How David Defeated Goliath – Featuring Dr. Tommy McElroy, Debbie Lane, Christina Griffin, & Carla Robinson

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My opening guest was Dr. Tommy McElroy, Owner of Echelon-Health. This is a Concierge Medical practice located in Wesley Chapel and we discuss the topic of Concierge Medicine on the opening segment of the program. Concierge allows the consumer to pay a monthly or annual fee for base medical services and relieves the Doctor’s office of the hassles of the insurance game. Dr. McElroy explains why he decided to leave the business of insurance based medicine and elaborates on the care he is able to provide through Concierge services. He launched the Concierge practice in 2012 after leaving USF and he practiced as a sports medicine physician and consultant for teams in the NFL and MLB in addition to college and high school athletics. It’s important to note that Concierge services do not take the place of the insurance requirement and the Concierge service is an additional benefit to the consumer giving them near 24 hour access to their primary care physician. Dr. McElroy is also a podcaster and poultry farmer and invites you to his website to learn more about Echelon-Health at or give him a call today at 813-907-6300.

My 2nd guest on the program was Debbie Lane, Hypnosis Expert and Founder of Debbie Lane’s Wisdom Hypnosis. Debbie practices hypnotherapy and her primary field is in virtual lap bands. She explains that through the subconscious mind, people can be essentially re-programmed into believing things happened when they did not. In the case of virtual lap bands, the person does not actually have a lap band put in but does so virtually. She reports strong weight loss results through this technique but is quick to point out, she is not a weight loss therapist but rather someone who helps her clients discard unwanted pounds. Hypnotherapy also benefits smokers in quitting and also with sufferers of fibromyalgia or unknown pain as I put it. She is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists and certified by the Naturalife Institute in Basic Hypnosis and Integrative Hypnosis in 2002. We share a great discussion on the ins and outs of hypnosis throughout this discussion. Learn more at or give her a call today at 727-781-8483 to try out hypnotherapy if you are having problems losing weight, or need help quitting smoking!

In the 8am spot, I welcomed back Christina Griffin, Realtor and Team Leader of the Griffin Group at Coldwell Banker. As many know, Christina has been battling Cancer and is coming off a hysterectomy just over a week and a half ago and is nearly back up to full throttle. She shares her experience with the battle and how against all odds, she and husband Sean, were able to have a child, despite her having Cancer, and how David (her son) literally defeated Goliath (Cancer). Post-delivery though the Cancer resurfaced and she had to extinguish it for good through the surgery, but fortunately for her, the pregnancy revealed the Cancer early enough so that it was manageable. Christina and I work together in the Coldwell Banker Office in South Tampa located at 2201 W Swann Ave Tampa, FL but she and I can assist your Real Estate needs anywhere across the Tampa Bay area, learn more about Christina at!

In the final segment today, I was joined by Carla Robinson, Assistant Vice President with Professional Systems, a family owned business based in St. Petersburg at 12180 28th ST N. Started by her father in the late 70’s, the business moved from printing materials to include promotional products with the help and guidance from Carla. From pens to pads and more, promotional products show a great return on investment per some facts and figures that Carla shares with the audience in the segment. We learn of some of the off the wall prints the company has done for customers, including printing to toilet paper of which Josh and I have a good laugh about and also some of the non-traditional promotional items available for a business that you may have not thought of. Give them a call today at 727-572-0768 and enjoy 10% off your next printing or promotional product by mentioning you heard her on the radio show and be sure to stop by for more information!

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