Getting Your Unfair Share of The Market – #ThatBusinessShow – #TechThursday Featuring Tanya Cielo, Thomas Raad, Nicholas Paras, and Carole Gill

Have you been following #ThatBusinessShow and want to get on air?  Become part of the community of guests which is around 1000 and central to many of the connections that Jamie makes in the community.  Through a 20 minute detailed interview with you about yourself and business, Jamie gets to know you and expose you to nearly 5000 listeners and then uses that relationship for future connections with members of The Tampa Bay Business Owners.  He works diligently with members to find those effective business to business connections that work as a two way street, beneficial to both parties.  Apply for an appearance by visiting – interview also comes with a personal follow up consultation with Jamie to identify a key connection he can make for you in your business!

Opening up the program today was Tanya Cielo and Thomas Raad.  Tanya Cielo is the founder of Sky Strategic Marketing where she helps business owners squash their competition and get their unfair share of business in the market.  She is a certified marketing facilitator with 18 years of marketing experience for media companies such as Clear Channel, Cox Radio, Beasley Broadcasting and AOL, resulting in revenue growth for her clients.  Thomas Raad is the Vice President/Co-Owner of Lair Services where he is responsible for the day-to-day operations of client services and accountable for Lair’s sales growth and planning. Tom works hard to provide the most cost effective and efficient technology solutions for every client while remaining committed to high quality service and support.  With over 15 years’ experience, Tom has worked with both Fortune 100 and small businesses. He is able to provide invaluable and insightful observations about the technology needs of clients of all sizes, in a variety of industries.  Thomas shares with us his story of working in Best Buy as a sales rep and then taking the entrepreneurial plunge alongside co-worker and now partner David Lair.  Initially beginning as consultants, they have grown the company into a leading provider of IT managed solutions.  From cyber-security to network administration, they work with businesses to keep their data safe and secure.  David shares with us some recent trends in cyber-security including ransomware and how those applications set up on servers and how to defend against them.  Jamie and he also share a discussion on how to manage employee’s time on the Internet and keep them working effectively and not net surfing.  Through a BNI group, Thomas met Tanya and they both complement each other as clients.  Tanya has been providing marketing solutions for over 10 years and shares with us 3 tips a business owners should do before launching a marketing campaign hinging on #1 which is to be concise and know your audience.  Casting a large net can work against the interests of the campaign and it’s always advisable to focus on niche.  Tanya also touches on some social media tips, a cornerstone of any successfully marketing campaign too and we find out how she relates marketing to fantasy football, one of her passions.  Learn more about them at and about Lair at!

At 8am, it was our 15th installment of #TechThursday with Nick Paras, CEO of Alpha Computing Solutions.  The discussion today hinged on becoming a paperless office – moving towards digital solutions.  There are many options available and adequate research needs to be done before making the move but Nick and his team specialize in this service and help guide you through the transition.  Software solutions such as SharePoint are discussed and Nick elaborates on how these document management solutions are superior to basic network storage and windows search functions to locate them.  It is critical to have a cloud-based location to protect against disasters in office and have redundancy in your backups as well as the ability to reach documents from anywhere.  Backups are handled by the provider too with cloud based solutions, another key benefit.  Nick talks about scanner options and recommends as does Jamie the Fujitsu Scan Snap scanner for best results.  It has a great compression result and the clarity of the document is retained even at low settings.  This enables Adobe to create a searchable document by implementing that option and then you can store a scanned document in the cloud that is also searchable by words within the document.  Other options discussed were the Neat Desk Scanner and all in one printer/scanner options but the consensus was to settle on the Fujitsu Scan Snap model, available for around $400.  To go paperless, Nick shares with us some tips which hinges on commitment to the conversion, don’t run parallel systems, commit and execute to one solution.  Follow that by focusing on document management and ensure that multiple backups are in place.  Rally your team and be sure that you scan and file everything that comes in the door.  Be mindful of regulation too depending on your industry.  If your office is a paperwork mess, reach out to Nick today to begin planning.  You can find him online at or via phone at 813-839-7671 X 100 or email!

At 8:30, we welcomed Carole Gill, Founder of CRG Coaching Partners.  Carole is a professional speaker, management consultant, and executive coach who brings practical experience from a successful career in corporate America and more than 20 years of consulting experience. Known as an attitude expert and people developer, she takes a dynamic approach turning best practice theory into reality, enabling individuals to become more effective leaders, communicators, collaborators and team builders.  With a corporate background in Human Resources, Carole shares with us how she transitioned from that role into a team building role and then found coaching which was her true passion.  For years, affected by a job downgrade, she became pessimistic and unhappy with her work environment.  Not until a chance conversation with a co-worker enlightened her that she had the power to leave did she realize she had control over her life.  From that moment on she pursued a path in entrepreneurism and today, some 20 years later has helped countless individuals and teams achieve results through her coaching solutions.  While her business is primarily business coaching, she does delve into life coaching too saying that effective results can only be achieved when you look at yourself as a whole.  While her business specializes in corporate team building environments, she also works with individuals, mostly with women on the individual level.  She is launching her first think tank for women titled Expanding Possibilities and it will be a two day event on December 8th and 9th.  Early bird registration is $399 until the 18th of October then $499 after that.  Learn how to reflect on where you are and what you’ve accomplished and explore opportunities and choices in all aspects of your life and career.  The think tank aims to do that and much more including identifying your intrinsic purpose and identifying where you want to be.  Learn more at!


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