#GivingBack To The Community Featuring Erin Cassidy, Ashley Ehrman, Dr. Chris Pittman, Jessica Rivelli, Beth Kerly and Stephanie Jo Diaz

#ThatBusinessShow is about giving back to the community.  Jamie started the show on February 2nd, 2015 with the idea to highlight entrepreneurs and leaders across the Bay Area, something nobody was doing consistently on the airwaves.  On April 25th, the program expanded to 2 hours daily from 7am to 9am to meet the growing demand from community leaders and listeners for more positive programming and to go against the grain of traditional talk radio focused on doom, gloom and negativity.  The show expanded again with the partnership with Tampa Bay Business Owners and we kicked off our ticket sales last night for the 6th Annual Christmas in July being held on July 21st at TPepin Center from 5 to 8pm.  Tickets are $19 for TBBO members and $29 for non-members and booth tables are still up for grabs to get in front of 500 to 600 people!  Register for the event here – http://www.tbbo.org/event-2252905?CalendarViewType=1&SelectedDate=7/25/2016

My opening guests for the show today were Erin Cassidy and Ashley Ehrman.  They were in studio to talk about their role on the Governance Board with the Metropolitan YMCA.  Erin is also a returning guest to the program and works in the family business, Majesty Title as a title agent and working towards her MBA at UT.  She was a nominee for Best on Air last year and a Millennial that truly loves to give back to her community.  Last year in her role as Chair of Emerge with the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce and now today with the YMCA.  Ashley, a Millennial as well as a member of #WorkingWomenofTampaBay, shares with us how they are involved with the YMCA, some of the programs and events on the horizon and how others can get involved too.  Both Erin and Ashley embody the community spirit and it will pay dividends through the years in both their personal and professional lives.  We close with a stumper question that many do not know and that is what does YMCA stand for?  Do you know?

At 7:30, we welcomed Expert Contributor Dr. Chris Pittman, Medical Director and Founder of Vein 911.  Dr. Pittman utilizes revolutionary, non-surgical techniques to rid the body of varicose and spider veins as well as other vein disorders whereas traditional M.D.’s are using uncomfortable, surgical techniques.  Dr. Pittman, a trained Interventional Radiologist, speaks of the procedures he uses on the program that makes even the most demanding patient 100% satisfied.  We also touch on the cosmetic side of the business today where he deals frequently with patients suffering from spider veins in the face and hands as well as those unsightly red spots on the skin (cherry angiomas) which are a collection of capillaries and easily removed using the Vein Gogh machine.  Dr. Pittman, triple board certified, is your resource for all things “vein”  Stay tuned for upcoming discussions as he will be filling us in on another disorder that Interventional Radiologists are working to resolve, the hemorrhoid.  1 in 3 has them he states and his techniques work on them just like other veins.  Head over to http://www.vein911.com or give them a call today at 855-Vein-911 for a consultation!

At 8am, we kicked off #WorkingWomenWednesdays with Founder, Jessica Rivelli.  She spoke of the organization’s involvement with 1 Million Cups and their upcoming 7th birthday which we will be highlighting on next week’s show with several of the long term members of her organization.

We were then joined by Beth Kerly, Professor of Entrepreneurship at Hillsborough Community College and now Chair of the Working Women Foundation.  She shares with us the new academic program at HCC that gives students an Associates Degree in Entrepreneurship and how that is an excellent entry point into traditional 4 year degrees at the State Colleges.  She explained to the audience more on what 1 Million Cups is and the involvement that the Working Women of Tampa Bay now has in it and closed the show with a reminder of tomorrow’s Uber promotion where from 11am to 2pm, members can get in a car with a mentor to pitch their ideas and get feedback while riding in the Uber car. Head over to this link to learn more on that – http://www.workingwomenoftampabay.com/blog/4024847

My final guest for the show was Stephanie Jo Diaz, Owner of Sideline Sports Cheerleading.  A lifelong cheerleader, she just opened her brick and mortar facility this past week.  She has been running an after school program in schools prior and now has the experience, knowledge and background to launch the physical location, a point that Beth Kerly highlights as textbook Entrepreneurism 101, vet the program before investing in assets.  Stephanie, a certified member of  The American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Advisors (AACCA), shares with the listeners some of their after school and summer programs and talks about the Angels on the Sidelines program, a recreational cheerleading program designed for males and females ages 3 through adults.  The program runs one hour/one day a week and allows beginner students, or families without the available time to devote to little league or all-stars, the chance to fall in love with cheerleading.  Learn more about this at http://www.sidelinesportscheerleading.com or give her a call today at 727-827-7885.

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