Insurance, Fashion and The Entrepreneurial Spirit Featuring Douglas Eze, Jade Mattheys, Patrick Justin and and Ashley Butler

#ThatBusinessShow extends our prayers and well wishes to all affected by the senseless tragedies this weekend in Orlando.  The show, which broadcasts just an hour down the road from the Club, reminds everyone that we are all different and no difference is a cause to inflict harm or death upon another.  The program again focuses on positive messaging and we appreciate all who listen to the program each and every morning instead of some of the negative based programming on the airwaves.

Opening up the 7am hour today was returning guest, Douglas Eze.  Douglas is the President and CEO of Largo Financial Services which has locations both in DC and the Tampa Bay.  Douglas brings over 18 years of financial experience to the table and was in studio today to discuss how people can use life insurance as a tool to grow their business and also the 4 C’s of financial growth.  Life insurance, which builds cash value over time, is a commonly used financial tool that high earning business owners use to help fund their retirement.  With income restrictions placed on alternative retirement products like Roth IRAs, many financial advisers advise their clients to fund life insurance policies.  As time goes by, the policy builds cash value that can be used as collateral or liquidated to help grow your business.  His explanation of the concept is simple and easy to follow and he continually studies financial trends to stay on top of the moving market.  In the second segment, we discuss the 4 C’s which are control, compound, cost and collateral to building wealth.  Control comes from having instant, liquid access to much of  your assets and compounding is important to the value added by compounded interest, something we all learned in math class.  Cost is important to understand too because every dollar spent is a dollar not saved which results in loss associated with lost investments.  Collateral refers to the backing of funds with hard assets and rounds out the 4 C’s of Wealth Building.  Consider Douglas a resource for all of your financial service needs, not just life insurance.  He can be reached at 888-956-7526 or online at!

My next guest was Jade Mattheys, Manager of Uniquely Yours Boutique.  Uniquely Yours stocks labels manufactured in the USA, Canada, Italy and Australia ranging from active wear to couture.  This women’s fashion store is located at 111 2nd Ave NE Suite 101 in St. Petersburg and has something for every women.  They are also home to Swarovski Crystal Jewelry, exclusively designed by Yvon Xantos, the Owner of the Boutique.  Visit them online at or call them at 727-896-5400.

At 8am, Patrick Justin, Agency Director of Bonum Health, joined the #MorningDiscussion. Starting as an agent, Patrick has worked his way through the insurance industry and in 2001 his career brought him to Florida to start a new insurance agency in Orlando and then in October 2015, Patrick joined the newly started Bonum Health.  Bonum Health is a full service health & life insurance and annuity agency and guide their clients with any of their insurance needs.  Bonum, meaning “the highest good”, offers a competitive product known as Bonum Health and Wellness which functions like secondary insurance but is not insurance.  Enrollment give 24/7/365 access to an online Doctor (Teledoc) and covers many basic prescriptions, giving a reduced cost.  This product works well to supplement primary insurance plans.  Patrick also shares with us how life insurance has morphed through the years and Jamie and he share some laughs over Jamie’s own experience getting life insurance recently.  Check them out online at or give them a call today at 813-644-5955!

My last guest on the program was a true entrepreneurial inspiration.  Ashley Butler, Franchise Owner of Ice Cold Air, started her entrepreneurial journey back in Middle School and worked in several different businesses before finding the Ice Cold Air Franchise.  Completely in respect to the time tested principal of “paying it forward” by her first business mentors Wendy and Marc Poling, at the age of 19 Ashley was traveling to Europe building an international telecom network marketing team. At 23 she bought into Ice Cold Air Discount Auto Repair as a franchisee after a divine meeting with the founder Allyn Ayers. Ashley has owned and operated several  modest businesses including a soda vending route and door to door produce venture and a few other entrepreneurial efforts in her 33 years. Ashley truly believes in the Rotarian principal: Service above Self. She is passionate about helping other entrepreneurs grow their businesses and she currently sits on the incoming 2016/2017 Central Florida’s Entrepreneur Organization Board of Directors all while growing her two Ice Cold Air franchise locations and her team of 10 employees.  This is a great segment that will inspire you too, catch it online at or at our YouTube Channel  Available on iTunes as well.  Learn more about her business at!

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