Tax Season? Tax Happens. – That Business Show – Featuring Sharon Fekete, Theresa Turner and Todd Whalen

Tax Season? Tax Happens. – That Business Show – Featuring Sharon Fekete, Theresa Turner and Todd Whalen

Welcome to another great day with another great episode of #ThatBusinessShow on the #MorningAir! We’re excited for today, as the First Annual That Business Show Awards Dinner is tonight! We can’t wait to see how it turns out! You can catch the Recap at and look out for our social media posts! It’s sure to be Pictures galore! However, this morning we invited none other than The Doctor Whisperer, Sharon Fekete to share a little bit about the candidates in the contest for the Best Doctor Award! After Sharon came on the #MorningAir, Theresa Turner, CPA and Founder of Tax Happens joined Jamie Meloni on the show. Our last guest was Todd Whalen, President of Eclipse Building Corp! If you missed the #MorningDiscussion, then head to now to listen to #ThatBusinessShow! Remember, #ThatBusinessShow is on #1250WHNZ and every weekday at 8am, and alternatively be found on Jamie’s YouTube Channel at!

Joining Jamie Meloni for the first segment on #ThatBusinessShow was Theresa Turner, CPA and Founder of Tax Happens. As tax season has arrived, it is important now more than ever to “get your ducks in a row” and square away your taxes. Enter Theresa, professional when it comes to all things taxes. She came on the #MorningAir to open a great discussion on what exactly can be written off as a business expense. And no everyone, that haircut is not a business expense. Any business owner should know exactly what can be written off, or risk big time. Connect to Theresa Turner, CPA at 813-304-5569 or email her at! Feel free to learn more at!

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Todd Whalen has more than 25 years of hands-on experience in almost every aspect of the construction industry. A jack of all trades, he got his start as a laborer for a shell contractor. It wasn’t long before Todd branched out into other areas, gaining experience in all phases of heavy vertical, horizontal and marine construction. From business development to field operations, Whalen’s comprehensive understanding of every facet of the construction industry positions him as an invaluable asset to any project, regardless of size and scope. He offers an industry leading 2 year warranty with post construction follow up! Consider Eclipse Building for your next project, head to!

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