9 Year Old Entrepreneur on #ThatBusinessShow – Featuring Jessi Budiansky and Madison Harrison #WorkingWomenWednesday

9 Year Old Entrepreneur on #ThatBusinessShow – Featuring Jessi Budiansky and Madison Harrison #WorkingWomenWednesday

#HelpMadisonMeetPOTUS and #WorkingWomenWednesday – The simple hashtags with big goals. #ThatBusinessShow aired on the #MorningAir this morning with the purest form of ambition and entrepreneurship that we have encountered! Today we featured Madison Harrison, a nine year old Photographer, Entrepreneur, and Philanthropist. Achieving so much when most children want to focus on playtime, Madison is a true inspiration and a symbol of young entrepreneurship! Airing every day at 8am, #ThatBusinessShow is a show all about entrepreneurs, business owners, talented individuals, and anyone with spirit and a passion for a cause! If you have a message that you want to spread on the #MorningAir, whether it’s a call for volunteership, a call for investors, or just want to showcase your success, then head to http://www.tampabayradio.com now and fill out the contact form to get in contact with Jamie Meloni now! Our First guest was Jessi Budiansky, Creator and Owner of Jessi’s Flaming Fruit Sauce. Creating her own blend of sweet, savory, and spicy fruits and vegetables, Jessi’s Flaming Fruit Sauce can be put on anything from Crackers to Cake! It’s #WorkingWomenWednesday here at #ThatBusinessShow, and that means that our Host, Jamie Meloni invited his guests today from The Working Women of Tampa Bay Group! The Working Women of Tampa Bay Group is a fantastic networking group made of female talent, all about the business owners in this community! Not just sharing business, but sharing talent, ideas, and success – The Working Women of Tampa Bay Networking Group is certainly one of the Bay’s best groups to be a part of! If you missed today’s episode of #ThatBusinessShow, then head to http://www.tampabayradio.com now! Or if you wanted to see the livestream, then head to http://www.youtube.com/jamiemeloni to catch the #MorningDiscussion!

Our first guest on #ThatBusinessShow this morning was Jessi Budiansky, Creator and Owner of Jessi’s Flaming Fruit Sauce. Jessi grew up with food all around her all her life, with her parents working in the food industry. It was only natural for Jessi to jump from the corporate world into the culinary world! Passion is her driving force, and with it she created Jessi’s Flaming Fruit Sauce. Spending the past year devising her business, she’s opened up for retail! Starting with small batches in her workplace, Jessi got a lot of support and push to market her sauces, and now they are available in multiple places, and with more on the way, you’ll be seeing #FlamingFruit everywhere! Not just for marinating meat, Jessi’s sauce takes “multipurpose and versatile” to the extreme! Jessi’s Flaiming Fruit Sauce can be enjoyed on crackers, salads, cakes, pastries, wings, stir fry, glaze, and many more! Jessi brought some treats into the #ThatBusinessShow Studio, and let’s just say – The team thoroughly enjoyed her delicious Blueberry Sauce Brownies! With the support from Jessica Rivelli and The Working Women of Tampa Bay, Jessi has taken her Flaming Fruit Sauce to the next level, and isn’t stopping there! Head to http://www.flamingfruitsauce.com to pick some up for yourself and experience the many different flavors Jessi has created!

The Working Women of Tampa Bay Group has a mission, a mission to Motivate, Educate, and Inspire Women Entrepreneurs to become better business leaders, and to facilitate growth in our community! ” We are a savvy and supportive community of entrepreneurial women. Together we create the synergy that enables each of us to achieve more than we ever could alone. With stunning energy and focus, our goal is to help educate, motivate and inspire female professionals and women business owners.” –Jessica Rivelli, Founder and CEO

Madison Harrison is certainly the youngest guest we’ve had in studio for #ThatBusinessShow, but don’t mistake her young age for a lack in intelligence and drive. Quite the opposite. Madison Harrison is a true inspiration and a symbol of young entrepreneurship – opening up her own business when she was only seven: Photos With Madison! Amazing! She even has her own preferred mode, still lives with dolls! Also thoroughly enjoying portraits with children and their favorite toys, Madison’s work is as impressive as it is inspiring!  Her mission is to photograph children and give them a memory to treasure forever! Most recently, Madison hosted a dress drive, in which she collected dresses from the community and had a photoshoot at a local studio for twenty little girls who live in a child caring facility. So not even just an emerging photographer, but a Philanthropist that #HelpsOurCity as well! Madison actually comes from a long line of Photographers, including one of the 20th Century’s best: Erwin Blumenfeld! Hopefully Madison achieves as much as he did, and with her head start that she’s gotten, the sky is not the limit, but just the beginning! Check her portfolio out at http://photoswithmadison.com/! And share her pictures with the #HelpMadisonMeetPOTUS to help her achieve her dream, to meet the President of the United States!

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