Power Skills – A Discussion on #ThatBusinessShow – Featuring Sheryl Nicholson, Susan Garrett, Marc Poling, and Ashley Butler

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Opening up the program today was returning guest Sheryl Nicholson.  As a top rated speaker and author, Sheryl Nicholson, has earned her Certified Speaking Professional designation that is given to the top 5% in the industry. Clients include The CIA, Government agencies, and emerging businesses and she is considered a people productivity expert who develops people skills – often mistakenly called “soft skills” that she called instead POWER SKILLS. She was in studio today to talk about how to improve your speaking and presentation skills starting with a discussion on how she caters her talks to her client’s needs.  Many speakers have a few keynote speeches ready to use but she does not take that direction, again customizing her speeches to meet the audience she is talking to.  She shares with us a number of techniques to ease yourself on stage including “hooking” whereby you cross your arms, hook your fingers under your elbows, breathe and imagine a scene that makes you happy and thus “hook” yourself to that location.  This will relax and ease you into your speaking presentation.  She also discussed how to anchor yourself to a position on stage and avoid crossing the stage during your presentation.  Some speakers are known for their on stage movements but unless you are moving throughout a crowd, the effect is often to minimize your impact.  Regarding questions, she recommends the speaker to have the audience text in questions throughout the discussion and then you can pick and choose what questions to incorporate into your discussion too.  With over 30 years of speaking experience, Sheryl can be contacted for your next speaking engagement.  Get in touch with her at 727-678-6707 or femalespeaker@gmail.com and learn more at www.sheryl.com!

At 7:30, we welcomed Susan Garrett, Program Director from the St. Petersburg College Workforce Institute.  The SPC’s Workforce Institute is the non-degree seeking department of the college and focuses on professional training and certifications.  They offer training in 85 industry recognized certifications in high-demand business sectors such as Information and Innovative Technologies, Manufacturing, Business and Finance, Health Care, Supply Chain, and Public Safety.  The department works with new students first on an assessment to help them identify a career path for those unsure.  Once enrolled, students can take advantage of a variety of benefits including Job Preparation and Placement, Resume Assistance, Interview Preparation, LinkedIn profile development, Job Search Strategies and more.  Available funding sources for students that were discussed were WIOA, Youth Connect, and the Pinellas Opportunity Council.  The department also offers corporate training for companies who want to train groups of employees.  This is customizable and available at SPC or at the company.   SPC is also part of the Global Corporate College, a network of 50 colleges and universities across the United States committed to delivering consistent high-quality training.  Think of it as a one-stop training solution for companies with multiple locations.  The college also has collaborative labs which function as your business team’s idea incubator, creative studio, business laboratory and planning factory.  You can map hundreds of activities and then see the whole plan at once.  It is web-based and real-time records capture team solutions and deliverables.  A team of facilitators is available to employ a systematic approach to orienting your team to the situation — exploring new options, studying relevant trends and data, building models for addressing the challenge, testing these models, and facilitating the implementation for the most robust ideas.  Other benefits include a cartoonist (yes a cartoonist),  Interactive smart boards, video conferencing, LCD projectors/screens, plasma display, Wi-Fi, internet phone, color printers, music system, RF voting devices, digital video recorders, digital cameras, and groupware.  The Workforce Institute is holding a Healthcare Professions Expo on October 7th from 11am to 3pm including information on phlebotomy tech courses, CAN to CMA Bridge Program and Clinical Medical Assistant Program to name a few of the offerings to review that day.  Learn more at www.spcollege.edu/workforce or call 727-341-4761.

At 8am, we welcomed the duo of Marc Poling, Owner of Mango Cleaners and long-time friend and business partner Ashley Butler who owns an Ice Cold Air Franchise on Dale Mabry and is now working with Marc on their new Wash Club.  Originally from West Virginia, Marc became a budding entrepreneur in elementary school with his first start-ups, a neighborhood lemonade stand and candy bar business.  Throughout high school, Marc worked various part-time jobs, while continuing to develop his entrepreneurial skills, along with his talents as an up-in-coming musician.  During college, Marc’s business savvy and networking skills were instrumental in forming St. Petersburg’s “wildest rock-n-roll band”, Mark and the Marksmen.  Marc’s roles as lead singer, guitarist and band promoter, secured the band’s contracts performing at venues throughout the Southwest Florida region until Marc relocated to Louisiana.  Marc earned a bachelor of science degree in Business Administration from Louisiana State University (LSU), and soon after college joined the United States Navy.  Upon his completion of service, Marc became an auditor for the Veterans Administration in Florida, where he led a veterans’ employment program to the #1 spot in the country for success in matching veterans to jobs.  Shortly after his success with the VA, Marc realized he was happiest living his passion as an entrepreneur and became the owner of Poling Place Bookstore and Bookstore Fixtures of America.  After his stint in the bookselling industry, Marc pursued a career as a Commercial Real Estate Broker and Developer, while also becoming the owner of Spring Hill Mini Golf.  Marc has also served as a Senior Executive for Excel Telecommunication’s Europe division, which allowed him to reside and travel internationally for part of his career.  Marc got his start in the dry cleaning industry as a dry cleaning business broker, which led him to purchasing his own dry cleaning business, Mango Cleaners and Laundry.  As a successful business owner, Marc dedicates himself to operating Mango’s three locations, which serve the greater Tampa Bay area and Pinellas County.  Today, his business is opening up the Wash Club which is On Demand laundry services at a low monthly cost instead of traditional services which are by the pound.  Simply visit www.mangocleaners.com and get started today!


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