#Tech Thursdays – No More Windows? Featuring Nick Paras, Ralph Warmack and Kelly Hamm

#ThatBusinessShow works in conjunction with TBBO to support the business owners of Tampa Bay.  We invite all business owners to take advantage of membership benefits by applying online at http://www.tbbo.org/join-us – our events each and every month work to educate and entertain our members.  We held the TBBO Main Event last night at the Center Club with a focus on leadership books.  4 members gave their feedback and talked about specific takeaways from the books and how they implemented them into their businesses.  With over 100 in attendance, the members left with actionable items to implement and saved the time of reading 4 books that was condensed down into 1 hour.

Opening up today’s show was Nick Paras, President of Alpha Computing Solutions.  On this 5th Edition of #TechThursday, we discussed Windows 10.  The free upgrade expires at the end of July and Microsoft has said this is the last edition of Windows so what is on the Horizon?  Nobody knows for sure now but the idea is that Windows will be a paid service that is continually updated virtually.  Think of how Office 365 has taken the place of traditional Office.  More and more applications are moving towards cloud based computing and on the last edition we discussed desktop and server virtualization.  Nick handles the IT needs of Jamie and his staff and comes highly recommended for all of your IT needs.  Give him a call at 813-839-7671 X 100 or visit them online today at http://www.alphacomputing.com!

At 7:30, we welcomed Ralph Warmack, District Director of Score. Score is a network of volunteers founded by the Small Business Administration over 50 years ago to help startup and existing entrepreneurs grow and maintain their small busineses.  Score has 300 chapters nationwide with over 10,000 volunteer members and there are 22 chapters in Florida and 5 in the Tampa Bay area.  They provide mentoring services and many workshops focusing on areas such as creating a business plan, startup, and sales and marketing.  To register for an event, go to http://www.score.org and click on workshops.

At 8am, we welcomed Kelly Hamm, Founder and Principal Consultant with Billmeyer Hamm Consulting.  With a focus on workplace culture, Kelly and her team can help your organization realize weaknesses and opportunities through leadership training and guidance.  She brings over 25 years of HR experience and employs many tools and techniques including DISC profiles to properly mesh a team together and identify the weaknesses within the group.  She can help with many areas of business development too from succession planning to employee manuals and invites you to reach out to her today for a free 30 minute conversation.  Give her a call at 941-201-4650 or online at http://www.billmeyerhamm.com!Nicholas Paras (Small)

Ralph Warmack (Small)Kelly Hamm (Small)