Pizza, the Cornerstone of Health? #ThatBusinessShow Featuring Cody Davis, Matt McClellan, and Tyler Sheff

Pizza, the Cornerstone of Health? #ThatBusinessShow Featuring Cody Davis, Matt McClellan, and Tyler Sheff

Good morning everyone and thank you for tuning into another great episode of #ThatBusinessShow, live only on #1250WHNZ! Of course we live streat at as well, so feel free to check out our home site for the many resources we offer, from real estate and our free home evaluation tool, all the way to our extensive guest networks full of professionals all over the Bay Area! So use that at your leisure, and tell them you found them from #ThatBusinessShow’s Network! And remember, the show airs every weekday at the new hours of 7AM though 9AM! Today we invited Cody Davis, Matt McClellan, and Tyler Sheff on the air. Cody Davis is The Founder of Cody Fowler Davis Law. Tyler Sheff is the Founder of The Cashflowguys. Matt McClellan is the Founder of the Pizza Diet, and is the Owner of Tour De Pizza!  If you missed the show on the #MorningAir this morning, then head to http://www.tampabayradio.comnow! And remember to check out the Tampa Bay Business Owners! You can find them at, and if you would like to watch the live stream of #ThatBusinessShow, then head to, and you can also check out Jamie’s YouTube Channel at!

Jamie appeared on Tampa Bay Multi Media’s program, Nerd Talk, yesterday evening which is broadcast live on twice a week and he opens up the segment with a brief discussion with Josh about the experience.  Nerd Talk which focuses on anything nerdy ranges in discussion from The Walking Dead and comic books to Star Wars and Pro Wrestling, just to name a few areas that they cover.  Jamie and Josh had a 30 minute discussion on Pro Wrestling and its history and some of their favorite matches and characters in the business.  Jamie then transitions into a brief discussion on a recent eviction issue that had illegal occupants inside the home trying to use the old law of adverse possession to take title to the property.  Jamie and other REO brokers have seen this scam attempted many times in the Tampa Bay region and is based on an old 18th Century law that was designed to give people property rights to land they legitimately took care of and paid for property taxes on for 7 years.  Today’s scammers are accessing vacant homes today illegally and attempting to use this law but to no avail.  Be cautious of anyone touting the benefits of adverse possession.  A good movie on the life of an REO broker is 99 Homes, loosely based on the realities of the industry with a lot of drama added though, so do not think all the REO brokers are like the central character if you see that movie.

In the 2nd segment through the remainder of the 7am hour, we welcomed Cody Fowler Davis in studio.  A Tampa native, and founder of Cody Fowler Davis Trial Attorneys, P.A., focuses on civil cases, primarily on the plaintiff side but does work defense as well.  With a strong background in insurance working for the major firms, Cody developed a passion for helping the average individual and transitioned into civil defense and away from insurance work.  He speaks of this transformation and his experience in the insurance industry briefly in this segment and we also touch on his book, “Green 61”, which is a fictional story that works to show some of the inner workings of the legal system.

Cody is one of the few attorneys in Florida that has been Board Certified in Civil Trial Law and Business Litigation Law. Cody was Board Certified in Business Litigation Law for the past 15 years (1997 to 2012) and has been Board Certified in Civil Trial Law for the past 18 years and remains Board Certified in Civil Trial Law.  Cody and Jamie enjoy a good discussion on the abuse of the legal system in the third segment resulting from unscrupulous attorneys using laws to their advantage to prey on unsuspecting business owners and Cody points out that his firm works primarily with personal injury and does not work in the areas that Jamie mentions on the airwaves that are susceptible to these types of practices.  Cody is a strong supporter of victims of personal injury and in the final segment, he shares some tips for people that are unfortunately affected by the negligence of others from auto accidents or DUIs, to name a few.  Cody and his team can be reached at 813-425-1518 or online at for all your personal injury needs!

“A Body Built by Pizza”, the motto of Matthew McClellan, Founder of the Pizza Diet, and the Owner of Tour De Pizza out in St. Petersburg. In America, pizza is a $35 billion a year industry. And, according to Matt McClellan, it’s a great punching bag for people who want to tell you how you should be eating. By 2009, he had gotten fed up with all the antagonism that rained on pizza like mozzarella, so he decided to go on a month-long, pizza-only diet. That was six slices a day with the healthiest toppings he could manage. After a month, he had not only lost almost 30 pounds (from 203 to 179), but his cholesterol went from 243 to 157 and his body fat dropped from 19 to 9%. And to celebrate, and to spread the pizza gospel, McClellan then spent a month biking from Florida to Times Square! He told us about his diet on the show, which if your’re interested in, you can head over to!

Tyler Sheff, Founder of is a Licensed Real Estate Problem Solver, Educator, Investor and Syndicator. Tyler has been involved in Real Estate for over 16 years and now maintains a 100% focus on investing for Cashflow and helping others do the same. As a Master Facilitator of Robert Kiyosaki’s CashFlow101 Game; Tyler hosts workshops to teach the busy people how to use what they have; to obtain what they need; in order to build passive income and escape the rat race!

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