Keeping Focus with #FocusFridays and a Taste of South Tampa!

Happy Friday! Welcome to a great close of the week on #ThatBusinessShow with Jamie Meloni! Remember, the Show airs every weekday at 7AM, though 9AM on #1250WHNZ! All show recaps can be found at , so don’t miss out, make sure to #TuneIN and hear what’s going on in your community here in the bay! Today on the 7AM Hour, we welcomed Juliann Nichols and Noelle Fox on the #MorninAir! Juliann Nichols is the new sponsor of our new bi weekly deature, #FocusFridays! Juliann is also the CEO of Focus on you Strategy, bringing the CEO out of you. Noelle Fox is the President and Chief Strategist of True Blue Communications. Coming on the 8AM hour was Alpesh Patel and Kelly Flannery! Alpesh Patel is the President of Benzer Pharmacy. Kelly Flannery is the President and CEO of The South Tampa Chamber of Commerce. If you missed out on the #MorningAir discussion, then head to or Jamie’s YouTube channel at!

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We began the show with a discussion on Juliann’s business, Focus on You Strategy, LLC. With two locations in the Tampa Bay area, her practice focuses on business coaching that brings out the CEO in you. She is not just a one woman shop either; with multiple strategists, the demand for her brand is growing. We discussed one of her primary marketing tools, the CEO Exchanges which are held at C1 Banks in the Tampa Bay area and are a small intimate group of business leaders who discuss business challenges amongst each other. She challenges her group as after each pitches their problems, they must receive feedback from the group while remaining quiet, a challenge for most business leaders. We also discussed her Facebook Group Focus Fridays and be sure to like her Business Page located here

In the next segment, we welcomed in Noelle Fox, a client of the Focus on You Strategy and a solopreneur turned CEO with a team via Juliann’s strategies. She shared with us the top 3 lessons she learned during this transition and how the strategies and techniques learned while working with Juliann over the last 18 months has increased her bottom line tremendously. Her company, based in Clearwater, focused on PR and marketing for the savvy business owners and be sure to check out for more on her company.

WE closed out with a deeper discussion on what it is to be in the CEO Mindset and how many business leaders do not know the answer to a simple questions – Where do you want to end up? This along with many not knowing their value are two key areas Juliann focuses on when working with clients. We closed out the hour with a brief discussion on Juliann’s past business ventures including her time as a private detective in which she shares a funny story with us and her time spent designing handbags. Catch her segment every other Fridays now on #FocusFridays and learn more at!
And at the 8AM Hour, we welcomed Alpesh Patel! Alpesh Patel has over 15 years’ experience in the field of pharmacy with strong skills in pharmacy business concepts. As the co-owner and president of Benzer Pharmacy, he is responsible for overseeing core business management and development of the company including execution and financial management of all Benzer Pharmacies. He also offers technical knowledge as a pharmacist, and skill in managing a successful chain of over 50 pharmacies across 9 states. Alpesh has worked as a pharmacist with other chain pharmacies where he gained knowledge in pharmacy practice as well as valuable information about the business of pharmacy. A motto Alpesh strongly believes in is: “Every problem has a solution. It just takes effort to find the right one. Never give up!” To check out Benzer Pharmacy, an emerging pillar of the community, head over to!

Soon celebrating the 90th anniversary of the South Tampa Chamber of Commerce, Kelly Flannery, President and CEO was on the #MorningAir with Jamie Meloni at the 8AM Hour of #ThatBusinessShow! Kelly works with business owners and community leaders each day to enhance the South Tampa area for both our local businesses and the people who live here. Established in 1926, the South Tampa Chamber of Commerce is an association of over 500 businesses and organizations. The chamber has strived to make the South Tampa community a better place in which to live, work, and play. To hear about their upcoming events, head over to now!

As always, thank you for tuning into #ThatBusinessShow with Jamie Meloni on #1250whnz, weekdays at 8am. If you missed today’s show, you can always visit Jamie’s website and see all of our shows on demand at or visit Jamie’s YouTube channel at

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