Family Foodie #SundayBrunch – #ThatBusinessShow #WorkingWomenWednesday – Featuring Jessica Rivelli, Mindy Murphy, and Isabel Reis Laessig

Family Foodie #SundayBrunch – #ThatBusinessShow #WorkingWomenWednesday – Featuring Jessica Rivelli, Mindy Murphy, and Isabel Reis Laessig

Happy Wednesday! Welcome to another episode of #ThatBusinessShow! On the air this morning and every weekday at 8am, live at #1250WHNZ and! It’s #WorkingWomenWednesday here at #ThatBusinessShow, and that means that our Host, Jamie Meloni invites two guests from The Working Women of Tampa Bay GroupThe Working Women of Tampa Bay Group is a fantastic networking group made of female talent, all about the business owners in this community! Not just sharing business, but sharing talent, ideas, and success – The Working Women of Tampa Bay Networking Group is certainly one of the Bay’s best groups to be a part of! Coming on first on the show this morning was Jessica Rivelli, CEO and Founder of The Working Women of Tampa Bay Group! Giving us a bit of information on the upcoming guests, and what to expect from the group in the next year, Jessica has some big plans! And remember, #ThatBusinessShow airs every weekday at 8am, with #TBBOTuesday and#WorkingWomenWednesday Specials! Coming on today from the Group after Jessica Rivelli was Mindy Murphy and Isabel Reis Laessig. Mindy Murphy is the President and CEO of The Spring of Tampa Bay, working to help people suffering from domestic violence, #HelpingOurCity. Isabel Reis Laessig is also known as the Founder of Family Foodie! Running multiple blogs with over 4 million readers, she’s bringing back #SundaySupper! If you missed the #MorningDiscussion, then head to, or head to Jamie’s YouTube Channel at to watch the show on demand, and leave a thumbs up!

The Working Women of Tampa Bay Group has a mission, a mission to Motivate, Educate, and Inspire Women Entrepreneurs to become better business leaders, and to facilitate growth in our community! ” We are a savvy and supportive community of entrepreneurial women. Together we create the synergy that enables each of us to achieve more than we ever could alone. With stunning energy and focus, our goal is to help educate, motivate and inspire female professionals and women business owners.” –Jessica Rivelli, Founder and CEO

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Coming up first on the #MorningAir was Mindy MurphyMindy Murphy is the President and CEO of The Spring of Tampa Bay. The Spring is the Department of Children and Families (DCF) certified Domestic Violence Center for Hillsborough County. Since thier founding in 1977, The Spring has provided sanctuary and services to more than 60,000 abused adults and their children. The mission of The Spring of Tampa Bay, Inc. is to prevent domestic violence, protect victims and promote change in lives, families and communities. They are one of the largest of Florida’s 42 certified domestic violence centers and the first domestic violence agency in the United States to have an accredited on-site school for resident children. The Spring’s programs and services help victims of domestic violence rebuild their lives and raise awareness to prevent domestic violence from occurring. Dedicated to helping the #Community, Mindy helps to educate the new generations about the nature of healthy relationships, and to simply respect other human beings! Domestic violence begins with promoting the culture which blames the victim, instead of the aggressor – and teaching young children to simply not harm one another is a great way to start. If you need a Domestic Violence resource, call 813-247-5433 or visit

Isabel Laessig better known as Family Foodie. She passionate about her family and believes that we can empower our families by nurturing them around the family table! She is on a Mission is to Bring Back Sunday Supper around the family table in every home. As a mother of four, Isabel was touched when her oldest left for college. When asked what she would miss most about home, she responded, “the time we spend in the kitchen and around our family table.”  This response had such a profound effect on Isabel that it prompted her to Found Family Foodie! Isabel is spreading the word of her mission by working with a group of bloggers that are as passionate about #SundaySupper as she is. Every week they blog about a #SundaySupper theme and now reach an audience of over 5 million weekly with their recipes every week on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. “It starts off as one day a week and soon becomes a way of life.” – Isabel Laessig.!

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