Developing Your Business Brand – #ThatBusinessShow on #WorkingWomenWednesday – Featuring Jessica Rivelli, Kristi Campbell, Anddrikk Frazier, Haley Norman, and Jessica Frigo

Developing Your Business Brand – #ThatBusinessShow on #WorkingWomenWednesday – Featuring Jessica Rivelli, Kristi Campbell, Anddrikk Frazier, Haley Norman, and Jessica Frigo

#ThatBusinessShow is back! And we welcome you to our weekly segment: #WorkingWomenWednesday! #ThatBusinessShow is proud to support the entrepreneurial spirit in tampa bay, and we do our part by letting entrepreneurs showcase their talents on the #MorningAir! If you wanted to come on the show and be interviewed by Jamie Meloni to discuss everything about your business, then you can head to:! As for today’s show, you can head over to to get #TunedIN! On the 7AM Hour, we welcomed Kristi Campbell, Franchise Owner of Home Instead Senior Care here in Tampa Bay and Brandon! We also had Anddrikk Frazier, Managing Partner of Integral Energy. On the 8AM Hour, Haley Norman, Managing Partner of Metajourn. If you missed the show, you can check out our iTunes feed at:!

Our first guest on the #TampaBay #MorningAir at 7AM was Kristi Campbell, Franchise Owner of Home Instead Senior Care, here in the bay and in the City of Brandon. She is dedicated to bringing your loved ones a sense of independence and family that comes with quality ‪#‎SeniorCare. Kristi Campbell knows that by 2020, the number of seniors will equal the number to 20 to 35 year olds. Because of this, she brought Home Instead Senior Care to the Brandon area, helping for years. The Brandon Home Instead Senior Care Family has a passionate desire to be your trusted source in keeping your aging loved ones happy, fully assisted, and cared for. On the show, Kristi discusses topics ranging from Alzheimer’s, when your senior loved one should drive, and even touches on dementia. If you want to #TuneIN to this vital information and find out more about what Home Instead Senior Care can do for you, head over to:!

Our second guest on the show was Anddrikk Frazier, Managing Partner of Integral Energy. Anddrikk has nearly 20 years of experience in the energy business providing services in power production, project management, station construction, natural gas and business development. As the Managing Partner of Integral Energy, he manages company operations and direction, and develops and fosters strategic partnerships. Previously, he held roles at Trillium CNG in business development and at TECO Energy’s subsidiaries, Tampa Electric and Peoples Gas. He received a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from the University of South Florida. He discussed his role in Integral Energy, and the Central Florida Clean Cities Coalition. To find out more and get engaged in the discussion, head over to:!

At the 8AM Hour, we welcomed the start of #WorkingWomenWednesday on #ThatBusinessShow! The Working Women of Tampa Bay Group has a mission, a mission to Motivate, Educate, and Inspire Women Entrepreneurs to become better business leaders, and to facilitate growth in our community! ” We are a savvy and supportive community of entrepreneurial women. Together we create the synergy that enables each of us to achieve more than we ever could alone. With stunning energy and focus, our goal is to help educate, motivate and inspire female professionals and women business owners.” –Jessica Rivelli, Founder and CEO

We welcomed Hayley Norman to the show, and Haley is a Managing Partner of Metajourn. Hayley is a recognized consultant, executive coach, published author and speaker on visionary leadership and strategic talent development. She brings more than 20 years in global sales, talent development, and leadership experience. Hayley has extensive expertise in working closely and strategically with a wide range of clients and has held key leadership roles in sales, training, and marketing. Hayley authored a professional development book, The Career Compass, to help organizations realize winning strategies in successful mentoring relationships.  Published in 2011, The Career Compass sold over 2,000 copies within the first six months of release. And that’s a #BusinessSuccess! To find out more about Metajourn, head over to:!

Our last guest this morning on #WorkingWomenWednesday was Jessica Frigo, Founder/CEO of J|F Strategic Brand Development. Jessica definitely saw a #Entrepreneurial Opportunity when others just saw social media. Jessica has over ten years of digital marketing experience. When Facebook was first created and you had to have a “.edu” email address to create an account- she was already building her friends list and moving people over from MySpace. She was able to create interest for her friends’ bands, small businesses, and local events by utilizing Facebook networking.   Facebook has evolved over the years, and she too has evolved and continues to evolve her digital marketing strategies alongside it. To get in contact with Jessica and to find out more, head to:!

If you missed the show, don’t be shy, #TuneIN! You can find the show at Jamie Meloni’s YouTube at:! And once again, thank you for joining the #MorningDiscussion on #WorkingWomenWednesday!