Regenerative Health Therapies on #ThatBusinessShow – Featuring Suzanne Thomas and Areej Salem

Happy Thursday! We hope you are enjoying your morning today! Here at #ThatBusinessShow, we are dedicated to getting professionals from our community on the #MorningAir to promote what they do for the community! Showcasing success and talent, #ThatBusinessShow invites you to come onto the show! Head to if you’d like to come on, just fill out the contact form, or email our show producer at! Today on the show we welcomed Suzanne Thomas, Patrice & Associates Franchise Owner! We also had on Dr. Areej Salem, a Board-Certified (American Board of Obstetrics & Gynecology, American Board of Integrative & Holistic Medicine) Holistic Medicine Provider with Zhoy Vitality Center! If you missed #ThatBusinessShow on the #MorningAir, head to now to listen to the show on demand! Make sure to also check out Jamie’s YouTube channel at to watch any of the livstreams on demand! And if you aren’t already, head to Twitter and follow Jamie at @jamie_meloni!

Our first guest on the show was Suzanne Thomas, Patrice & Associates Franchise Owner! Coming on the #MorningAir with Jamie, she discussed her role as the owner of a Patrice & Associates Branch, telling the listeners that for over 25 years, Patrice & Associates has been the nations largest recruiting firm for businesses looking to hire new employees! Suzanne is well prepared to help clients achieve their employment goals, having spent more than 25 years in sales and customer service driven industries, where she developed a passion for helping others and creating close client relationships. Suzanne began describing the upcoming holiday season, and with it approaching, businesses brace for a boost in sales and traffic by hiring seasonal positions by the thousands. These seasonal positions can be a valuable, foot in the door opportunity for an employee to demonstrate their skill, talent and professionalism. Patrice & Associates can help you find employment with their many trusted partners, so take advantage of the upcoming holiday season! So head to!

Our second guest on the show was Dr. Areej Salem, a Board-Certified (American Board of Obstetrics & Gynecology, American Board of Integrative & Holistic Medicine) Holistic Medicine Provider! “I spend a lot of time with patients and take time getting to know them. I try to understand their needs, wants and expectations and work with them as a partner in achieving their goals. I also look at the ‘big picture.’” Speaking about all the types of medicine she practices, from preventative, traditional, innovative, regenerative, all the way to anti aging, Dr. Areej Salem and Zhoy Vitality Center can cater to many of your needs! “The knowledge and training to positively impact so many lives from the inside out is very exciting to me. This is the medicine of the future and I feel privileged to be a part of it now.” make sure to head to their website at!

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