Luxury Real Estate on #ThatBusinessShow – Featuring Sam Belyea and Robert Barber

Happy Friday! As we bring this week to a close, we want to thank you for joining us for #ThatBusinessShow with your Host, Jamie Meloni, every weekday at 8am on #1250WHNZ! Airing on the #MorningAir, #ThatBusinessShow is a show dedicated to promoting our local community! Bringing on professionals from all walks of life, #ThatBusinessShow is proud to #HelpOurCity! Joining Jamie Meloni today was Sam Belyea, The Foot Doctor; and Robert Barber! Sam Belyea is Florida’s only Nationally Certified Reflexologist! Also joining us was Robert Barber, Real Estate Advisor, and Co-Founder of Moeller & Barber Real Estate Team, specializing in luxury real estate! If you missed today’s show, then head to or Jamie’s YouTube Channel at to catch all of our live streamed episodes on demand!

Starting off the show with a medical feel, Jamie Meloni welcomed Sam Belyea on #ThatBusinessShow! Sam Belyea, or The Foot Doctor, is Florida’s only Nationally Certified Reflexologist. He is the owner of The Foot Whisperer Reflexology Institute and his 300-hour Reflexology Training Program has put him on the map as Florida’s up and coming master of Reflexology. Sam’s personal key to success is to always interject humor into the classes he teaches and to know that in order to change the world you have to start with yourself. Discussing his start in  the industry as a regular massage therapist, Sam saw potential in a niche industry, “essentially creating an infinite source of money” as in Sam’s opinion, people will always have a need for a Reflexologist, and he is one of the very few in our area! Being a young entrepreneur, Sam has seemed to find his zen! That’s what #ThatBusinessShow is all about, celebrating success in the city! You can find out more about Sam Belyea, The Foot Whisperer, at!

Coming on our last segment, Jamie Meloni welcomed Robert Barber on #ThatBusinessShow! Robert Barber is a leading Real Estate Advisor, and Co-Founder of Moeller & Barber Real Estate Team, specializing in luxury real estate properties and development! Moeller & Barber Real Estate Team has produced millions in sales, and is so successful, they only accept real estate agents who’s sales rack up to beyond $4.2 Million! Specializing in water front luxury residential properties, Moeller & Barber Real Estate Team has sold over 12 3.2 million dollar listings just this year! Discussing the state of the luxury real estate market, the value of the city of Tampa Bay, and the fast-growing city of St. Petersburg, Robert Barber gave our listeners some great information! If you wanted to hear his segment, then head to!

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