#FocusFriday Focusing on The Power of Storytelling Featuring Juliann Nichols, Fran Powers, Bruce Wawrzyniak and Nico Hohman!

Happy Friday and on #ThatBusinessShow, Friday is not a day to relax but a day to focus which our weekly #FocusFriday feature.  Each Friday at 7am, we speak with Juliann Nichols, CEO of Focus on You Strategy and another guest about their challenges, successes and failures and how working with Juliann and utilizing her strategies helped get them over the humps in their business.  Check out www.focusonyoustrategy.com and take advantage of one of her many CEO Exchanges to get a preview of how she can help Bring Out the CEO in You!  The next CEO Exchange is being held October 4th from 11am to 1pm at the C1 Bank in Hyde Park and you can register by clicking here!

On this edition of #FocusFriday, we were joined in studio by Fran Powers, Founder of Powerstories Theater.  Located at 2105 W Kennedy Blvd, this theater has been in business for over 15 years now.  Fran shares with us how she was feeling stuck in life and a bike ride from Seattle to D.C. inspired her to launch her business and it was the power of storytelling which was the focus of the program today.  Believing that all entrepreneurs have a story behind their brand, Juliann works to bring that story out of the leaders she works with and Fran highlights the power of stories in her theatrical productions at Powerstories.  Focus on the “why”, not the facts and figures is a key takeaway from this segment.  Consumers are moved to buy when you inspire them emotionally, and oftentimes, you why will help connect you to their motivations too because we are all connected in similar ways and capacities.  Stories also help consumers engage and connect with the service provider and the stories work to validate user experiences too.  Powerstories central mission is to inspire and guide young women in their teenage years to find their purpose and story in life to keep them focused on a happy and fulfilling life filled with success and in 2010, Powerstories Theatre won The National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Award which is the highest award in the nation presented by the Federal Government. It was presented to Fran at the White House by First Lady Michelle Obama.  In 2011 Powerstories won the WEDU award for Artistic Excellence and in 2013, Fran was honored as a Community Hero by the Tampa Bay Lightning.  All productions have sponsorship opportunities too and volunteers are always welcome.  Their next production is called “Vote?” and will run from October 20th to November 6th and is about an 18 year old woman who is registered to vote but has no intention of casting a ballot.  The play works to inspire our younger generation to get involved in our political system and does this by invoking a series of past historical events and showing their importance to all who came thereafter.  Tickets for the event are $20 and can be purchased online at www.powerstories.com and please help us continue the conversation at the Facebook group Focus Fridays where a poll is up asking you about your propensity to vote, are you apathetic about voting?  Let us know online here!

At 8am, we welcomed Bruce Wawrzyniak who is the Founder and President of Now Hear This.  With a focus on management, promotion, and booking, Now Hear This can help any kind of artist soar and get noticed!  The company even has non-music clients, such as authors and an Olympic athlete.  Also, Now Hear This Entertainment is a weekly podcast hosted by Bruce.  The show has been delivered on-time, every week, for two-and-a-half years and has gotten listeners from 121 countries around the world.  It has spawned an eBook series called, “Bruce’s Bonus Book,” with Volume 3 being released this week.  Bruce is also a speaker, having presented at a Young Songwriters Workshop in Nashville, a Content Marketing Summit here in Tampa, and getting ready to do workshops at songwriters festivals in the Florida panhandle in early October and then in Alabama in early November.  Bruce talks with Jamie about how he is more than just a booking agent for talent and works with many of his entertainers on developing their brand / story, a key component once again on this episode.  Bruce also shares with listeners how many entertainers struggle to get noticed because even when booked at a venue, many venues require the entertainers to play cover songs and original works are discouraged.  Venues like YouTube are becoming the new breeding ground for finding new talent too but with a saturated market, it boils down still to “who you know” per Bruce.  Bruce also represents businesses and brands in addition to entertainers and he invites you to give him a call at 813-854-8000 and visit www.nowhearthis.biz!

At 830, we welcomed Nico Hohman, Real Estate agent and soon to be Broker-Owner specializing in the sale of new construction homes.  Nico has a construction background and is actively involved in bettering the standards of the real estate industry and the greater Tampa Bay community by serving on committees and boards within the Greater Tampa Association of Realtors, Florida Realtors, Toastmasters International, Emerge Tampa Bay, Nativity Catholic School, the University of Florida School of Construction Management, and the All Children’s Hospital Guild.  He is a contributing author to REALTOR Magazine and to Inman News, an innovative news source for the real estate industry. He is also an adjunct professor of real estate at Hillsborough Community College and serves as the Head Golf Coach at Jesuit High School in Tampa, which has won 10 consecutive district titles.  Nico and Jamie share some good insight on how a Realtor can help you as a buyer when purchasing a new home and why to avoid just walking into a sales office un-represented in a new home community.  Learn more about Nico at www.hohmanhomes.com or give him a call today for new home sales assistance at 813-638-4971!

Thanks for listening to #ThatBusinessShow where we work to bring you positive programming each morning on 1250WHNZ about Tampa Bay’s entrepreneurs and community leaders.  Please help support the show, ways to do this are memberships in Tampa Bay Business Owners – apply at www.tbbo.org/join-us , and you can also support the show by picking up a ticket to our Business Symposium on October 28th, tickets available at www.tbbo.org/symposium  Thank you to all of our listeners, viewers, as well as readers and staff that make the show possible each morning.



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