The Tampa Bay Doggy Dating Scene – #ThatBusinessShow – Featuring Sherry Smith, and Rachel & Mike Payne

Happy Friday! Welcome to another episode of #ThatBusinessShow with Jamie Meloni! Thank you for joining us for the show, and we hope you have a great rest of your day! Airing live every day at 8am, #ThatBusinessShow is here to showcase – YOU; the talented business owner, the savvy fashion expert, the inspiring survivor, the eloquent speaker – anyone with a passion for what they do. If you’d like to reach out to our listeners on the #MorningAir, then head to and fill out the contact form! And remember, we’ve expanded the brand to include a Sunday show, #ThatBusinessShow The Real Estate Edition – where Jamie Meloni and Co Host Frank Coto discuss need to know information on the housing market, and the changes that are happening and what you need to know! That Show airs every Sunday at 5am on #970WFLA, but can be also found on! However, coming on today’s episode of #ThatBusinessShow were Sherry Smith, and Rachel & Mike Payne. Sherry Smith is an Entrepreneur, opening up Retreat Journeys because of a passion for Yoga Teaching and Life and Business Coaching. She is also a Massage Therapist who can help you #FindYourZen. Coming on the next segment of the show were Rachel & Mike Payne. Rachel Payne is the Owner of Doggie Date Tampa, and is a Dog Walker and Canine Counselor. Seamus, AKA “Mike” Payne is a Commercial Photographer and design publisher. They also brought in a few Celebrity Doggies into the show, and if you missed their cutenss, then head to Jamie’s YouTube Channel at to catch the live footage! Thank you for tuning in every weekday at 8am for #ThatBusinessShow, your continued support of the show is greatly valued! If you missed the #MorningDiscussion, then head to

Coming on the air first was Sherry Smith. Sherry is an Entrepreneur, Founding Retreat Journeys, and is dedicated to helping people with their Zen and Peace. Through Yoga, she takes her classes abroad, traveling around the world to seamlessly weave Yoga and Travel together to create a unique, fulfilling experience. “Yoga is known as the gateway into the body, mind, soul connection.  To travel is to explore. By purposely seeking out other cultures we open up our souls to be both the teacher and the taught. Thus, combining yoga and meditation along with travel blends the outer and inner worlds, fusing them into a sensory, spirit-filled journey.” Coming to share all that she does on the #MorningAir, Sherry has a lot on her plate, being involved with the Moffit Cancer Center, and being a business owner. Finding that balance, she is also a Business and Life Coach to help you attain that balance we all need! Reach out to Sherry at or head to!

Joining Jamie and Stella Guidicelli on the #MorningDiscussion were Rachel & Mike Payne. Rachel is the Owner of Doggie Date Tampa, and Seamus, AKA “Mike” Payne is a Commercial Photographer and design publisher. Rachel has been around dogs her entire life, and knows the ins and outs of canine behavior. Not just dogsitting and walking, Rachel is a Canine Counselor, and through Doggy Date Tampa, she assists dog owners in developing their pet’s social and obedience skills through interaction and exercise. Her walking and exercise services include regular visits, extended visits, and even running services for the most energized dogs! Doggie Date Tampa is the perfect place to leave your pup when you’re unavailable, call Rachel at 813-532-5006! Seamus “Mike” Payne is a design publisher, documentary filmmaker and commercial photographer specializing in architecture, food and editorial photography.  Seamus produces commercial images for clients including Chase Bank, Marriott Hotels, The Beck Group, PDQ Restaurants and more. As a publisher, Seamus runs the widely-read design lifestyle magazine, a magazine that covers the latest in modern architecture, exotic cars, future technologies and cultural inspiration. Seamus’ work as a publisher fuels his passion for photography, and has introduced him to clients including BMW, Jameson Irish Whiskey, Smartwater, Cadillac and more. Together, Seamus and Rachel Payne make quite the team! With Seamus’ photography skills, Rachel’s pets can easily become Stars! Which – they brought a few doggies in studio, and if you missed that and their segment, you can head to or head to to catch the show!

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