#TBBO Tuesdays Talking e-Commerce, Family Law, Audio and Video Featuring Adam Dimuzio, Gary Dolgin, Chris Krimitsos, Roy Stegman and Joel Freedman

Welcome back to the start of another productive week on #ThatBusinessShow.  We hope all had a great Memorial Day holiday and thank you for starting the week off with the program.  We’ve updated the website http://www.tampabayradio.com to include links to the events at Tampa Bay Business Owners and we are currently looking for Expert Contributors in a variety of business fields.  More information on that will follow.  Our branding package is now available only to members of Tampa Bay Business Owners and Working Women of Tampa Bay.  Join today and sign up for the branding package, only $1995, tremendous value for what you get!  Learn more about the package here – http://www.tampabayradio.com/Branding_Package.html

Leading off today was Adam DiMuzio, President and CFO of Red Rook, a tech company that focuses on increasing commerce capacity across 5 channels: web, in-store, mobile, social and marketplace.  They have hundreds of clients and a very fun workplace culture, one of the hallmarks of their company.  With themed bathrooms and a basketball court, Red Rook experiences very little employee turnover because they make it fun to work there.  They are not currently hiring though.  Adam will also be featured as one of our Experts in the TBBO Main Event being held June 1st from 5 to 7:30pm at the Centre Club.  The event focuses on leadership books and how to implement their strategies and he will be discussing “Great by Choice” by Jim Collins.  He elaborates briefly on the takeaways he got from reading, or listening, to this book and how he implemented them into Red Rook!  Tickets for the Main Event are available for non-members here – http://www.tbbo.org/event-2252255?CalendarViewType=1&SelectedDate=5/31/2016.  Reach out to Adam for all of your e-Commerce needs today by visiting http://www.theredrook.com or email at adam.dimuzio@theredrook.com!

My 2nd guest on the program was Family Law Attorney, Gary Dolgin.  Gary is also running for Hillsborough County Circuit Court Judge, Group 24 and will mark his transition from attorney to judge if elected.  He has been in private practice since 1993 and he is one of 26 attorneys in Hillsborough County that is Board Certified by the Florida Bar as a specialist in Marital and Family Law.  He has also worked as a Public Defender and Assistant State Attorney.  Gary speaks on some of his experiences in family law and how he has impacted and been impacted personally by the role.  He elaborates on custody issues and dispels some of the myths of family law and also touches on the recent veto by Governor Scott regarding alimony.  The segment is a wealth of information on family law packed into a short segment, tune in to hear the entire segment if you missed us.  It is available online at http://www.tampabayradio.com or on iTunes as a podcast.  Video up at http://www.youtube.com/jamiemeloni as well.  Get in touch with Gary today if you need assistance in family law – 813-223-3200 or online http://www.garydolgin.com!

At 8am, Chris Krimitsos, Founder of TBBO, joined the #MorningDiscussion.  Chris was on assignment so to speak this weekend traveling across Florida with his film crew as they gathered more content for the upcoming podcasting documentary, “The Messengers”.  He spent time with Glenn Hebert, Founder of the Horse Radio Network, and also checked in with the team at Buzzsprout in Jacksonville, a service that helps get podcasters onto iTunes.

We then moved to a discussion of audio and video with TBBO members Joel Freedman, President of 2 Hungry Dogs Productions, and Roy Stegman, musician and audio engineer and creator of the podcast The Complete Audio Producer.  Joel has over 25 years of experience in the video industry and specializes in designing commercials for business owners for use online and in social media.  We also share a good light hearted discussion on the source of his company’s name and Jamie’s own fear of dogs based in his roots in West Virginia.  Roy, a keyboardist and member of the band Alpha Decay shares some audio tips with us and fills us in on an recent opportunity their band had through local radio jock Bubba the Love Sponge.  Catch more on each of them at http://www.completeaudioproducer.com and http://www.2hungrydogs.com!

Adam DiMuzio (Small)Gary Dolgin (Small)Chris Krimitsos (Small)Joel Freedman (Small)Roy Stegman (Small)