Tantalizing Tablescapes & Decor on #ThatBusinessShow #WorkingWomenWednesday Edition – Featuring Bea Hunter Erdman and Andrea Harrison

Tantalizing Tablescapes & Decor on #ThatBusinessShow #WorkingWomenWednesday Edition – Featuring Bea Hunter Erdman and Andrea Harrison

Good morning and thank you for tuning into another episode of #ThatBusinessShow with Jamie Meloni, on this #WorkingWomenWednesday! #ThatBusinessShow is all about promoting the local community here in Tampa Bay, and we love to show case Entrepreneurs and individuals with vision, talent, and a good word! If you think you’d like to come on the #MorningAir to showcase your business and what you do to #HelpOurCity, then head to http://www.tampabayradio.com now and fill out the contact form to contact Jamie and get on the show! And remember, #ThatBusinessShow airs every weekday at 8am, with #TBBOTuesday and #WorkingWomenWednesday Specials! The Working Women of Tampa Bay Group is a fantastic networking group made of female talent, all about the business owners in this community! Not just sharing business, but sharing talent, ideas, and success – The Working Women of Tampa Bay Networking Group is certainly one of the Bay’s best groups to be a part of! Coming on first on the show this morning was Jessica Rivelli, CEO and Founder of The Working Women of Tampa Bay Group! She came on to inform our listeners about her upcoming event – the last this year! It’s actually occurring tonight on 12-16-2015, and it’s the St. Pete Ladies Night Out! Make sure to get more information on that at http://www.workingwomenoftampabay.com/event-2090846! Coming on after Jessica Rivelli was Bea Hunter Erdman and Andrea Harrison. Bea Hunter Erdman is the Founder and Owner of Salve Aesthetic Solutions; and Andrea Harrison is the Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Tantalizing Tablescapes & decor! If you missed the #MorningDiscussion, then head tohttp://www.tampabayradio.com, or head to Jamie’s YouTube Channel athttp://www.youtube.com/jamiemeloni to watch the show on demand, and leave a thumbs up!

The Working Women of Tampa Bay Group has a mission, a mission to Motivate, Educate, and Inspire Women Entrepreneurs to become better business leaders, and to facilitate growth in our community! ” We are a savvy and supportive community of entrepreneurial women. Together we create the synergy that enables each of us to achieve more than we ever could alone. With stunning energy and focus, our goal is to help educate, motivate and inspire female professionals and women business owners.” –Jessica Rivelli, Founder and CEO

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Bea Hunter Erdman is a licensed cosmetologist (Texas and Florida) and medical skin care specialist who has been in practice since 1970. She has received extensive training throughout her career, and is dedicated to the well being of Cancer Patients who are suffering through their treatments such as Chemotherapy. With this in mind, Bea Founded Salve Aesthetic Solutions in order to assist Chemotherapy patients by providing for their appearance and physical health which declines during the process typically; and by providing relief for the physical effects of chemotherapy and radiation through topical application and professional treatments. Bea is dedicated to continuing education for herself, her coworkers, and clients, in order to deliver the most advanced skin care procedures, products and business building techniques for optimum results. To contact Bea and Learn more, head to http://www.salveaesthetics.com!

Andrea “Décor” Harrison is the owner and founder of Tantalizing Tablescapes & Décor, a custom event design company serving the Tampa Bay Area. Born and raised in New York City, Andrea has found overwhelming joy in creating custom, event decor for intimate events. If you are looking to “wow” your guests and create ambiance, she’s the person you want to call. In March 2015, she won the “5th Annual Powerstories Gift of Story Gala Tablescape Design Competition” with her stunning design inspired by the “Phantom of the Opera” and now serves as the chair for the Design Committee. Tantalizing Tablescapes & Decor is an award-winning boutique company that offers upscale and unique event decor design. Its services are carefully crafted for the individual who values personal attention, distinctive decor and memorable occasions. It uses the highest level of innovative creativity to transform your table into a luxurious experience. As a premier event designer, Tantalizing Tablescapes & Decor provides its clients with unparalleled personalized service, elegantly designed centerpieces, uniquely appointed tablescapes, an alluring ambiance and an atmosphere where your guests feel special. Contact Andrea at 813-625-5502, and head to http://www.tantalizingtablescapes.com!

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