Debunking Myths About Reverse Mortgages – #ThatBusinessShow – Featuring Malcolm and Scott Tennant, and Eddie and Sylvia Goines

Happy Friday! As we bring this week to a close, we want to thank you for joining us for #ThatBusinessShow with your Host, Jamie Meloni, every weekday at 8am on #1250WHNZ! Airing on the #MorningAir, #ThatBusinessShow is a show dedicated to promoting our local community! Bringing on professionals from all walks of life, #ThatBusinessShow is proud to #HelpOurCity! Joining Jamie Meloni today was one of our Expert Contributors, Malcolm Tennant, Co Founder of Access Reverse Mortgage! Joining Malcolm was his son, Scott. After Malcolm and Scott came on the #MorningAir, Jamie Meloni was joined by Eddie and Sylvia Goines, Proud Entrepreneurs and owners of a Kona Ice Franchise Truck! Today’s show was very informative, as Malcolm and Scott Tennant, experts in the area of Reverse Mortgages came on the #MorningAir to debunk many rumors that circulate about the nature of a reverse mortgage, and why people are so afraid the bank is going to take their home! These rumors and more information were showcased on this morning’s episode of #ThatBusinessShow – and if you missed the #MorningDiscussion, then head to, or head to Jamie’s YouTube Channel at to watch the show on demand, and leave a thumbs up!

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Coming on the show first today was Expert Contributor and Co Founder of Access Reverse Mortgage – Malcolm Tennant! Joining Malcolm was his son Scott, and together they make up part of the Family Owned Access Reverse Mortgage Team! For homeowners age 62 or older a reverse mortgage from Access Reverse Mortgage is a safe economical way to turn your home’s equity into cash or monthly income.  Access Reverse Mortgage is a family owned company based right here in the Tampa Bay area for the past 10 years.  They are A+ rated by Better Business Bureau and Florida’s leading reverse mortgage provider.  Call 727-347-0305 or go to to start your research today! NMLS 4566. Malcolm and Scott came on the air today to speak about many rumors that have risen about a reverse mortgage, and they had great information to share with our listeners. If you missed that discussion, head to!

Joining us for the last few minutes of the show was Eddie and Sylvia Goines, Proud Entrepreneurs and owners of a Kona Ice Franchise Truck! Lakeland residents, Eddie and Sylvia Goines, have invested in a Kona Ice truck largely because it gives back to the local school systems. Virtually every stop Eddie and Sylvia makes with Kona Ice of East Lakeland will include giving back a sizable portion of revenue (20-25%) to the organizations where they stop. They have the potential to raise tens of thousands of dollars for local schools, youth sports leagues, nonprofits and families in the community. Kona Ice is the newest icy treat vendor in town and the treats are gluten free, non-allergeinic, low calorie and they meet state nutrition guidelines for schools. With flavors such as sour pickle, tigers blood and wedding cake, Kona Ice is a fun experience for any event! Contact Eddie and Sylvia and book their services at!

As always, thank you for tuning into #ThatBusinessShow with Jamie Meloni on #1250whnz, weekdays at 8am. If you missed today’s show, you can always visit Jamie’s website and see all of our shows on demand at or visit Jamie’s YouTube channel at

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