Improve Work Force Culture – Improve The Bottom Line Featuring Dan Dal Colletto, Brad Kugler, Nick Paras, and Kelly Hamm!

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Opening up today’s program was Dan Dal Colletto, Owner of Fitness With Results by Dan Dal Colletto. Dan, a former National level bodybuilder and Mr. Teenage San Francisco, began working as a personal trainer in his early 20s, saying in the 80s, the idea was a novel concept and that many did not embrace the idea of personal training. He quickly realized though he was only one man with no more hours than the rest of us and needed a way to expand his business model so he brought in more trainers under him and began the business model which today comprises 6 major metro areas. With locations in San Francisco, L.A., Miami, Palm Beach and Tampa Bay, Dan has built a personal training model to be proud of. Dan shares with us some of the insight and benefits of personal training and talks about their quality control and how he manages so much from so far away in many situations on this segment. Offering premium in home one on one training to group and skype training, Fitness With Results works with you in the way you want. With a clientele that includes world class athletes, celebrities, politicians and the everyday citizen, Dan has a fitness goal for you. Learn more at or give them a call today at 800-755-2614 and email

Brad Kugler joined the program at 7:30 am on #ThatBusinessShow. Brad is the CEO of DVA, Inc. Originally specializing in CD and DVD sales in retail fronts through “rack jobbing”, the company has had to morph through many market changes. Today, the company has hands in all things e-Commerce and multiple product distribution. Brad shares his story of building up this company to over $23M in annual revenue the use of multiple revenue streams on this segment. Today, this family owned business has been in business for 28 years and was featured as one of Tampa Bay’s 200 Largest Businesses and Tampa Bay’s Top 50 List of Fastest Growing Business. DVA provides an outlet for storefronts to liquidate failed products and overstock inventory and more through e-Commerce sites such as Amazon, e-Bay and their own site, and they have a warehouse in Clearwater as well. Visit them at 15232 US Hwy 19 N Clearwater or give them a call today at 727-447-4147!

At 8am, we kicked off the 6th installment of #TechThursday with Nick Paras, Founder of Alpha Computing Solutions. Nick, who provides IT services for many Tampa Bay area businesses including #ThatBusinessShow, was in studio today to talk about a new feature provided by Google for Android based phones for locating a lost device. Through your Google account, you can now track the location of your phone, make it ring, sign out of your phone and even wipe the contents of the phone in the event you lose the phone. Look for this under “my account” and “find your phone”. We continued the discussion with a talk on the generational gap that exists between the older and younger workforces and how the two can work together to complement each other. While age groups under 35 are typically more tech savvy, older professionals are typically more business savvy. This trend will eventually merge but for now leaders need to recognize and embrace this trend in their businesses. We discuss some of the other trends in tech including desktop and server virtualization and some of the many services that Nick and his team offer at Alpha Computing Solutions. Get in touch with them today for all of your IT needs at or give Nick a call today at 813-839-7671 X 100 and email at!

Closing out today’s show was Expert Contributor Kelly Hamm. Kelly Hamm is founder and Managing Principal Consultant at Billmeyer Hamm Consulting, LLC. Kelly brings over 25 years’ expertise as an HR Strategic Business Partner, HR Director, Executive Leadership Coach, Organizational Design Consultant, and Innovative Thought Leader focused on implementing Workforce Strategies, Culture & Change Management, Business Communications, and Talent Optimization solutions for her clients all across the country. Prior to forming her own consulting company, Kelly held a number of leadership positions at a highly recognized and respected Healthcare company. As a trusted leader, Kelly has successfully led numerous human capital initiatives that resulted in implementing robust, agile, engaged, and financially strong workforce organizations. Kelly discussed the importance of having an organizational structure and how businesses need to “take their pulse” every now and then to gauge that structure’s effectiveness. Kelly invites all business leaders out for a conversation, no obligations, to discuss your workplace culture. Also, please take advantage of her free upcoming event – “5 Steps To Ignite Your Workforce Culture Proven To Increase Your Bottom Line” being held July 13th at the Centre Club from 8:30 to 10:30. Register online here –

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