM, we invited Brian Chapman, CEO of MBI Worldwide, and Maura Sweeney, Author, Podcaster, International Speaker, Huffington Post Contributor, and the Ambassador of Happiness to the show! If you missed out on this morning’s show, take some time and get tuned in at: or at Jamie Meloni’s YouTube Channel at:!

Our first and only guest on the 7AM Hour was Alexander Szinegh, the Florida Regional Owner of Cooperative Real Estate – Tampa Bay; and also a real rags to riches success story. With only a grade 10 education, this Hungarian immigrant has overcome a multitude of obstacles. He is now a Best Selling Author, “Speaking of Success” with Ken Blanchard, Jack Canfield, Stephen R Covey, “Hey…are you talkin’ to me” with Dr. Rohm, “Everything is subject to change” with Greg S. Reid. Alex is a Certified Personality Behavior Consultant. Alex is a Trainer, International Real Estate Developer, Entrepreneur and a Performance Coach. His is a story that several Business Owners in our community can understand, emigrating from a distant country to this one, overcoming any obstacles in his way; always sharpening his eye for business. You can find out more about Alexander and Cooperative Real Estate Tampa Bay at:!

Brian D. Chapman is the CEO of MBI Worldwide, and joined the #MorningDiscussion with Jamie and Kelly at 8AM! Brian Chapman has been with MBI Worldwide since its inception in 1998 and today he serves as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Chapman is an author, speaker and expert witness in issues pertaining to employee background screening, FCRA and compliance.  Chapman is responsible for fine-tuning MBI Worldwide into a national brand and leader in employment background screening. MBI Worldwide is an Employee Background Check Company offering compliant employment screening and safe hiring management solutions. They run pretty much every screening in the book, and we went into how what they do can affect your business; including down time, forgeries, and even crime! With this day and age, one can’t be too precautious. Learn more about Brian Chapman and MBI Worldwide at:!

Our last guest on the #TampaBay #MorningAir was Maura Sweeney, Author, Podcaster, International Speaker, Huffington Post Contributor, and the Ambassador of Happiness! Maura Sweeney is the Trademarked Ambassador of Happiness transforming her “Living Happy – Inside Out” mantra into a global business. A popular media guest featured in over 150 media outlets in the U.S. and abroad, Maura is also a lecturer on Influence and Leadership. She recently released her Foundations of Happiness eCourse, an immersive, multi-media self-study for emotional intelligence. What do people really want, you may wonder? Maura went through her 5 points: 1. Healthy Relationships, 2. Peace of Mind, 3. Freedom, 4. Purpose and Fulfillment, and 5. Personal Confidence. If you’ve got these down, then you’re on the right path. Next question, why is happiness so important to business and society? For this one, you’re going to have to #TuneIN to the show! Learn more and catch the show, available at a few places included but not limited to:, Jamie’s YouTube Channel at:, and Maura’s Website at:! #AmbassadorOfHappiness

Thank you for tuning in to the show, every weekday at 7AM to 9AM on the #Entrepreneur’s Channel: 1250WHNZ AM! Remember that we also have our weekly specials available for you to check out to highlight different business communities here in the bay area, including #WorkingWomenWednesday, #TBBOTuesday, #AmbassadorMonday, #TechThursday, and #FocusFriday! And no worries if you don’t have a working radio, you can always catch the live streams of the show at:!

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