Revitalizing Tampa Bay with a Wellness District – #ThatBusinessShow – Featuring Sharon Fekete, Brian Kornfeld, Vick Tipnes, and Sean Manovill

Revitalizing Tampa Bay with a Wellness District – #ThatBusinessShow – Featuring Sharon Fekete, Brian Kornfeld, Vick Tipnes, and Sean Manovill

Good morning and welcome to another episode of #ThatBusinessShow! It was a great morning here on the show, as we had some entrepreneurs on the show! That’s what the show is all about, bringing different business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals together to spread their message on the #MorningAir! Live in studio every weekday at 7-9AM on #1250WHNZ, our Host, Jamie Meloni, invites you to share your business with the Tampa Bay community! So head over to to listen to the show, and then fill out a contact form to let our producers know what it is you do! Feel free to email for bookings as well. Coming on the show today was Sharon Fekete, the Doctor Whisperer, and Brian Kornfeld, CEO and Founder of PopKorn Apps! On the 2nd 8AM Hour, Jamie Meloni welcomed Vick Tipnes and Sean Manovill to the show. Vick Tipnes is the Founder and CEO of Blackstone Medical Services. Sean Manovill is the Owner of A8 Art Gallery and Studio! Thank you for tuning in every weekday at 8am for #ThatBusinessShow, your continues support of the show is greatly valued! If you missed the #MorningDiscussion, then head to, or head to Jamie’s YouTube Channel at to watch the show on demand, and leave a thumbs up!

Today I welcomed Expert Contributor, Sharon Fekete at the top of the 7am hour.  Sharon, aka The Doctor Whisperer, has been one of #ThatBusinessShow’s best supporters through the years and took home the 2015 Award for Best Show Supporter at the 1st ever #ThatBusinessShow Awards Dinner.  We opened up with a  recap of the Foggiare Body Sculpting Institute event held yesterday evening.  This is just one of the many medical services companies that Sharon helps to support through The Doctor Whisperer brand.  She talked about her experience doing a “body dip” in their -200 degree cryosauna, touted as a quick way to recover from workouts and increase performance.  You can learn more about this technique at

Sharon, originally from New York, talks about her journey through the Medical Industry and how she came to Tampa and developed The Doctor Whisperer brand.  Today, she is a sought after resource for many in the Medical profession to handle many of the business services a business requires for the Doctors such as public relations, marketing and hiring, just to name a few.  Not only a tremendous show supporter, Sharon is a tremendous supporter of our #Tampa community and we chatted briefly on some of the other events due up in the #Tampa area soon.  DOCTORS! Get in touch with Sharon today, learn more at or give her a call at 727-420-2481.

On the second half of the 7am hour, we had Expert Contributor, Brian Kornfeld in studio.  Brian, Founder of PopKorn Apps, is an expert in the area of app design and is your resource to get that app idea out of your head and to the marketplace.  With a background in aerospace engineering, Brian has found a way to shave the cost of the typical app design from over 6 figures, down to under 10,000 in many cases.  We touched on the RhiKnow App he developed last year that works as a social network to get recommendations from just your friend/peer network on places to eat, travel and more; think of it as Yelp with just recommendations from people you know and trust.  This app can be found on iOS and Android operating systems free of charge too.

Brian stressed that all you need is the idea and of course some cash to get the app going.  He works with you to develop the mind map and process flow that follows the idea.  Don’t waste your time thinking this up for yourself, if you’ve got the idea, get with him today to get it developed.  Don’t wait around for the next person to develop your idea.  The field is wide open in app development ideas says Brian, so act now!  Learn more about Brian at www.PopKornApps.Com or give him a call today at 727-415-6705 or email!

After 13 years in the health club industry, Sean Manovill ventured off to start his own buinsess in a hobby that he was passionate about. Sean Manovill is the Owner of A8 Studio and Gallery. He opened in November 2014 and has continued to stretch his business and relationships throughout the Northern Tampa area. He is excited to bring their service to people of all ages no matter the skill level presented, and is also ambitious to continue to grow to those that can enjoy what they do!

Vick Tipnes is the Founder and CEO of Blackstone Medical Services. Vick started Blackstone in 2012 with the purpose to help as many people as he could. Vick started this business with little office space, no revenue, one employee, and a loan from an investor. As an Entrepreneur, he knew there would be challenges coming his way. Today, Blackstone has over 30 employees and is a multi-million dollar revenue company. They have grown into a national company that does business in 38 states. Tune in to That Business Show to learn more!

As always, thank you for tuning into #ThatBusinessShow with Jamie Meloni on #1250whnz, weekdays at 8am. If you missed today’s show, you can always visit Jamie’s website and see all of our shows on demand at or visit Jamie’s YouTube channel at

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