Educating Ten Million Children by 2020 on #ThatBusinessShow – Featuring Ulixes Hawili, Sven Boermeester, Thapelo Letsholo, and Ken Kupferman

Educating Ten Million Children by 2020 on #ThatBusinessShow – Featuring Ulixes Hawili, Sven Boermeester, Thapelo Letsholo, and Ken Kupferman

Happy Friday! Welcome to another episode of #ThatBusinessShow with Jamie Meloni! Airing every weekday at 8am, #ThatBusinessShow can be found everywhere from, to iTunes, SoundCloud, and even YouTube at –! Have any plans this weekend? Add this to your list – Ever wondered how much Influence you have in your field, and want to know how to make a difference in your business and relations? Take a short test on and get a detailed report on #HowToMakeADifference! Coming on the show today was Ulixes Hawili, Chief Intelligence Officer of Tembo Education! Joining Jamie next was Sven Boermeester, Group Publisher of Global Village, and Thapelo Letsholo, a Publisher in the Proudly African Series! And lastly, we invited Ken Kupferman, President and Owner of Affordable Lock & Security Solutions! With a full show today, you won’t want to miss this one! If you couldn’t catch the show at 8am, no worries – it’s available on now! Also, you can find the show on YouTube, so head over to now to watch the show! And leave a thumbs up for the team!

Coming up on #ThatBusinessShwo first with Jamie Meloni was Ulixes Hawili (pronounced “Ulysses Haul-wheel-ee”), Chief Intelligence Officer of Tembo Education! Ulixes is part of a team that aims to educate children around the world in impoverished nations – using mobile phones! Of 20,000 applicants, they were 1 of only 6 finalist teams in Bill Clinton’s $1Million Hult Prize competition. They defeated all 8 Ivy League schools, and were the only team in the U.S.A. to advance! That’s quite the accomplishment, and is a milestone for young entrepreneurship! Since then, they have finished in the 2nd round of judging for the Forbes $1M HeroX competition and were also 1 of 6 in the world to be accepted into the IBM Smartcamp hosted by the Techstar’s Barclays Accelerator. Inspired to create Tembo simply because they were bored, along with Phil Michaels, CEO, They anticipated the upcoming mobile phone boom in the Continent of Africa, and are aiming this project to help educate families, starting with giving the parents the skills they need to educate their own children! They offered a tip for those aspiring to launch their own careers. “Stop settling for a life that is less than what you are capable of living.” Which is a very great modicum of wisdom for those aspiring for more. For more information on Tembo Education, visit, and if you feel like you want to offer your support, visit and make your impact!

Our next guests were Sven Boermeester, Group Publisher of Global Village, and Thapelo Letsholo, a Publisher in the Proudly African Series. Together they make up part of the team of Global Village! Sven was born in Belgium and moved to Tampa a few months ago via South Africa. 10 years ago he saw a need a high end publication that highlights the best of cities and countries around the world. A publication that closes the gap between countries to promote trade and economic growth. Out of this idea Global Village was born. Since its inception the organization has published hundreds of  books focused on highlighting the best success stories of a region. Now in Tampa Sven is hoping to continue his mission in the US! Thapelo is a visiting Publisher and partner from Botswana.  Along with Sven they are publishing Leadership Magazine.  Leadership magazine was born from the success of Global Village and the need to continue showcasing all the success stories in a city.   This beautiful publication showcases individuals who have made great contributions to the success of the city.  Together they are hoping to showcase all the success stories of the Tampa Bay area. Coming on the #MorningAir to tell our listeners about the upcoming Best of Tampa Bay Publication via Proudly Florida, they are doing some great things for the City of Tampa! So head over to and explore their many Publications in countries all over the world!

Joining us in our last segment here on #That Business Show with Jamie Meloni was Ken Kupferman, President and Owner of Affordable Lock & Security Solutions. Affordable Lock & Security is a full-service locksmith and security company serving the residential, commercial and industrial communities. They have been headquartered in Tampa Bay for the last 40 years! #HelpingOurCity! They also handle a full line of commercial, residential and gun safes for the protection of cash and valuables. Their services range from basic lock and key work to large master key systems to high security locks used in government buildings such as the Pentagon and the White House, electronic entry systems, and Security Networks! They don’t only install security systems, but maintain them! So consider Affordable Lock & Security Solutions for all of  your “lock and key” needs! Contact Ken at and visit for more information!

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