#FocusFridays – Bringing Out The CEO In You!

Welcome to #FocusFridays, brought to us by Juliann Nichols, CEO of Focus On You Strategy, Bringing Out The CEO In You!  Continue the discussion online by visiting her Facebook group Focus on You Strategy / Focus Fridays and be sure to tune in every other Friday to hear this discussion on leadership, time management, and moreIn today’s opening segment, Juliann joined me as co-host as we welcomed back Daniel Nyiri, owner and founder of 4u-Fitness. Daniel was joined by his wife Nina and is a professional fitness trainer and model focusing on helping others enjoy a more active lifestyle. His company is revolutionizing the fitness industry by utilizing a workout suit that tricks the body into thinking it has done more work than it actually has. This suit allows people to get results with workouts in as little as 20 minutes 2 times per week. Josh and I joke that the suit probably takes more time to put on then the workout takes itself. The product was launched in Europe and has 1,500 locations worldwide. Daniel is spearheading its development in the United States and you can learn more and see the product and suit at for yourself at http://www.4u-fitness.com or give them a call today 800-421-5850 and experience it for yourself.

In the second segment and remainder of the hour Juliann was joined in Studio by Angie Lusk, her Chief Strategist. Angie came to know Julieann when she needed help in her own business, a travel agency, and Juliann’s techniques and solutions and strategies helped increase Angie’s bottom line tremendously. We spoke on ways to build processes to reduce stress and increase time within the day of the CEO.  Since that time, Angie has become one of Julian’s go to people for helping other leaders develop. Juliann calls her the process queen and Angie shares with us some great tips on email management and how to develop processes to save you time in your work day.

With two locations in Tampa and St. Petersburg, Juliann also works with CEOs and leaders through CEO Exchanges. These round table discussions are ran several times each month around the Bay Area inside C1 Banks and you can register for an upcoming CEO Exchange at www.focusonyoustrategy.com. Get some great insight and feedback from Juliann and your peers and I attended one myself and can recommend. The next CEO Exchange is at C1 Bank on WestShore Blvd from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.  Give Juliann a call at 813-609-2223 today and bring out the CEO in you!

In the 8 a.m. hour I welcomed Tanya Cielo, Founder of Sky Strategic Marketing. Her company helps business owners squash their competition and get their unfair share of business in the market. She is a certified marketing facilitator with 18 years of marketing experience including many media companies such as iHeartRadio, Cox and Beasley Broadcasting. Her goal is to get clients to “bee seen” and to emphasize “bee seen” she wore a bee cap with antennas during the show. Her love of marketing came over very well in the segment and we even discussed her love for possums. Tanya is also a Tampa Bay Business Owner (TBBO) member and we encourage all listeners that are business owners to apply for membership at http://www.tbbo.org. Learn more about Tanya at http://www.skystrategicmarketing.com or give her a call today 813-337-0893

My final guest for the show was Nestor Ortiz, Chief Operations Officer for the University Area Community Development Corporation. This nonprofit works to enhance the life and community of residents around the University of South Florida area from housing to transportation to community blight. This nonprofit has been working in the area for many years now we discussed some of the ways the organization helps the area, the ways they raise money, and how residents can get involved. You can learn more about this at www.uacdc.org.

Have a great weekend everybody and be sure to tune in Weekdays 7am to 9am on Tampa Bay’s 1250WHNZ and follow us on all the social media platforms!

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