Mental and Personal Wellness – Featuring Dr. Hank Clemons, Sharon Fekete, John Oliver, Johan Everstijn & Roland Strobel

#ThatBusinessShow closed out the week with a discussion on both personal and emotional wellness.  The show, which always focuses on positive topics, is an excellent way to start each weekday, and offers an alternative to the negative and divisive programming that is on too many channels.  Visit us online at and please subscribe to our YouTube channel at

Opening up the discussion was Dr. Hank Clemons, CEO for the Society of Emotional Intelligence.  Emotional intelligence in short is how well and effectively one controls their emotions, and studies show that oftentimes, the most intellectually intelligent are outgunned in the workplace by people of superior emotional intelligence due to the value of personal relationships and the damage that can be done by improper (emotional) responses.  Emotional intelligence breaks down into 4 components:

1 – Self Awareness – This is how aware you are and how accurately you can assess your emotions.

2 – Self Management – Self-management is your ability to control your emotions.

3 – Social Awareness – Your organizational awareness, focus on service, and level of empathy compose your social awareness.

4 – Relationship Management – Developing others, serving as an inspiring leader and catalyst for change, collaborating with a high-performing team, and managing conflict are part of relationship management.

These 4 components form the basis of what Dr. Hank Clemons and his organization, The Society of Emotional Intelligence work to educate leaders on.  The importance of understanding these in both hiring and dealing with workplace conflict cannot be understated.  The organization is member based and has affordable options outlined below.

Professional: $60.00 – Anyone other than students

Students: $25.00 – Anyone registered at a community college or higher

Corporate 1: $250 – An organization membership with up to 3 members. One of the members can attend the annual conference free.

Corporate 2: $350 – An organization membership with up to 5 members. One of the members can attend the annual conference free.


Hank is also an Executive Emotional Intelligence Coach to leaders and organizations. As a coach, he partners with individuals to identify their strengths and development areas that are used to create an action plan that leads to increased performance, productivity and overall well-being.  He is the radio show host of: “Let’s Talk EI”. The show is broadcast weekly at 12:00 noon EST and features guests that provides timely information on topics related to emotional intelligence. The show is open to anyone interested in having dialog, sharing of ideas and concerns or experiences with the guest or host.  Hank is also a Training Partner of MHS (Multi Health Systems) where he certifies individuals in the use of the EQ-i 2.0 – the most widely used, validated assessment on emotional intelligence in the marketplace today. Once certified, individuals can purchase, administer and provide feedback on the results of the assessment. Hank is one of a select group of individuals globally that’s qualified to offer this service.  For more information, visit!

Next on the program was Expert Contributor, Sharon Fekete.  Known to the medical community and peers as The Doctor Whisperer, Sharon works with doctors’ offices on back end components such as marketing, hiring, public relations and more, allowing the doctor to be a doctor.  She talks much about the importance of having the right person or people in customer service (front desk) and how a “Miserable Mary” can negatively impact your operation.  Jamie notes the value in having a strong front desk person and how some times the positive front person can offset a less than likeable Doctor but in reverse, a delightful Doctor could lose tremendous business if patients do not like the person or people at the front of the house.  Sharon has recently launcher her online course called “Front Office Ambassador” that works with medical professionals on this topic.  The course can be found here and Sharon can be reached at 727-420-2481 and learn more!

Kicking off the 8am hour was John Oliver, an elite level Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. He has a Masters of Science in Exercise Physiology with a concentration on Strength and Conditioning Coaching. John works with professional athletes, physicians, children, people with physically and or mental disabilities as well as average everyday people. He is the President of JOLT ® (an elite level Personal Training company), CEO/President of BLAST (a Fitness and wellness center), and an owner of Fit 4 Life Formula ® (a Health and Wellness community). John has been involved in the health and wellness industry all his life, from playing sports at the highest level possible to working with and mentored by some of the most elite professionals in the country. A former WVU basketball player, Jamie and John share some good laughs over the culture shock both he and John experienced going into and out of West Virginia.  Jamie left West Virginia for the larger city life and experienced the culture shock of country to city life whereas John, originally from New York, experienced the opposite culture shock in college.  Good laughs and good wellness information in this segment.  Learn more at!

Rounding out our wellness discussion were Johan Everstijn and Roland Strobel, Founders of The Cider Press Café.  This restaurant, focused on vegan foods, was inspired by their realization of the problems associated with processed foods when seeing the difference healthy foods made in their dog’s life.  As Johan notes, he was not a lifelong healthy eater and this awakened him to the value of living a healthy lifestyle.  Roland, his partner, joined him in their mission to not only improve their health, but also show and help others through their business.  Johan, who explains that vegan and vegetarian are not the same thing, describes several of the dishes available and how he learned to create these as the culinary expert of the operation.  Roland, the operational expert, works to keep the books in order and business flowing.  They have two locations, one in Naples and the other in St. Petersburg at 601 Central Ave.  The restaurant has received rave reviews from local press and offers a unique variety of vegan delicacies.  Visit them online today at!

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