Transforming Your Business in More ways Than One – #ThatBusinessShow Featuring Charlotte Fernee Kelly, Kelly Hamm, Nick Paras, and Ashby Green

Transforming Your Business in More ways Than One – #ThatBusinessShow Featuring Charlotte Fernee Kelly, Kelly Hamm, Nick Paras, and Ashby Green

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My first guest today was Attorney Charlotte Fernee Kelly, Employment Attorney and Founder of Fernee Kelly Law located at 602 E Twiggs St Tampa, FL 33602.  She was in studio today to discuss the Fair Labor Standards Act.  This law, enacted after the Great Depression, established the minimum wage and many of the other standards we see in the workplace today for workers.  Yesterday, the Dept. of Labor announced the final rules of this new law which will have a deep impact on business owners.  Some of the key provisions are that the minimum wage for an exempt employee from $455 to $913 per week and establishes a mechanism for automatically updating the salary and compensation level every 3 years to maintain the levels at the above percentiles to ensure they continue to provide useful tests for exemption.  We discussed the impact this will have on the business owner and also touched on the differences between exempt and non-exempt employees, including the mention of interstate commerce which is a key component in determine whether someone is exempt or non-exempt.  Charlotte touches on some of the basics of unemployment and recommends that employers not fight unemployment claims as the impact is negligible in many cases and also shared paths for people affected by employment issues to explore to learn more.  Reach out to Charlotte at 813-315-3981 or visit for more information!

My 2nd guest was Expert Contributor Kelly Hamm, Founder and Principal Consultant with Billmeyer Hamm Consulting.  With over 25 years of HR experience, Kelly works to educate businesses on the importance of workplace culture.  Services range from business consulting and employee guidance to establishing effective succession plans and having written operating procedures in place for your business.  She talked today about defining your path for success and not forgetting to look in your backseat.  She shares a story about driving across Country one summer with her children and uses the analogy of being prepared while on a journey is like being a prepared leader – Do you know where you are going?  Does the team know where you are going, and why?  Do you have the right people in your car?  Contact Kelly today for a conversation on how to better the culture inside your business and improve your bottom line.  Give her a call at 941-201-4650 or visit

At 8am, we kicked off the 4th installment of Tech Thursdays with Nick Paras, President of Alpha Computing Solutions.  Nick spoke on how to save money for us business owners in the IT area of the business.  With a focus on desktop virtualization, a business owner can access their desktop from any location and never have to buy another computer again.  These “thin clients” as he mentions, are less expensive and can run your typical software titles without the usual risks of a home/work based desktop.  He touches on server virtualization as well and stresses that you can easily move between hardware and create additional servers if necessary.  We spoke on the benefits and disadvantages of using web based apps and also touched on the browsers and their benefits.  With a move towards cloud based computing, business owners need to be aware of the trends and prepare.  Visit or give him a call at 813-839-7671 X 100 for all of your IT needs!

My last guest for the day was G. Ashby Green, CFO of Kobie Marketing.  This 26 year old brand focuses on loyalty cards for business and the history of this trend.  Many retailers use this marketing technique today and Kobie touches on their effectiveness in this segment.  An accomplished entrepreneur and financial expert, Kobie and I also discuss some of the trends in Tampa Bay business including the strong input of entrepreneurs but lack of startup capital in the region.  We discussed some of the recent big successes in Tampa including Priatek and SavvyCard, both of which have appeared on That Business Show and then close it out with a brief discussion on preparing a business for sale.  Learn more about Kobie Marketing at!

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