Key Connections With Jamie Meloni -#ThatBusinessShow #TBBOTuesday – Featuring Dianne Allen, Wendy Long, Matt Ashwood, Steve Cohn, and Debra Palmer

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Our opening guest today was Dianne Allen, Founder of Visions Applied.  While many think that her company refers to optics in some way, it does not and is a mentorship and assistance program she offers to people to help them find their happiness in life.  You may think of it as life coaching, but Dianne says her program is unique, offering focused solutions for action that yield powerful results for each participant in an uplifting, action oriented and safe environment.  Working towards the values of creativity, open mindedness, action, authenticity and education, Dianne has helped thousands find their paths in life over 30 years in business.  Her powerful corporate presentations are part of her many years of mentoring gifted adults in the workplace and the family. She has been featured on CBS and CNN as well as the Discovery Channel. She is the author of two books: How to Quit Anything in 5 Simple Steps and The Loneliness Cure: A Guide to Contentment.  Jamie and Dianne discussed The Loneliness Cure on the segment too and Dianne identifies that many people are lonely despite being in loving households and accomplished careers.  More and more she is seeing loneliness come to those younger and they share a discussion on the effects of technology on this.  “It’s about finding the thing in life that fills the void you are filling” states Dianne.  Whether personal, spiritual or professional, many of us have a void we are trying to fill and oftentimes do not understand what that void is.  That is where Dianne comes in.  She is an effective listener and she and Jamie share a great discussion on how this skill is often under-utilized and poorly understood, that is one of her keys to success.  She also touches on the 5 simple steps to quit anything in the closing moments too, the subject of her other book.  Both books can be found in traditional book stores such as Barnes and Nobles and available online here  If you are filling void in your life and need guidance, reach out to Dianne today at 727-744-5852 and learn more at

In the 7:30 spot, we welcomed returning guest Wendy Long to the program.  Wendy took a turn out of corporate Human Resources work over a year ago to open the La Dee Da Kids Spa located at 2250 State Road 580 in Dunedin.  Wendy sought out the concept of bringing a child’s imagination to reality while capturing those memories through photographic images. With a passion for photography and art, a fun-loving spirit and having two toddlers of her own, she combined her experiences and came up with LaDee-Da Kids Spa!  The spa offers traditional services geared towards children including haircuts, manicures and pedicures and they offer off-site services too for children’s parties including bringing characters to life to fascinate the children?  Offering a variety of packages including mommy-daughter days, her facility has services for both children and adults.  She also has event room space on site and has held many children parties at the business.  Consider them for your next event or for a relaxing day with the children.  She can be reached at 727-301-1808 or online at!

In the closing segment of the 7am hour, we featured our #What’sTrending segment featuring social media expert Matt Ashwood.  A recent implant into the Presidential race through social media channels, Matt joined us in studio to discuss that decision.  In fun, Matt decided to add levity to the 1st Presidential debate last night by posting his photo in Presidential pose with the caption Ashwood 2016 to take away from the negativity on the social media feeds over the debates.  Josh shares with us his efforts to locate a T-Rex too last night at the mall, of which he documented on Facebook at the same time as the debate, thus adding his influence to the heated debates online.  Matt fills us in that the multiple posts by Josh on Facebook would have been much better served up as an Instagram story, a good takeaway from this segment.  Matt also talks about the direction Twitter is taking and how they are likely to sell soon in the future.  Check Matt out online at!

Our 8am guest was Steve Cohn.  Steve is a licensed agent with US Health Advisors here in Tampa where he specializes in lower-premium, $0 deductible health plans for individuals, families and small groups.  He explains that many people are frustrated with their health insurance plans with their high monthly premiums and high deductibles and how that the ACA (ObamaCare) plans have already announced huge increases for 2017 (20% – 40% and more) and that many plans no longer available.

The alternative is US Health Group with their lower premium, $0 deductible and $0 co-pay major medical-type health plans for relatively healthy people.  According to Steve, most save $2,000 – $3,000 per year.  US Health Group won “Insurance Company of the Year” from the American Business Awards this year for its innovative plans that combat the frustration of the ACA Marketplace plans.  You do not have to wait for Open Enrollment either to take advantage of their plans.  Steve invites you to contact him via phone for more information and to apply – find him at 813-777-2506 or online at!

Our last guest on the #MorningDiscussion was returning guest and TBBO member Debra Palmer.  Debra Palmer has been a business services entrepreneur in the Tampa Bay Area since 1988 and in 2013, she was introduced to the concept of third party inventories and spent extensive time researching the industry. Through exhaustive research and direct communications with individuals who had experienced losses and endured the claims process of their insurance companies without up to date documentation to substantiate equitable settlements, Debra realized the need for inventory professionals in the Tampa Bay Area.  Today she is a Certified Inventory Specialist and Founder of Palmer Home and Business Inventory Professionals.  Debra shares with us how for as low as $399, you can begin to document the items in your home and have them stored in a cloud for easy documentation in the event of a disaster.  “It’s not enough just to videotape your home” she says.  In the event of an insurance claim, you need to have photographs of individual items with receipts to get reimbursed.  She shares with us a story of someone impacted by a disaster and the difficulties she had in getting reimbursed due to the lack of documentation to provide to the insurance company.  Debra solves this and once set up, you can begin to manage the portal of your documents online or continue to use her services to manage it for you.  Taking great care to ensure your privacy, this is a great service that is oftentimes never even known to exist until it is too late.  Get in touch with her at 813-308-9727 and learn more at!

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