#WorkingWomen With Blue Hair and Tattoos – Featuring Asif Hakeem, Kristi Campbell, Jessica Rivelli, Barbara Forgione, and Mariely Reynoso Castillo

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Opening up the program today was Asif Hakeem, CEO of Hakeem Investments Florida. Hakeem Investments Florida is a Tampa Bay Investment company facilitating commercial and residential needs in Hillsborough County. The company was originally founded in 1967 by Asif’s father and cardio thoracic surgeon, Dr. M. K. Hakeem. Hakeem was brought into the family business at an early age and now with nearly 50 years in the Real Estate business, their company is well versed in Tampa Bay commercial, multi-family, and land based investments. Hakeem and Jamie speak of areas of opportunities in Tampa Bay of which Hakeem sees many. With the possibility of the Tampa Bay Rays coming to Tampa, Hakeem thinks the Fairgrounds area is prime for the location and for development. This area also benefits from the Hard Rock Casino which is continually expanding and adding jobs in the area. Other areas of opportunity discussed include Seminole / Tampa Heights, Downtown Tampa, and southern Pasco County. Hakeem also sees opportunity in Plant City and notes that per his insurance friend, “Plant City is coming to Tampa,” a marketing pitch they are using to drive new business into the area. Tampa is a hidden gem and is a small big City with lots of growth potential. Real estate investments are a key to your wealth and retirement and those that learn the game are always well rewarded. Today Hakeem Investments Florida is a major land owner in the area thanks to the vision their Founder had in the 60s. Don’t sit around thinking about how to get rich, get out and act on it before time runs out! Check out their portfolio at www.hakeeminvestments.com, they have some great opportunities available in the commercial leasing space now!

My next guest on the program was our newest Expert Contributor, Kristi Campbell, Owner of Home Instead Senior Care. Kristi has over 13 years of experience in all phases of Senior Care and her services range from in home care and independent living facilities to assisted living facilities and nursing living facilities. She has built an incredible brand and reputation and has a staff of over 100 working under her guidance. She and Home Instead Senior Care pride themselves on creating above board industry standards inside an industry plagued by sub-par and sometimes dangerous care by service providers. Today Kristi and Jamie spoke of how to approach your loved ones when it is time to either restrict or end their driving due to age and health. Driving represents one’s independence on so many levels and when the time comes to restrict or end that privilege, it leads to a range of emotions from confusion to anger. Loved ones need to understand how to approach this conversation properly and Kristi shares some tips with us on this segment of what to look for to trigger you to have this conversation and what and how to have the conversation. Jamie shares some stories of his driving path including his start behind the wheel of a riding lawn mower at age 5. Also, Kristi and Home Instead Senior Care offers this discussion as just another benefit of their in home care services, so if you are not comfortable discussing driving restrictions with your loved ones, then let the staff at Home Instead Senior Care handle it. If you are in need of guidance for a loved one, contact Kristi today at 813-684-1972 or visit them online at www.homeinstead.com/482

#WorkingWomenWednesday kicked off at 8am on #ThatBusinessShow with Jessica Rivelli, Founder of the Organization, on the phone line. Working Women of Tampa Bay and Dress For Success was the topic of the #MorningDiscussion in this segment and Jessica talks about their upcoming event together and encourages others to get involved with this Global organization dedicated to helping women find professional clothing for entry into the job market when they have financial limitations. Check them out online at www.workingwomenoftampabay.com!

My next guest on the program was Barbara Forgione, Owner of the Barbara Forgione Salon where she and her staff specialize in hair coming for both men and women. Sporting blue highlights which is her new pink she says, their services include full salon services and was voted as a “best kept secret” by the Tampa Bay community in past years and she was featured on MTV’s “Made” and also was hired by Paris Hilton to do her hair a few years ago when she was in town. Barbara’s hair color device: Colour Bunz® is US patented and is a washable, reusable highlighting tool used by salons that are environmentally concerned, and by ‘at home’ colorists who want to create professional looking highlights and color trends. Barbara and Jamie discuss industry trends and she shares with us the history of hair and fun facts as well on this segment. Find her online at www.barbaraforgione.com and she is located at 4317 W El Prado Blvd in Tampa. Phone is 813-832-1115.

Closing out the hour was Mariely Reynoso Castillo, Creator of the Black Eye Tattoo Balm, which results in better looking tattoos, reduced swelling and redness and will help tattoos heal faster with overall better results. Black Eye avoids artificial preservatives believing that nature provides some of the best healing solutions. Additionally, Black Eye avoids the typical (and cheap) petroleum additives that over the year’s tattooists have found to dull the look of today’s modern tattoos. Preservatives and petroleum products are not helpful or healing components; they are simple and cheap materials added for the benefit of the seller of the product, not YOU the consumer. The product has additional uses too including skin moisturizing, treatment of hemorrhoids, and more of which we discuss in the final segment. The balm is in its early development phase so they are looking for partners, retailers and investors to get involved to discuss. Learn more about this at www.blackeyenatural.com!

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Asif Hakeem (Small)Kristi Campbell (Small)Jessica Rivelli (Small)Barbara Forgione (Small)Mariely Reynoso Castillo (Small)

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