#KeyNoteNation on #TBBOTuesdays Featuring Dr. Agnes Green, Tariq Shabazz, April Saland & Delatorro McNeal

Welcome to a wet and rainy #TBBOTuesdays on #ThatBusinessShow.  The effects of Tropical Storm Colin are in full effect today as we have much more rain in the South Tampa area than we had yesterday when the storm was in the Gulf.  But Colin was not strong enough to stop That Business Show and it was business as usual at the program.  The show available all over the web in addition to live on the air has now added the videocast to iTunes.  This means we have both a podcast and videocast of the program on iTunes.  All episodes of the program both audio and video also still available at http://www.tampabayradio.com!

My first guest on the program today was Dr. Agnes Green, Medical Director of the Physicians Center for Weight Loss & Age Management.  An accomplished triathlete and entrepreneur, Dr. Green’s practice focuses on a variety of techniques and procedures to keep you aging gracefully.  We discussed PRP for hair loss at the onset of the program.  This outpatient procedure takes your own blood that is centrifuged and the platelets/cells from the blood are then injected back into your scalp.  Dr. Green has seen over 90% success rate with the procedure and it can be done in one trip in just about an hour.  I will be trying out the procedure myself soon too.  She also helps patients with medical weight loss and we touched on the HCG diet, one of which I tried myself years ago.  She explains how the HCG helps the body keep muscle while dieting whereas an overall low calorie diet would result in both excess muscle and fat loss.  She offers many other services designed to keep you looking young and feeling great.  Give her office a call today at 727-216-6632 or online at http://www.weightlossbelleair.com!

At 7:30, I welcomed Tariq Shabazz with Wright Flood Insurance.  He filled in for the scheduled guest, Lisa Ferrante who ironically enough was stuck at home due to the local flooding in the area.  Tariq and I discussed the basics of flood insurance including the background and history of the NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program).  Flood insurance is governed by FEMA and has been in the news in recent years due to the Biggert-Waters Act that worked to reset insurance rates to what someone should actually pay given their risk level/location.  In short, because the NFIP is federally funded, rates were never set by actuary tables but by government and lower risk areas are essentially supplementing higher risk areas, like us in Florida.  The Act was met with huge resistance due to the extreme cost increases that would have resulted and it was pushed down the road, but something homeowners in Florida need to keep an eye on.  Be sure to get a survey and elevation certificate when purchasing a home and know your flood risk even if you are above base elevation levels; as Tariq notes, Mother Nature does not know your elevation level so protect yourself today with flood insurance from Wright Flood Insurance.  Learn more at http://www.wrightflood.com!

At 8am, we kicked off #TBBOTuesdays where we highlight members from The Tampa Bay Business Owners.  Get involved with us and the show today – apply for membership at http://www.tbbo.org/join-us or request a meeting with me or Chris Krimitsos to learn more!.

April Saland joined the program after a brief discussion with Chris Krimitsos who noted he was taking the day off to kayak along Bayshore Blvd due to the flooding.  April, along with husband Les, own A.L. Saland Insurance Solutions. Originally a provider of health insurance, recent changes to their industry created the need for them to reinvent themselves and they now offer all lines of insurance from auto and life to business and health.  She wrote a very creative poem at the start of her segment advertising their business and insurance in general and her flare and energy carried through to the audience well.  The segment, which is very inspiring about transitioning in business, is lively and full of laughs including the story of the Aflac duck and how he/she got launched as the representative of Aflac.  Get in touch today with April for all your insurance needs at 813-995-0292 or online at http://www.alsalandinsurance.com!

At 8:30, Delatorro McNeal, II, joined the program.  Delatorro is a highly accomplished public speaker and was in studio to talk about The Keynote, a reality television show he envisioned, produced and stars in.  The program has a positive spin which works against Delatorro in regards to getting it on the TV networks.  As he notes, the networks loved the program but pass on it due to the lack of drama, of which he is opposed to in the program. As noted by Delatorro – THE KEYNOTE was designed to cultivate a cadre of motivators to confront the over-indexing trend of negative media and negative thinking. This is the fuel needed to overcome the #1 Fear of speaking. Once you’re at your peak, the rest will fall in line!  In conjunction with Tampa natives H John Mejia (In the Zone TV), John Jones (Sanity Films), and Malachi Cull (Allure Cinema) Peak Performance Expert Delatorro L. McNeal, II has branded THE KEYNOTE as a true reality series that was conceptualized, shot and launched in Tampa. It is already being tied to National Audience and recently has been featured in the Huffington Post.  The program stays positive and people do not cheat to win, they do not fight constantly and everybody compete and nobody is kicked off.  The prize is not money, but rather a life changing opportunity.  To view the program, visit http://www.thekeynotetv.com – season one is in the books and has 6 episodes and season 2 is right around the corner!

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