Preventing Tax Return Fraud on #ThatBusinessShow – Featuring Klara Cadieux, Michael McNelis, Morgan Watson, and Jodi Iacino

Preventing Tax Return Fraud on #ThatBusinessShow – Featuring Klara Cadieux, Michael McNelis, Morgan Watson, and Jodi Iacino

Happy #WorkingWomenWednesday #TampaBay! Today we celebrate the Working Women of Tampa Bay. With a better connected network, The Working Women of Tampa Bay fosters growth of Entrepreneurship here in Tampa Bay with women as their heads. #ThatBusinessShow is all about promoting the local community here in Tampa Bay, and we love to show case Entrepreneurs and individuals with vision, talent, and a good word! If you think you’d like to come on the #MorningAir to showcase your business and what you do to #HelpOurCity, then head to now and fill out the contact form to contact Jamie and get on the show! And remember, #ThatBusinessShow airs every weekday at 7AM through 9AM, with #TBBOTuesday, #WorkingWomenWednesday, #TechThursday, and #FocusFriday Specials! The Working Women of Tampa Bay Networking Group is certainly one of the Bay’s best groups to be a part of! Make sure to get more information on that at Coming on the show today was Jodi Iacino and Morgan Watson. Joining the show at the 7AM Hour was Klara Cadieux and Michael McNelis. If you missed the #MorningDiscussion, then head to, or head to Jamie’s YouTube Channel at to watch the show on demand, and leave a thumbs up!

Opening up today’s show was the team of Klara Cadieux (Owner) and Rick Engels (President) of Cadieux Fashion.  Launched by Klara in Europe, this fashion line is expanding into the US market beginning today here in Tampa.  Klara began developing her fashion line in 2012 and she describes the product line as upscale with moderate pricing.  The same materials that are used in all the name brand designs are the same used in the Cadieux brand.  Originally from Croatia, Klara studied and practiced fashion throughout Europe including Dubai, France and Switzerland.  Her products have been worn by many celebrities and dignitaries abroad and they hope to soon see their product on the Red Carpet in Hollywood, the pinnacle of a fashion designer’s success.

She was joined in studio by Rick Engels, long-time friend and President of the Cadieux brand.  With a strong background in Software Engineering, Rick successfully ran and sold his last company after developing an app for the iPad and has now moved onto the women’s fashion industry, a transition few can claim.  He jokes that he much rather enjoys the women’s fashion industry over the software sales business and does not miss the daily grind of the software industry.   The product is just launching in the US so keep the name in mind and look for it shortly in stores and online, Cadieux Fashion!

My 2nd guest on the program was Michael McNelis, Options Strategist with key2Options.  This online platform gives traders in the options market a tool that allows them to predict the ups and downs of the stock market to make effective decisions.  The algorithm, originally created by Ashok, Yarlagadda, the CEO, is based on Finite State Modeling and Michael discusses this briefly but we do not delve too deeply into it as it is a complicated discussion.  The application  helps stock and options investors determine whether a particular stock is bullish or bearish using a numbering system which he explains as well on the segment.  We discuss some of the similar products that have been on the market in recent years as well as some of the basics of put and call options but primarily focus on the system and how it benefits investors.  They have webinars and meet up groups to assist and you can learn more about this program at or reach out to Michael directly for more information at 813-330-0900.

The Working Women of Tampa Bay Group has a mission, a mission to Motivate, Educate, and Inspire Women Entrepreneurs to become better business leaders, and to facilitate growth in our community! ” We are a savvy and supportive community of entrepreneurial women. Together we create the synergy that enables each of us to achieve more than we ever could alone. With stunning energy and focus, our goal is to help educate, motivate and inspire female professionals and women business owners.” –Jessica Rivelli, Founder and CEO

Morgan Gibbons Watson began working for the Florida Institute of CPAs as market development manager in 2014. With more than 20,000 members, the FICPA is the premier professional organization of Florida CPAs. Morgan is a licensed CPA who began her career as an auditor with Deloitte in Tampa. She then transitioned to corporate accounting, performing various functions including auditing and financial reporting, before starting her own consulting business.

Jodi Lynn Iacino of Once Bitten Creative Consulting is a freelance website designer who uses the power of Squarespace to provide small business owners with a workable website without breaking the bank. Jodi also provides consulting and training to business owners so they can leverage the power of social networking without feeling overwhelmed.

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