Priming Your Mind For Success – Featuring Kim Serafini, Valerie Lipstein, Maria del Carmen Ramos, Julie Phillips, Carole Gill & Bonnie Dye

#ThatBusinessShow welcomed an International entrepreneur today at 7am, which ran in conjunction with an event that followed at 9am at the iHeart Radio station.  Kim Serafini is an International serial entrepreneur, bestselling author, world-class speaker, and creator of the MindPower Technology.   After intense personal research on how our mind influences our habits and results, Kim created the Mind Power technology, which is a combination of the most powerful techniques proven to help us harness the power of our mind to create everything we want in our lives.  Through the use of “sessions”, you can prime or re-train your brain to change in a positive direction.  Whether it’s social or financial situations you want to improve in or mental / physical wellbeing that you need help re-focusing on, there is a “session” for you.  The videos / audios have been produced through scientific research that has been shown to change the way you think based on sounds, images and audios and you begin watching a session on one (slower) speed and gradually increase it so that the series of images is completed within 3 minutes.  These sessions are working to “prime” the brain and retrain it to think positively in the direction you want.  Sessions are created by MindPT Certified Masters alongside the ones created by Kim.  Masters go through extensive training to understand the concepts of MindPT which are then incorporated into the sessions.  The sessions cost $47 and you can view them either on your desktop PC or on your smartphone.  Go to the app store and download MindPT to get started.  They have membership plans for monthly or you can purchase as you go.  Valerie Lipstein who is the Co-Owner of Couples and Business, joined in on the conversation as a Certified Master in MindPT and shared with the audience her own experience using the technique and told us about the session she created called Intimate Couples Working Together which she uses to assist the couple she and her husband Michael counsel in their business on working together as couples.  Use promo code couples15 when you register to get a free copy of this session and learn more at!

At 8am, Jessica Rivelli joined the program and shared with us the fundraising result as a result of their Casino Night celebration held for the 7th birthday of the Working Women of Tampa Bay.  Raising $1500 for grants for women business owners, Jessica and the Working Women of Tampa Bay continue to grow and flourish as a staple in the Tampa Bay business community.  Membership plans are very affordable and they hold lots of events each month – check them out at!

My next guest was Maria del Carmen Ramos, Immigration/Employment Attorney with Shumaker, Loop & Kendrick, LLP.  Practicing law since 2001, Maria shares with us some need to know information on the importance of immigration employment compliance.  We discussed Form I-9 at length, a form required of all employers to complete on behalf of each of their employees which works to regular illegal immigration.  The form puts the burden of checking on workforce eligibility onto the employer and is not required to be filed with any organization, but kept in house in the event of an audit by ICE, the oversight agency.  Penalties for non-compliance are severe and in 2012 alone, ICE made 520 criminal arrests linked to worksite enforcement, including the detention of 240 owners, managers, supervisors, and HR professionals and served more than 3000 notices of inspections.  The form is simple to complete and can be found easily online for employers not familiar with this HR requirement.  Check with your payroll company too to see if they assisted with this during the initial setup for your business.  We finished up the discussion with a brief talk on work visas and how they work.  Maria is available to help you with employment and immigration needs at 813-227-2252 or online at!

Next I welcomed Julie Phillips, Founder of We Offer Wellness Simplified (WOW).  Founded after a personal battle with her own health, Julie works to educate others on the benefits of living and eating healthy.  She shares this story with our audience and after countless meetings with Doctors that did not produce results, a herbal specialist turned her on to wellness ideas outside of the traditional medical box which resulted in her improvement and cure of the problem.  Julie also elaborates on the dangers of bottled water inside plastic bottles, so tune in to hear this discussion as well.  Julie holds regular events on healthy living and you can learn more about Julie at or give her a call at 813-695-4372.

Carole Gill joined the program next and is the President/Owner of CRG Coaching. She is a Professional Speaker, Management Consultant, and Executive Coach who brings practical experience from a successful career in corporate America and more than 20 years of consulting experience. Known as an attitude expert and people developer, she takes a dynamic approach turning best practice theory into reality, enabling individuals to become more effective leaders, communicators, collaborators and team builders. Carole has helped hundreds of leaders and their teams attain and sustain outstanding results by strengthening employee engagement, developing emotional intelligence, improving team dynamics and building effective relationships in the workplace.  Carole talks about how she parlayed a negative work experience (layoff) into a positive event (entrepreneurship) on this segment and how she developed into a focused niche on team development inside the workplace.  Learn more about her and her services at or contact her today at 813-802-8376.

On the last segment, Bonnie Dye, Founder of eTraining Live joined the #MorningDiscussion. She has been working on the internet for more than 20 years and her company developed a process for delivering live, hands-on training nationwide via the internet. In 2004 she began helping business owners increase profits and get better results through their websites. At about the same time, Bonnie realized the potential of WordPress as a game changer for website design, and began teaching beginner classes both locally and online.  She shares with us some of the mistakes that business owners make when developing a website and touches on the importance of having a website despite all the social media that is taking over this area for business owners.  From website design to social media help, Bonnie can get you on the right path.  Get in touch with her today at 727-248-0393 or online at

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